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NEWS: Disney reveals details on Walt Disney World MyMagic+

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So we are at the park today on a VERY busy Sunday kicking off Spring Break week and so far no issues as far as FP+ goes...image.thumb.jpg.b96f3d19a16f38280b2d99a025756370.jpg

Please note that it's 1pm and the FP+ kiosks are empty.


Here is the FP+ line for Splash Mountain that people were claiming was taking 15-20 minutes to get through. It took us three.


Here is the secondary touch point on Splash Mountain that someone was claiming was covered up due to problems with the system. Well, it IS covered up, and why is it a big deal? If anything this was a SOLUTION and if they really fell they needed the second touch point they would figure out a solution that included it.


Again. Anyone who is complaint is just complaining.



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I've said it before and I'll say it again...



I still run into people who can't wrap their minds around the original FastPass system. I have no idea why it's such a hard concept for them to grasp.

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This is the first time we have ever used a FP+ for a parade. Kristen really wanted to see the new Festival of Fantasy parade, so we made a FP+ for it. Keeping in mind we are here on a VERY busy day where the current wait times look like this:


We got to our FP+ return time just 20 minutes before the parade is about to set off, and look where our viewing area is:


We are right in front of the castle. Right on the street. Not having to worry about getting here super early, it's awesome!


Someone please explain to me again why this system is so terrible? I don't get the complaints.



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People just don't like change.


I like it because you don't have to zig-zag all over the park to get a FP and then return at a later time.


I have a question. If I'm at say Epcot in the morning and have my 3 FP booked. After they have all been used, can I change parks and book a FP at either through MDX or the kiosk?

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^ Bob, not yet, but that feature will be rolled out soon.


Oh, and those huuuuuge FastPass+ lines that guy complained about at Space Mountain? Gee, none today either...image.thumb.jpg.d28a53d524c8e867900b16898c27aa84.jpg

I don't think it's a coincidence that we never have any issues when we visit the parks.

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^ Doug, what are you taking about???!! They might have been covered up, but there was a cast member there checking for MagicBands and we SAW THEM collecting the paper SwitchPasses today at that merge point!!! How is it that you work for the park but we seem to know more about this system than you do???

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^ Seriously, Doug. Why are you talking about this when you don't even know how this operates??? At Splash today, they would check your rider switch pass or tap in at the first check point, and then at the second one, they took your paper pass if you had one and at least checked to see if you had a MagicBand.


Again, how do we know more about how this system works than you do???

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^ Doug, please just stop because you're making my brain hurt. You obviously DON'T know how it works!!!


Let me tell you how it worked today. At the first touch point, if you had a MagicBand, you tapped in. If you had a paper ticket, the cast member checked it. At the second touch point, the cast member asked me to show the MagicBand (but I did not tap in), and if you had a paper ticket, they took it from you.


I understand that just because you work at a park, you don't always know everything, Doug. Remember, I worked at Disney parks too, and I can certainly remember working with many Cast Members that just didn't know how things worked at the park, even though they were employed there. Please stop trying to tell people you know the operations of something when clearly what you are explaining is NOT at all what I experienced today.


If I had thought this ridiculous argument would have even been taking place, I would have happily provided photos of the cast member at the merge point today and people handing her their paper passes.

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EDIT: Noticing something interesting on MDX. Festival of Fantasy comes up on MDX for FP+ for days within the next week or so, but then disappears when I check days in May during my trip.


Has anyone else noticed this?



EDIT EDIT: In clicking through each individual day, I see Festival of Fantasy appears through April 30, but disappears starting May 1. I'd love to know what's behind that.



That is exactly the point. Anyone can easily cheat the system with the way Splash is currently set up. This all got brought up because Splash has their touch point covered up. A lot of people still don't know that they need to have their tickets ready to be scanned again inside so it could be anyone that just put their ticket in their pocket.


There isn't much room to cheat the system if the first touch point is still verifying that people are coming back on the proper day/time. If the FP is not collected at the second point, the most anyone could do is go through the FP queue multiple times in their one hour window, which on Splash would be 3-4 times at most. I would think the CM at the first point would catch on after the 2nd or 3rd time the same person/group tried to go through. Once the one hour window is up, the FP is gone anyway.


Sure they could immediately switch the Splash FP+ to another ride after riding Splash, but now that another FP+ time opens after the first three have been used anyway, it's the same net result right?


So either way, I don't see how this is the huge crisis you're making it out to be. The system is still very much in its infancy. It's probably never going to operate 100% perfectly 100% of the time.

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Alright, Robb. You're right. I guess I can't show a paper fast pass out front, put it in my pocket, and then wave a magic band that everybody has access to at the merge cast member that doesn't have a Splash fast pass on it.

Two things:


1. Really? You're a current cast member telling people on a public forum how to cheat the system? Not the sharpest tool in the shed, are we?


2. Do you *honestly believe* there is going to be a huge amount of people who are going to figure out that they could cheat the Splash Mountain system by getting a rider switch pass (which would already include the scenario of having a situation where you would need one), and then scam the person at the merge point by not showing it and instead showing their MagicBand (which now requires that party to have BOTH the need for getting a rider switch pass AND a MagicBand.)


Here's my take on that - if someone has figured this out, and they want to ride Splash Mountain over and over and over and over again... LET THEM!


Because I'd make a pretty huge Las Vegas bet that the amount of people who would actually go through the effort to get bonus rides on Splash Mountain with the scenario that you describe would be a whole whopping ZERO.


Again, Doug. Please just stop.

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Just booked all of my family's fastpasses for our trip in early June! I've been reading this forum and all of the changes and tweaks Disney has been making to the system to make it less stressful in being able to get a fastpass for your favorite rides. While I'm not a fan of only being to have three a day in only one park (I know this is about to change where you can get more than three and park hopping is coming), but for the time being I am content to know that 56 days out from our trip I have secured rides on my family's favorite rides without having to scramble at the park the morning of.


It was a pain in the rear the last time we went to WDW when I had to race all the way over to Expedition Everest first thing in the morning to get a fastpass and then meet the family who is waiting in line for Kilimanjaro Safaris, or have to race to the back of Hollywood Studios to get a fastpass for Toy Story Mania that is already 6 hours later from when the park first opens.


This system is getting an A++++ from me before I even leave for WDW!!! Knowing that we now can reserve seats for shows and parades makes this system even better! Plus, knowing how easy it is to change things on the fly without being limited into one time slot for one ride is stress free for when one of my sisters hates when I start "micro-managing" our trip.


The only downside I see for my taste at Epcot and HS is not being able to get two E-Ticket attractions on the same day (i.e. Tower of Terror & Rock N Roller), but realizing that a lot of the newer rides and ones that have been refurbished are starting to get interactive queues (Test Track, Soarin') so it makes not having a FP okay in my book. At least for my family, going to WDW is about making new memories with the family instead of seeing how many times we can ride Rock N Roller Coaster over and over. Granted, RNRC is one of my favorite rides at HS, I just don't want to kill myself racing around the parks getting fastpass after fastpass, and with this new system I don't have to anymore!

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I also just booked my fp's for June. When I was there last October I had to collect everyone's tickets and run across the park several times just to get fast passes for everyone.


We got to HS about an hour late and didn't get to ride Toy Story Mania since FP were already sold out and there was at least a two hour line throughout the day.


We will likely get fewer fast passes overall but I think it will be more enjoyable.

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I'm heading down in a couple of weeks. I've been on the fence about MyMagic+, but after going through and booking fastpasses for the days that I'll be at Disney, I couldn't be happier with the experience so far. I'm meeting up with a group of people down there, and my friend was able to add me to their group with a click of a button. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

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Had a happy surprise waiting for me in the mail today!


Well hello there package from Walt Disney World! I wonder what could be in here?


Side view!


Other side view!


OMG! OMG! OMG! They're here!


Ok, can I be excited now???


Can't wait to see these in action! Why does the trip have to be a month away still?!?!!


Helpful directions on the underside of the lid explain how the MagicBands are both adult and kid sized already!


Could these be any simpler to wear and use?


These are very easy to put on and rather comfy to wear. Wish I could be using these at Disneyland right now with the huge Easter crowds but I'll have to wait until May and WDW!

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