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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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No issue with elves, but I can't drop presents in people's towns for some reason. I have tons of gift bags, but when I tap to drop the presents, it doesn't let me. Not sure what's going on...


Before anyone asks, this is happening regardless of what town I'm in, so I know it's not because they have too many gifts already.

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It happened again today. Two went up and two went to the left. I followed the ones that went left until the went out over the water. They even went right over presents without gathering them. I put the house into storage and then replaced it back in my Springfield to see if that fixed it.


Crap, I guess I will still have to keep trying. I am at 70,000 right now. At least we have till Janurary 7th

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Yep just checked and have no elf issues.


Are there any tricks to the wheel??


It doesn't seem like it. I only have a few real prizes left so about 75% of my spins are coming up either money or more gift cards. But I've been getting at least three spins a day with the Egg Nog bar and gift card accumulation so I'm not really worried and figure I'll get everything eventually.

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Also, has anyone else noticed the .99 cent scratcher is missing?


Yup, noticed that yesterday. Finally, got the Plow King so the wheel is pretty pointless to me now. I took a couple of days off from visiting everyone's towns so I now have over 100 gift bags to give out. I'll drop a bunch off later today.

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