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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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Something that I thought of, you only get presents from friends towns for the first handful of towns. Then you stop getting presents and only get money. I bet that people have only been going as far as they need to to get the presents. But, since towns are in alphabetical order, people that are later in your list get screwed cause no one is going down that far and sending out agents.

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Ok, so new Christmas tasks- when tapping neighbors towns, tab the cannon if it's available. Then tap the elf cave. They both give you more bells then the other buildings. When you enter a friends town, it will automatically take you to the cannon (I think) but it won't take you to the elf cave. You have to search for it.

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Is anybody else's Tapped Out app doing nothing but crashing after the origin login screen?


Mine still is. Deleted the game, restored. Everything I can think of. Still nothing.


How do you "hard close" an app? Is that by swiping it up off the screen (after double tapping the home button)? Tried that too.

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Mine unlocked after a task. It took a day or two, and I think it was Homer's long task. The cogs are random when you tap on an Elf. You can use them to upgrade the cannon. They take time off the cooling down period, add more bells, and increase number of elves fired.

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I never really look in the store for what's available, but they are offering things from last christmas if you missed out. I bought the abominable snowman since I never got him from my 1000+ spins of the stupid present wheel last year.

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