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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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Ok, so basically moving forward we should all go tap someones tile only when they ask us to as it seems you can only have 2 or maybe three at the most waiting for you and then the other taps are 'lost'. I'm good for another tap if anyone hasn't used up their actions in my town today. If not I'll wait till tomorrow. Using this thread and this system we should all be good for at least 12 - 15 tiles a day I figure!!! Woo!

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Using this thread and this system we should all be good for at least 12 - 15 tiles a day I figure!!! Woo!


I think there's a good chance at that. Just never tap your last handshake, but check often to see if someone visited. Then alert the thread that you're open to being tapped again. (Doesn't quite sound right! )


The thread on TSTO forum is getting a lot of attention. I would imagine that this glitch will be very high on the "fix it" list for EA.

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^Just cleared out one that you gave me. So I'm ready for another one if anybody is ready. Being that I'm at work right now, I won't be able to check again until after 10 central time. Then I'll be able to do my rounds.

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^Interesting, so the glitch is certainly a glitch as we all seem to get different things! Ready when everyone else is for a tap! I'll go tap once on everyone who has a tile now.


Apparently, the glitch has also been discovered to also include massive XP for those tapping on their friends' completed 24hr tasks of the "Open Air Stage" by Hans Molemen (Man being hit by football: The Musical), "Channel 6 Studios"' with 24hr tasks by Brockman, BumbleBee Man, or Arnie Pye, and Cleteus' Farm with Cleteus task or brewing moonshine.



The thoughts about the priority of fixing this glitch is starting to become quite varied.


On one hand - since the items available for Squidport have tapered off quite a bit, and not part of any main story lines, they will let it slide. At least for the duration of the current TV season. Too many things to tie into in a short time (thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Valentines Day).


On the other hand - Squidport is such a large territory, that its being used as a filler, during lags in updates, completed promotions (whacking day, Halloween, etc.). That's why we got the sushi place, and a couple of other things. It is like a sidegame, like Krusytyland (even though SP is connected to the main screen) to keep up interest in the game. And it's costing EA donuts. In my case (as is with most people here) - we are at that 2.5 day build of the tiles. To speed it up, 30 donuts. There are people who will spend the $$ to get the donuts to speed that up. (There is also speculation that the donut price is so high to speed things up, AND some premium items, is to burn up the 1000's of donuts some people got off previous glitches. Evidenced by reduced prices 6 months later (Springfield sign, etc..)).


I tend to think with the latter camp in thinking that the glitch will be fixed quickly. I mean I got 7 tiles yesterday. That's 210 donuts, and in terms of real money (best case scenario, boatload of 2400 donuts for $99.99), I saved $8.75.




Along the rumor mill:


A holiday tie-in for the Jewish temple with Krusty's father, Rabbi Krustofsky, as well as Snowball II.

Springfield mall tie-in with Black Friday (though it may be a "sale" of items like the cigarette machine, the Duff bus etc.. that we had earlier this year)


Courthouse with some Judge Snyder and Blue-Haired Lawyer.

Harm's Houseboat with Judge Constance Harm

I Cant Believe its a Law Firm! with Lionel Hutz

Artie Ziff



Still talking about:

Crazy Cat Lady

Jacqueline Bouvier



.done with the homework for awhile.

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