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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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EDIT TO ADD: You do NOT have to tap on the FP to collect them (like you did the hearts), just tap and move to the next town. Much faster, and quits being too boring.


I'm pretty sure I collected hearts without tapping.


This is a good update. As a "social" game it needs a reason for us to visit neighbours, not just when there's a special event happening.

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Is there anyone out there not done with the wheel yet? I'm actually NOT updating so I can still try and get the Tunnel of Love. Please don't update if you're not done yet so we can continue to collect hearts!!!


Absolutely right! Work on those heart jobs and whoever you can still visit!


Fortunately, it's not forcing the update, but you have to be careful while visiting others, so you don't get to the update (launches iTunes) screen, so you'll have to relaunch TS:TO. So far, it seems to be safe to do it that way.


Go Girl GO!!

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So was there ever any confirmation that they fixed the boardwalk tile bug?




They fixed the tile, farm and station glitches with this update. Also, once you get the first prize (stone head) you start earning an extra $2 a tap. That is $6 a visit people! We are going to be rich!

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I can get the game to load since I just started playing it. I just hope that EA doesn't mess up the game for me (I'm expecting them to).

Anyone can add me (as an option for yourself). My Origin account is SRCam1. Like Bomer, I feel a bit late too, but this time I just got an iPhone.

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WOOHOO! I GOT IT WORKING! Apparently it had something to do with my iCloud trying to back up my old phone (I just got a new iPhone 5 cause my other one broke) and my new phone. And iCloud was trying to download the game from my old phones backup, which no linger existed. So I had to go into ICloud, delete that backup, and switch it to the correct phone, and then it all worked!

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