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Hucklebuckle Heights [RCT3]

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I started working on this park over the summer and haven't gotten around to finishing it. Please keep in mind that much of the theming, structures, etc are either incomplete or not 100% finished but the basic layout of the park is set.


Hucklebuckle Heights is a large park that opened as a campground in 1973 in the hills of Tennessee. The park's original coaster is Maelstrom, an Arrow Looping Coaster which opened in 1979. This monstrous looping coaster led the way for a legacy of family fun that has seen many ups and downs over the years. Stay tuned for more details!


Any feedback, ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated


Inspired by the Magic Kingdom, the park's railroad goes directly above the main entrance. Neptune's Knot is a gigantic B&M Inverted Coaster which was added to the park in 1999. The ride roars overhead as guests make their way through the turnstiles.


Neptune's Knot greets its oncoming riders with a beautiful entrance and elevated station.


Opening day is just weeks away and this queue will be filled!


The coaster's three trains sit ready for opening day.


I spy it making some test runs!!


Even though it isn't one of the old-school inverts, this final corkscrew has that classic "snap" that gives Wingriders a run for their money.


One of the more recent additions to the park is Fright Gully - An Intamin LSM launch coaster.


0 to 72 in 2.6 seconds!


Fright Gully ends with a real bang! A zero-g roll right into the magnetic brakes.


Onto the classic - Maestrom!


Maelstrom is one of the few remaining Arrow coasters with interlocking loops


It also boasts a Batwing too!


It's a steel jungle :)


With all these coasters it's easy to forget about flat rides - One of the park's finest is its S&S Tower Complex - All running combo mode!


For those who have a need for speed, the park's hyper coaster "Gauntlet" will have you sprinting back for more.



The parks most recent addition was Flight of the Phoenix, a B&M Flyer. Passengers soar over the beautiful Tennessee landscape on one of B&M's most intense creations to date!


Although it begins with a traditional pretzel loop, the finale of this ride is anything from ordinary.


It's never to early to start test runs!


An overview of this unique coaster


And a quick turnaround back to the station


And we will close with Timber Tiger - the park's only wooden coaster.

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This looks quite nice! I like the layouts and the Neptune's Knot entrance is just magical! Just some coasters might need some better supporting, but I guess that comes with experience and time. Also I hope to see as much attention put to the pathways connecting these great rides, like food and game stalls. A great start, keep it up! (And I also like that this isn't another Six Flags replica )

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