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[NL] Magnum XL-200 Recreation

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Hello, all!


I started working on this recreation of Magnum XL-200 about a week ago. I worked on it several hours a day. It was pretty difficult, especially the supporting, but I'm satisfied with the outcome!


A few pointers. Due to the limitations of the game, there are a few changes:

1) I had to use corkscrew trains to get the arrow track. NoLimits doesn't offer the 6-seater hyper cars.

2) Due to the size of the design plane, the second hill has more of an 80 degree turn to the left, compared to the approximate 45 degree angle in real life. This makes it more of an "L" shape. Hopefully NL2 has a bigger plane!

3) I used the box supports. In real life, the box supports for parallel track are connected. This means that the bunny hills next to the drop, lift, etc., are as close as they can be to the structure. In NL, I tried this, but the ride did not pass the tunnel test. Because of this, I moved the structures a little bit apart.


Link to the game exchange:


11A (Magnum)-121208145721000.bmp

11A (Magnum)-121208145801002.bmp

11A (Magnum)-121208145823006.bmp

11A (Magnum)-121208145854010.bmp

11A (Magnum)-121208145915013.bmp

11A (Magnum)-121208145927015.bmp

11A (Magnum)-121208150422001.bmp

11A (Magnum)-121208150522005.bmp

11A (Magnum)-121208150549008.bmp

11A (Magnum)-121208150555009.bmp

11A (Magnum).nltrack

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