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Weird/ Out of place coasters

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I think Stinger at Dorney is very out of place. It is obvious the ride was not supposed to fit in that location perfectly and since its a smaller footprint theres the awkward path that surrounds it that basically has no value other then a restroom at the very back of it. I hope that kinda made sense

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Really surprised no one has brought up Desperado yet. That ride is REALLY in the middle of nowhere! And for a ride it's size to be so far away from any real civilization, and to not even be at a "real" park....



It gets my vote!

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I always appreciate a park that creatively use space to its full extent, but there are times where it doesn't seem to work. Take Sequoia Adventure at Gardaland. I've never been there, so I hate to criticize based on photos alone, but being surrounded on all sides by Magic Mountain, it really looks odd.

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Yeah, but the coasters themselves aren't out of place because they have terrain layouts for the most part.


I would totally classify Ultimate as "weird" though.

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^Part of me kinda wishes that Tatsu didn't tower so much over Revolution. But it's a great ride so I won't complain. However we'll see what YOLO coaster does to the beauty of the area. (It might not do too much because it's a little farther away from Revolution.) I'm going to miss the lagoon however.

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