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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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What? You can get on your town on lowly, non popular Android now? I did not know that. Eeeexxxxxxcellent!




edit- seems like that update is glitchalicious too. GOtta hand it to EA, they are making millions on kids paying $10 for simple sprites, and are delivering a hot mess of a game. I can pay $15 for a Blops II map pack on Tuesday and get dozens of hours of totally new gameplay. Or, I could buy a static Mt. Carlmore sprite! Hmmmm, what to do, what to do....

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I won't be visiting towns that have slums. I've been losing most of my snakes in towns with slums because its almost impossible to find the snakes since they can be in between the buildings. And when you have a bazillion of them next to each, it's just too difficult and time consuming.


I'm about to 'gentrify' my slums for the same reason, at least while the Whacking Day activities are happening. Just too hard to find snakes in there.

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I'm a little late in taking the "Lisa" pledge, but I pinky swear not to send her pilfering and plundering (although it looks like I was weeded from KTs and Elissa's neighborhoods.. I guess Robb gets the 170 eggs destined for Kidtums).


I agree with the sentiment about who has 4 hours to run through all the towns? I just pick a random town each day and dump all the eggs I have.


Jotham "oddwich81"

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I don't think I'm going to visit towns to do my whacking, I just lost 30 snakes in a town that was fairly small and they not only weren't in that town to recollect, they also weren't waiting in my own town either. Far too glitchy, random, and time consuming for my liking. I think instead I'll wait until I've earned a whacking day prize, then immediately go and shower my favorite neighbors with eggs since losing snakes while dropping eggs won't matter as much to me at that moment. And I too not only won't be visiting slum towns, I'll also be deleting them since I forget what town is what.


While I do enjoy the update, I don't care for the way they disappear, need to be recaptured and many times end up as eggs instead of snakes, and the entering baton mode aspect itself has made me just put all my characters not able to earn snakes on 24 hour tasks so I don't have to be bothered by them.

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Whoever just gave me 238 eggs, you're AWESOME!!!image.thumb.jpg.12274a2a2fb0292d9fa004de1d5867c7.jpg

It gave me an idea, to help with losing snakes from visiting so many towns, I think in going to visit fewer towns, but leave a lot more eggs. So if you see like 30-40 eggs at one time, that's me!

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Being the slumlord that I am, I'll put in my .02.


I too, was getting tired of losing snakes. Especially yesterday, when I'd visit the same town more than once.


Then I noticed a trend. Whenever you visit a town, the 24 hour clock starts running, but doesn't post time elapsed (or time till you can revisit safely) UNLESS you also "help" by tapping on three buildings... I was being greedy for the snakes and passed on the tapping on houses since it seem that XP has no rating right now.


I went back this morning and started losing snakes again and was getting quite pissed. In one town I just decided to tap on the three buildings, and then it said I could come back in 2:09. Then it clicked. So, without going in snake mode, I just visited every town and saw that about 2/3 of my 42 friends were in the 2-3 hour range. After the time had elapsed, I visited every town (that had a fresh 24hr clock) and only lost 2 snakes total! (While raking in about 300+!)


So now, I think I'll be not only visiting every town to get snakes, but to complete the visit with the three house taps, so that I won't be revisiting people a second time in the same 24 hr period, and losing a lot more snakes.


Anyway, that's my theory on how it's working for me so far.



As for the not visiting the slums, I understand. If you remove me from your list, please don't forget to re-add me after this update has played out. (Besides, I'm about to start tearing things down and building up a city, instead of slums.)



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Fortunately I haven't lost any snakes when visiting other towns yet. However, I'm in serious need of new friends (I'm down to under 15). Please feel free to add me: michaellynn4. I swear that I shall only steal snakes from Other Springfield and lay eggs generously in other people's towns, and if I don't, may I go straight to hell, where I will eat not but burning hot coal and drink naught but burning hot cola, where fiery demons will punch me in the back, where my soul will be chopped into confetti and strewn upon a parade of murders and single mothers, where my tongue will be torn out by ravenous birds.


...please? I'll leave eggs in the shape of smiley faces.

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I've got more eggs than I know what to do with so I think I'm just going to be lazy and dump them in one or two towns each day. I wish it was like the Valentine update and I could see who's been leaving them in mine so I could reciprocate. So if anyone drops some eggs in my town feel free to PM me and I'll return the favour.

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^Yeah, I think I'll probably do that as well. I'll post here every day to see who wants to be my 'egg buddies' for the day and dump like 100 in two towns.


So who wants my eggs today? And please make sure it's someone who can repay the favor.

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