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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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Is there supposed to be another update before the Christmas one?


Doubtful, as there has been quite a lot of content over the last couple of updates, especially with the tasks of the premium content overlapping the normal tasks. That doesn't mean that it can't/won't happen.


Rumor (may have been announced, I'm not sure) has the next update slated for December 5.

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Did anybody notice there is a new decoration in Krustyland (Fleet-A-Pita) and you have to complete the "Investorettes Pt 4" quest? Is this old news? I haven't been doing anything in Krustyland for awhile. Guess I'll have to head over there before I put everybody on tasks in Springfield.


It's also in Springfield. It's part of the Luann (premium character) tasks. When you start "Investorettes Pt. 1" it's available in Springfield. Then in pt. 4 (as you noticed) it becomes available in KL.

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I'm pretty good about making my rounds daily to tap tiles. Thanks for everyone who has added me as a friend. It is helping me to make good progress.


EDIT: I just went on a tile tapping run. If you had a tile I was able to get it three times.

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^I just get shrubbery. The one time a Mystery Box gave me donuts, the game "mysteriously" reset itself a minute later, and I lost those and got another Mystery Box that contained...a shrubbery. Stupid EA!




I had this exact same thing happen to me as well. Except I think I had gotten another newspaper stand. That mystery box thingy is a crock! Just give me tha money or a single doughnut.

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I don't think we've ever had an update come out on Tuesday, but who knows, there's a first time for everything! Can't wait to see what's released in the next update!


Yeah, they are usually on Thursday. I have read both the 3rd and the 5th so who knows.


Small update today. Evidently it's an episode tie-in for Sunday's show.


It starts with an auto start dialogue (no-one needs to be free) between Lisa and Skinner. If it doesn't start, completely close the program and restart.


THEN, you send Lisa and Skinner on a 4hr task. Once that is started, you get a new premium item - the USS Tom Clancy. It's 50 donuts and pays 2.25% (avg for 50 donuts), and it's pretty big. You can see it next to my Mayflower in Squidport.


Also, after the 4hr tasks, Lisa gets a 24hr task and then you get a free item. I won't say what it is here, but it's interesting. Nothing special. I'll wait til I get it to make any kind of judgement.


All of this is a tie-in to Sundays episode. Not sure if the Christmas update will still come tomorrow or not. The general consensus still says that it will, but you may have Lisa on a 24hr task when this happens. So the sooner you get this started - it "may" help in getting to the next update sooner.

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