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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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Not really thrilled with the game right now. It seems to be crashing a lot more than normal (get the cannot connect to server message), and the big finale for the end of season 24 is kind of lame. Just a ton of stuff that doesn't really do anything for a lot of donuts.


Hoping all the rumors are true for all the upcoming content!

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I hope it is that. It's been rumored for a while and has been seen in the code so I hope it happens. I just hope it doesn't involve tapping 25,000 fish in your town, and about 60,000 in your friends' towns.


Also, I've started watching The Simpson's again on TV so I know what all those references to the game are. I've really forgotten how funny that show is!

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QUESTION! (Since it's almost related...)


Who's going to be picking up a copy of Animal Crossing for the 3DS when it comes out on June 9th?


I will be downloading it at 12:01 on 6/9!!!




If you do not have a 3DS yet I recommend this:



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I will be picking up Animal Crossing as soon as it comes out. I spent a year and a half playing the DS version every day. The Wii version required too much work to sit down and play every day so after 6 months or so I started slacking off on the daily stuff.

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New (kinda) update just downloaded.


Gil is back having a donut sale. 25% off all donuts. Looks like this will last about 4 days ( time left posted under the sale items).


My guess is that this season 24 "yard sale" has been kind of a flop for EA, as there were so many premium items to buy, so they're probably just lowering the price to make a few extra $$$.


I still don't expect another major update (looks pretty much like it will be Squidport) for at least 2 weeks. (I'm guessing June 6)


Also, without new tasks, I'm getting pretty bored. Everybody doing 24hr tasks etc... Back over 27million dollars.





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Nintendo 3DS on order with Animal Crossing. Gotta be honest, I've barely played Simpsons since the snake whacking day thing happened. At this point, I think I've lost all hope for any real "improvements" (read: new additions) to be added to the game, and I feel they are just going to keep re-packaging the same stuff over and over again.


I'm not going to stop playing, but for example, I haven't even opened the app in 3 days now and I feel I'm more going to be playing periodically than religiously.


Kinda ready for the new hotness, which I hope will be Animal Crossing!

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They really need to do as Robb suggests, and have some sort of mini-game. They really need something between the updates. Also, they need to have more than just one level at a time, and make it much more difficult to level up. It sucks when they introduce a new level and I instantly upgrade and that's it. I liked it earlier when they would release a few levels at a time, and it was a little more difficult to get everything, versus just having a few items to buy with cash, and a bunch with Doughnuts. For being on air for sooooooo long, they have more than enough items to have a bunch of both.

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Level 30 update is out, includes Herman and his Military Antiques store, Zesty's Pizza, and Jasper with the Community Center for 150 donuts. No Squidport yet, hopefully that'll be in the next couple of weeks. And then bring on Krustyland and the Tooth Chipper!

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