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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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Thanksgiving update is out. Starts out with a pilgrim skin for Flanders and a 6 hour combined job for Homer and Flanders. The parade balloons are back (I don't think they left), and a Caged Tom Turkey that gives a 3% bonus, a Heimlich Machine that give 2.5% bonus, and Piggly's Super Smorg with includes a building and new character

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Gil is back. The Black Friday deals (so far) are selling certain items that you bought with donuts, back to EA for (substantially less) donuts. But the offer is only available for the certain items during specific time periods only, over this weekend. So you need to log in to see what you may want to sell back.

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Gil is offering hourly deals, in the form of a donut rebate. Right now if you buy Sheri and Teri you get, I think, 40 donuts back.


You can scroll through the offers to see what and when will be discounted going forward.

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Yea. I'm curious to see what else they do during the episode on Sun.


As for the event, it seems like it's a cross between Stonecutters and Halloween. Which i'm kind of intrigued by. Taking the daily Santa tasks similar to Stonecutters and the split event similarities to Halloween. Wonder what's coming next...

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