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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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Sorry for the double post, but this is major!!! You can turn on a doughnut confirmation now so you don't actually spend doughnuts by accidentally finishing tasks!! It's about time. Of course if you clicked it again real quick it would cancel it, but now you don't have to worry. It's in the settings menu. I found it by looking at stuff to buy, and in the top right corner there is an "i" and it's in there.


Well, I have eggs starting to show up but nothing happens when I tap on them.


Also, I love that they didn't announce the option to turn on the warning that you were about to spend doughnuts. EA is so fricken shady.


So, for people who don't know how to do this:


Tap the Build button > Top right corner, tap the 'i' > Confirm Donut Spend to OFF.

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I bet your XP glitch will fix itself out Jeff. I know mine did that once a few months ago for a day. Anyone else notice that while you surf through the list of friends's towns that they are no longer alphabetical?


Yeah, that's kind of annoying. It was much easier to find friends and see their new additions and stuff. I do hope that the XP level thing is just a glitch. It almost seems that it's related to how many houses/building you have. Between Jeff Johnson, Amy, and I, the XP seems related to how many building we each have.


So where are these eggs? Do we go to other peoples towns?


I have the three below at my town, but can't do anything with them yet. I still have about 5 hours until my 24 hour tasks are completed and I can start.


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^Once the 24 hour tasks are done, you will be able to enter Whacking mode and start whacking away! You either get snakes or eggs when you whack them. You can use the eggs to place in neighbor's town. Just did my first round of whacking, woo hoo!

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This sounds SOOOOO confusing!!!!


1. The currencies for the event are Snakes and Eggs. Snakes are used for winning prizes. Eggs are gifts that you can leave in your friends' towns.

2. Snakes will generate in your town for you to Whack. According to the game files, a snake will generate every 8 minutes, whether you are online or not. It also says there is a maximum of 50 Snakes you can have "banked". (This hasn't been tested, just observed in the files.)

3. Snakes and Eggs are earned by Whacking Snakes in your town, and your friends' towns. To Whack a snake, enter "Baton Mode" by hitting the snake icon in the upper right portion of your screen. Then whack away. Every Snake you Whack will always give either a Snake or an Egg.

4. You cannot Whack Snakes in your town until you complete Whacking Day #1 challenge.

5. After you complete the Whacking Day #1 quest, and then earn the 2nd Whacking Day Prize (Expert Whacking License), you can Whack Snakes in your friends' towns.

6. You can collect 5 snakes each day in your friends town with the free License, or 10 snakes each day with the Premium License (50 Donuts, and only available when you earn the Expert License).

7. You can leave as many Eggs as you possess, or as many as your friends building/decoration capacity will allow.

8. To leave Eggs, enter the "Egg Drop" mode by hitting the Egg icon in the upper right when you are visiting a friend. Place it like you would any decoration in your own town. You cannot collect Eggs in your friends' towns.

9. To collect Eggs left in your town, enter "Baton Mode" and Whack the Snakes after they hatch. Every Egg you hatch yields a Snake or a Donut. There is a 1% chance you can win a Donut from hatching an Egg.

10. To generate extra Snakes to Whack, some characters have tasks that pay Snakes. (Homer, Ninja Homer-Premium, Cleetus, Millhouse, Ned, and Lisa all have tasks that pay Snakes.

11. Lisa's Quest: "Release Snakes from Another Town" prompts you to a menu with many of your friends listed. The # below the name is how many Snakes that neighbor has collected. It is best to select Other Springfield when doing this task. This task appears to REMOVE Snakes from your friends inventory, it DOES NOT GENERATE NEW SNAKES. After you do this task to Other Springfield, visit Other Springfield and you should find MORE Snakes!

12. Premium items (Snake Rocks, Snake Stump, Hollow Snake Trunk) can be purchased for Donuts. These items generate Snakes on a 4 hour schedule. If you buy these items, you can get good results by placing them in your town's "Landing Point" (where you immediately enter your town). That way, courteous friends can tap these items when you're away, and help you regenerate Snakes faster!

13. The Snake Speakers cost 50 donuts and are used to attract Snakes. Tap the Speakers to activate them and attract any nearby Snakes to them. The "magnetism" radius is coded at 20. Place any Speakers near your premium Rocks/Stumps/Trunks or many Eggs, activate the Speakers, then Whack those Snakes as the hover around the Speaker!

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It's too bad that it doesn't tell you who left eggs in your town. It'd be nice to know so you could help out those who helped you.


Wait, so people can spend donuts on snakes, just for others to come and essentially steal them with Lisa's quest?


That's crazy if that's true. Unless it's like 2 snakes, and takes 8 hours.


The task is five hours and gives you three snakes. You get to pick who you take from, and it tells you how many snakes they have.

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It sounds confusing, but even scarier that I actually understand what they're talking about once the whacking commensed. I made my town center, which I always tried to make the Jebediah Springfield statue plaza, into a Whacking Day celebration with a stump hidden behind him for visitors to spot and help me out while I'm actually working. I still don't like how the neighbor order changed from alphabetical to whatever it is now and you cannot tell who left you eggs to return the favor, but I'm gunning for a sports complex section of my Springfield with a trashy motel and a slutty pageant queen for good measure!

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Ok. I think I've got this figured out.


BUT.... I'm kinda mad right now. I'm turning my town center into whacking central. The windsock was giving over 2800XP for each one, so I figured "just put up a bunch." I put in 34, and had 160,000+XP. I go to visit someone's town, come back and I'm at almost 41,000 again. CRAPOLA!!!!!


My level up is still at 1.5mil+.


I'm screwed.


Edit: Yeah. My XP resets EVERY time. I come back to my town at 40,460.


Yeah. Screwed.

Edited by OldJJman
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Yeah, definitely easier to understand it once you start doing it. Trying to explain it is pretty tough.


Some observations.


-Snakes seem to be like hearts, and eggs are like valentines. Kind of.

-Besides the people who have snake tasks, I still just sent everyone on a 12 hour task.

-You can't get snakes from visiting other people, so there is no reason to visit every town like the valentines update. The only reason to visit, besides the normal money and XP is to leave some eggs for them.

-You can leave eggs even if it isn't 'time' to visit a friend.

-My Lisa disappeared and didn't give me any choice of what town to go to. I have no clue where she is, or when she will be done!

-I don't like how you have to enter "tapping" mode to get the snakes and eggs. I wish it was just like before where you could just tap them like normal.

-I thought hiding the eggs a little bit would be fun, but it only makes the person search all over for them.

-It seems they have made it really tough to accomplish anything without spending doughnuts, and the premier items are pretty expensive! Luckily I still have a crapload of doughnuts left from the previous glitch, but it's really annoying.

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-You can't get snakes from visiting other people, so there is no reason to visit every town like the valentines update. The only reason to visit, besides the normal money and XP is to leave some eggs for them.


Once you get your "wacking license" you can get 5 snakes from every town. 10, if you pay the 50 donut upgrade.

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