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Parks Visible From The Air?

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On my flight back from LAX to Orlando last summer, we basically flew directly above I-75 and the Florida Turnpike. I was able to get a really good view of Universal Orlando. I actually was able to get a great view of the entire run from my house to Universal all the way down. If you are heading west from MCO and you are sitting on the right side is the plane you can see all of the WDW parks.

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^ It was an Eastern Airlines flight that crashed because the pilots were impatient and were irritated during landing. One of the issues causing the pilots irritation was locating the Carowinds' tower, which the pilots used as a marker, but it wasn't the sole cause of the crash.


Back on topic, I always love seeing Disney when flying out of Orlando.

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Some shots I got when flying from Orlando MCO. Flying back to Dublin after my holidays. The Pilot pointed out the parks to everybody on the plane via the intercom. I got to see Seaworld and Universal and the other side of the plane got to see Disney World.


Sea World from the air 2010


Universal Studios 2010

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I've seen Disneyland, Buffalo Bills, SFOT, SFOG, Epcot, BGT, Clementon, Dollywood, Carowinds, Canada's Wonderland, Kentucky Kingdom, Lagoon, and CGA while flying. Probably could have seen more if I didn't fall asleep on planes so easily.


Disneyland Resort flying from SNA to LAS


Buffalo Bills flying from SNA to LAS


SFOT on approach to DFW


BGT on approach to TPA

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I saw Cedar Point once on a flight from Chicago Midway to Cleveland Hopkins International. Actually, I was flying there specifically for a 2 day visit to the park, so I was definitely looking out for it. I've also seen SFMM more times than I can count...it's a reliable landmark flying Burbank and NorCal. However, while seeing the park is pretty cool, it's not as cool as looking at the very visible stretch of the San Andreas Fault on that flight. It's kind of intimidating to see this huge gash in the ground that goes on for miles and miles...

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Yea on my way home to Tampa from Baltimore, my plane flew straight smack over Busch Gardens Tampa on approach into TPA(I could actually see the roller coasters moving lol) its only about 10 miles from TPA airport.

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