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What is your non-theme park travel bucket list?


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These I'm actually going to do this Summer. I have recently got into biking and plan on doing a Century ride around Lake Tahoe in June for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The other thing is to ride across Iowa on my bike in an event called Ragbrai. 7 days and over 400 miles. My cousin has a group that does it every year and their motto is "Meet you at the first bar on the right .........unless it is on the left!" Should be a lot of fun.

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1) clear the century mark for nations visited


2) all seven continents + oceania


Those are basically my main goals. I tend not to go with a list of specific sites or events because there's just so damn many I'd want to see. I figure if you bang out 100 nations you'd probably have seen a ton of impressive and great stuff regardless of which hundred it was.

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Well since this thread is about non-park rleated bucket lists, and it is the first full week in April this picture is probably appropriate...



One of these days I will be in attendance, I don't know how but I'll find tickets one of these days.

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A hot lap of the 'ring

Hiking in the fjords

Liechtenstein. Just because

Ferdinand ice festival

Monaco for the GP


(Basically a lot of shit in Europe)

Do a bobsled run

North Korea. Because forbidden.

A South Pacific island (no preference)

Rio (to eat)

National championship game with my school playing (fat chance)


And obviously a ton of other things. I've seen most of the good stuff in the US, I need to branch out more

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