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Arrow Loop Height

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Buried deep in storage somewhere, I have a "press folder" from Great America stating the Demon loops were 78' and 55'. I remember those numbers vividly as it seemed wrong that the 1st loop is 23' higher than the second one; I think that was an error. At the same time, the park said the Demon was different heights as well, so who knows.


I'm betting Arrow pretty much used one size. In Demon's case, the first loop:



has 17 track ties across the top, while the 2nd loop:


has 15 track ties across the top. The 2nd loop is visually shorter and more *squat* looking than the first - BUT Demon is a special case/custom model.


Shockwave (at Great America) had the same loop as the first Demon loop:



Most of their loops look and feel the same. They just put a large radius entrance into them, prop them up in they sky - and there you go - the worlds tallest loop! Then B&M came along with Kumba in 1993...

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Arrow definately used different loop sizes. Look at the picture of Orient Express below. As you can see, the loops were very small. If you compare to the picture of Viper above you can see that the rear car is in about the same position, but the front car has made it further through the loop.




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I calculated around 57 feet. I used the Demon at Six Flags Great America. It has a 103 foot lift and a 90 ft drop. So then it's 13 feet off of the ground after the drop. Then it goes up to 70 feet through a loop. 70-13= 57 feet.


You're forgetting that Demon has a drop out of the lift before the turn and 90 foot drop, so it's much less than 13 feet off the ground.


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^How tall is Corkscrew's loop? The drop height wouldn't be accurate because the second hill goes lower - is there even a drop height out for Corkscrew?


I just thought Viper and came back to correct myself to find you guys answered already. Thanks! Anyways, why do Arrow lifts make that clank-clank-clank noise combined with the clunk-clunk-clunk noise (can't describe it any way else, and sorry for going so far off topic...)

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A thing I noticed, is Arrow has less ties for the track on more complicated structures. I noticed, by looking at SFMM Viper's corkscrews and seeing that all the ties are evenly space close together, but will in line for Silverwood's Corkscrew, I noticed that when the track connects to the complicated lattice support structure, the ties went to a spacing of every other tie.

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