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Theme Park Studio (TPS) Discussion Thread

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For camera views, a 'walk' feature would be nice. Not so much be a peep on the ground, but like with Minecraft's fly mods, or the free view in No Limits, where we move using the keyboard, and not the mouse. It's often a pain to reposition the camera's using just the left and right mouse buttons.


You can techinically do this in RCT3. just go into the camera mode option and switch the settings. I set it to advanced mode as a default (its always annoying how the camera snaps back into its regular position when you want to get into the details of your ride and have to drag the camera back down)


besides advanced mode theres also another mode where you can use WASD to move around your park.


and just to stay on topic...yes please implement this as a feature in the game easy camera movement means ease of building parks

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well thats too bad about no mac support, i was really looking forward to this


That's what Boot Camp and/or Parallels is for.

Exactly. It's pretty much no secret that any Windows program you really wanted to run under OSX, can be run under OSX. I've never had any issues.

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I assume this game adds to the Hyper Rails simulation from 2002. The game engine itself was fine, but there were things that could definitely be improved.


For instance terraforming wasn't an option, so it'd be nice to see this. When it came to adding brakes to the coasters you had to do it via nodes, so if you wanted a long brake run you had to put down 8 different nodes and you had to adjust each individual node's power because one node has the ability to stop the entire train. As far as the coasters themselves I believe the following designs were available:


Looping (Viper)

Stand Up (B&M)

Inverted (B&M/Intamin)

Hyper (Goliath style track/trains)

4D (X2)


I guess more design choices are in order like wooden coasters or maybe newer ones like Intamin and Rocky Mountain woodies! I recall the lift hills being prefabricated and any modifications to them weren't possible. I guess that was because of the elaborate stairs for the them. There were different station styles you could choose from which mattered when the coaster was finished because of the ability to walk around in the park and progress through the station's Que system.


I guess all in all I'd like there to be atmosphere to the park when it's all done. This would be great because that's the one thing I didn't like about No Limits. Coasters in empty lots are not fun. That and in RCT the guests screaming and laughing really added to the experience.


Edit: Upon review of the trailer it seems terraforming is possible unless the park was built like that and no custom terraforming is available. Also, I just remembered some elements like the curved drops being prefabricated too, so I hope modifying them is possible like it should with all the elements.

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well thats too bad about no mac support, i was really looking forward to this


That's what Boot Camp and/or Parallels is for.

Exactly. It's pretty much no secret that any Windows program you really wanted to run under OSX, can be run under OSX. I've never had any issues.

Yes, but even then, I've had some issues with drivers of certain programs. I think it should at least be tested under a Boot Camp or Parallels environment to make sure that there aren't any issues.

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Judging based on the video and pictures we have so far...


I find it a bit "off"... The physics look incorrect and that would bother me quite a bit for a simulator of this type. I know it is in development though and will continue to improve in that respect (hopefully).


As a player of No Limits since the day it was released, as well as RCT (1,2 & 3) and have tried Hyper Rails and Scream Machines... I do not see the appeal of this game as it stands right now. Much like Hyper Rails or Scream Machines, it looks like the novelty would wear off quickly.


But it all comes down to final execution... If it is done well, not buggy and the game itself is enjoyable to play... It will be a hit.


That is just my honest opinion though. I will keep my eye out on it though as it progresses!

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Log rides and river rapids rides. Please make them just as versatile as other track rides and have them run at the appropriate speeds. I would be great if we could control the speed of the water or have some kind of gradual decline to get the rafts moving.


Please keeps the peeps simple, but include the ability to have more of them in your park. People watching Sims is a drag, but herding is fun and nothing is a satisfying as a full que line at your latest attraction.


Ability to customize sounds in your park is a must.


Simple functioning accommodations and parking lots would be great. Seeing your parking lot fill up gives you the same satisfaction as a full que. It's fun to expand your park and see how far you can grow it. I would be great if your park had to turn away guest because it can't handle the crowds.



Edited by Restless Bohemian
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Looks pretty neat so far - I had a quick play with hyper rails, and rather liked the flexibility to reshape track pieces,but found the whole program a little too buggy.


It looks like it TPS will be easier to select an individual point within a large, complex layout than rct3 does too - so another thumb up. When I'm designing rides in rect3 - i'll start with the ride, and do a POV of it, and tweak the ride until the POV looks nice


I'd like the facility to freely edit my rides / parks with noone inside, and none of this "night/day" "winter/summer" guff


one feature I'd really like to see is better "buildings/enclosures" for track rides and coasters (and water rides?), I'd love to be able to select the ride I'd just built the track for, and a style of building, and have that appear around the ride, and I'd then like to:


1 - Select sections of track to be outdoors (like on some ghost trains)


2 - add embellishments


3 - be able to edit internal walls and floors


4 - have realistic doors (auto open or slam style)


5 - create adjustable lighting / truly dark rooms


6 - stop / start sections with cool ride effects



I'd also like to be able to select an area and click "picnic area" or "shopping area" and it would create stalls / seating to start me off.


As others have said - curvy paths would be nice


And interactive kiddy water area's would be nifty!

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There is only one thing that has to be there to get my purchase:




And lots of it! Maybe a whole expansion called Puke Cleaner that allows you to micromanage you janitors, order bags of absorbant, schedule shovel cleanings, perhaps even with the ability to adjust the water pressure on the hose to try and maximize shovel cleaning quality while lowering water usage (gotta be green ya know).


I know that many games in the past had puke, but not a variety. If a patron just had cotton candy, rides Deathloop 3000, and does a full purge on the brake run, the brakes should show a nice pink puke shorting out the electronics.


And of course, while doing a POV onride, there should be a chance of the hot blonde in teh seat in front of you letting out a nice mixture of Budweiser and hot dogs that really blurries up your view for a while, maybe the whole ride, depending on the restraint system


There's a LOT of room to really expand on fully integrating puke into the game, so I really hope capitalize on this.


-Rastus O'Ginga

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On the subject of puke, perhaps there could be a 'Gold Edition' of TPS that includes computer controlled puke-scented air fresheners. When one pukes, a signal is sent to the device to fire off that hotdog-scented vomit or sweet funnel cake vomit via aerosol can

And can't forget to add sprayers that squirt you when the virtual peep up-chucks next to you or when one spits in the loopty loop

Could be the world's first PC game with a 4D experience!

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I personally used to play RollerCoasterTycoon but I have lost interest in the game over time. I think his new game/simulator will be cool at first but will probably get boring to me aswell. It could end up being great though, if its like NoLimits but easier to use then I think I might use it to jot down some layouts I have but can't make in NL since I suck at NL. Does anyone know what all coaster types it going to have? I'm kinda hoping for B&M wingrider trains.

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I would appreciate an intuitive and powerful terrain editor with some key features:


1) Random tree and vegetation placement for a selected area at the touch of a button, with the ability to select/deselect types of trees to better represent the theme of the area. For example, if building a mountain themed coaster, a mix of different pines and/or aspens could be chosen, but maples and palms could be left out.


2) Automatic tunneling - ability to raise the terrain over existing track sections and an appropriate tunnel will be automatically created. Entrances and exits as well as interior walls of the tunnels should be customizable to varying textures such as stone, brick, wood facades, etc.


3) This one is related to Auto tunnels but not sure what to call it: the ability to move the ride, whether complete or not, in its entirety, within the terrain and have tunnels automatically create around it in the appropriate places. This would include raising or lowering the ride in relation to the terrain, or moving it in any horizontal direction. This should also allow for importing a previously saved track and being able to place it anywhere within the given terrain.


4) Water - creating bodies of water, streams and waterfalls should be simple. There should be a couple of options for creating bodies of water: ability to trace the shoreline in an overhead view and edit by dragging the edges where desired, and when complete, the terrain would be automatically raised/lowered to the water level. The entire body of water could then be selected and raised/lowered or moved in any horizontal direction with the terrain adjusting accordingly. The second option would be to raise the water level the desired amount within the selected terrain area. For streams, you should be able to trace a path from the desired source, set the average width and adjust volume of water, and have it automatically created with natural variances in width and depth. For waterfalls, you should be able to place a water source anywhere, adjust the volume of water and it would naturally cascade over the edge of the intended cliff.


5) Misc. - other things that would add realism to the game/simulation, like random wildlife: occasional squirrels running up and down trees, a rabbit here or there hopping around in the grass, birds flying around, etc. Wind affecting the trees and other objects. Random airplanes leaving vapor trails behind them. Customizable lighting packages for the rides. Ability to build custom structures using a variety of materials.


Have I asked for too much out of a landscape editor for a theme park game? Probably so, but these are just wishful suggestions. Some may be feasible and easily implemented and others may just be so outrageously difficult it is laughable that I even suggested them. There's been a lot of great input from everyone here and I'm definitely excited about the possibilities for this game!

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I like a lot of these terrain ideas, can it include closer proximity to objects without cheats or hacks. Realistically done though, not someone walking through a tree but if a bit of track goes close to the ground it doesn’t cut out a huge cuboid of land to make it fit.


Varying heights of airtime hills would also be good.

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First off...holy crap! This looks pretty damn impressive. This makes me want to bust out my old RCT3 CD and start playing it and finishing those never finished parks I created so many years ago. I have never used No Limits but I am probably one of the very few that used (and still use to this day) Scream Machines.


Anyway, I think one of the main things that would be amazing in this game is the ability to custom create ride queues with theming and effects and then actually be able to see them in action. By that I mean that you might be able to walk along the queue line and see things from the "General Publics" Point of view. Maybe call it the GPPOV. I remember creating some pretty amazing stuff in RCT3 but then having it covered with a roof and that made it hard to see what was actually inside. I think that would be a pretty amazing feature.


I also think that a better coaster editing system than RCT3 would be ideal. I don't know if it could be up to par with No Limits or Scream Machines but hopefully you aren't stuck with prefabbed track pieces everywhere. I hope you are able to modify inversion shapes and sizes as well and turn and drops.


This looks like any amazing game and I excited to see the final outcome. Keep up the god work guys!


Jimmy "If you are looking for game testers, I'd totally be interested" Bo

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