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Parks Visible From The Air?

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So I was traveling by air recently, and as I always do I tried looking for any parks, and then it occurred to me to ask TPR. Has anyone seen a theme park from a plane? If so, where were you going or coming from? I'm not sure if there actually are any near established flight paths, just curious.

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PortAventura is usually visible flying into Reus airport and Heathrow is close enough the Thorpe, Chessington and Legoland in the UK that it wouldnt be surprising, albeit with that said Stealth is the only 'big' ride at any of those to look out for

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Flying out of Bradley International en route to Florida, we took off on the North-West runway. As the plane turned around to head South, we got a nice long glimpse at Six Flags New England from our left side. Theoretically, I could probably also see my house from where we were, but screw it! Roller coasters!

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I am an airline pilot. Most of my flying is on the east side of the country. As said before DFW taking off to the south looking out west about 2 or 3 minutes after takeoff.


SFOG can be seen flying into ATL from west or northwest out the left side. Plane is usually at 12,000 ft. After the FAs tell you that you are on initial approach but prior to the FAs telling you to turn off your electronics. If you hear that you probably missed it. Taking off only planes going west may see it out the right if the airport is taking off on runways headed west.


CP can be seen flying into DTW on the right side if you are flying from southwest. Usually airplane is descending through around 14,000 ft. Again after FA say initial approach but before they tell you to turn off electronics.


If you really want to find out if you have a chance, when you board you can ask the pilot what arrival you are doing. In ATL it is the Erlin arrival and DTW it is the Weeda arrival.


Also flying into SDF on short final when landing on the runways facing south you can see SFKK.


In Orlando coming from west to northwest keep your eyes out because if using runways facing noth you fly right over Disney. Also taking of using runways facing south but flight headed west to northwest you may get a small glimpse if you get a quick turn. I find it hard to find these. If you have more knowledge of the area it might be easier.


I am sure there are others but those stick out the most. I think CP is the easiest because the lake is a good landmark.

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In addition to some mentioned above (SFoG for Atlanta, Orlando parks), I've seen Clementon Park when flying into Philadelphia, Boomers/Dania Beach flying in to Ft. Lauderdale, and I guess technically the roof over Nickelodeon Universe in Minneapolis.

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