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Coasters you have to ride before you die...

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Ok so I guess this is kinda like any list but hey it can have positive rides and ones that are so torturous you have to ride them just to experience them.


So I personally will say:

Collosus at Thorpe Park - Not the greatest ride I have ever been on but the feeling of doing the 4 heartline rolls in a row are just a kick especially with your hands up... Oh and hitting a weed under the final heartline was kinda crazy for me... Oh and those cars are possibly the tightest things ever... I hit my head at least 5 times the last time we were at the park getting in and out of the car. (Ok I'm not coordinated... ) Just to clarify though the seats are more comfortable than any vekoma, if you can get into them...


Any Volare Model - yeah they beat you up a bit but if you ride so that you have to go on tip toes to hit the pads you can be fairly comfortable. Personally it is all about that first portion of the ride where the whole car tips down and your feet are actually higher than your head. Crazy feeling... Well worth riding at least once or twice because you can't get the same feeling on any other flying coaster.

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Superman at SFOT

Superman in AU

Grand National




Powder Keg


There are more coasters that I have to ride before I die I just can't think of them right now.


I'd love to ride a coaster like the Viper that use to be at SFGAVD but I missed it by one month!:twisted:

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I actually liked GADV's Viper, I have a video of it I can post. I like dit alot when i was younger at least, it was rough, but unique, and I appreciated it for what it was...


Anyways, coasters I have to ride before I expire...


Cali Screamin'

Superman Krypton Coaster

Expedition GeForce

Goliath (Holland)

Superman Escape


Medusa (SFMW)

Atlantis Adventure (Korea)

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All TOGO standups (KC-style): King Cobra has and always will be one of my favorite coasters...I dont care if it's a deathmachine...

Any Flyer: Never rode one...

Any floorless: See above comment

EGF:... do I REALLY need to say why?

Goliath (Walibi): ...Reon luffs the Intamin goodness...

Superman (new one in Ausie), SpeedMonster, KK: Reon also luffs the rocket coasters(coincidentially made by Intamin)....

Legend: I want to see if it lives up to what I've heard about it....

Raven: ditto

Balder: ...see my comment for EGF

Sheikra: looks like a nice ride, and Ive yet to brave a dive machine...

Nemisis: Yay for themed terrain invert that is so...uber?

Project Wildcat: Well, gotta ride my own coaster, now dont I? Of course I need to build it first


more to add as I think of them...

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well here is what I can remember



Kingda Ka

Top Thrill Dragster

Sky Wheel

G force



not a coaster but the 300 ft tall sky coaster



Millenium force

Magnum XL

Disater transport

pepsi max big one(hopefully spelled right)

spinball wizzer


as many bobsled coasters as possible

the space mountains at euro disney and at tokyo



As you can tell I wont get a lot of them

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There isn't one particular coaster, as coasters in general.


I would like to do a European trip, where I can visit many of the great European parks.


I've been to Europe twice in my lifetime, but never to any Theme Parks.


Though Expedition GeForce would be at the top of my list!!!

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  • 10 years later...



I got to ride plenty of coasters during my time as a rider and amusement park flyer, but there were a few that took me years before I had the chance to ride them. Goliath at Six Flags Great America was the first RMC I rode back in 2014 (IRAT in Six Flags Fiesta Texas would be my second RMC in which I would ride the following year). As for Deja Vu, it took me ten years before I could ride it (in 2010 when it was at Six Flags Magic Mountain. I would ride it again next year at Six Flags New England as Goliath).


I rode many wooden and steel coasters, mine trains, launch, indoor and outdoor, back and forth, old and new, large and small, and even some that were unusual. Still, there is one coaster that has eluded me, and that is Lighting Run at Kentucky Kingdom. That type of coaster was designed for skinny winks, and if I want to ride it I must lose weight ( a lot of it) before I can try to ride it. Another ride comes to mine is Flying Turns at Knoebels. I rode bobsled coasters before, but never one like this.


In closing, the roller coaster industry may come out with another concept that will get my juices flowing, and I'll be forced to add that coaster on my "Must Ride or Die" list.

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Maybe it's just me, but I don't see a reason this thread should be brought back to life. It's very similar to this thread:




And that (^) thread has much more recent post in it, and it's actually talked in a lot compared to this thread.

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Dodonpa, Expedition GeForce, and Nemesis are some of the obvious ones on my list, but there are a handful that aren't as popular which I'm desperate to ride- both of the Vortex Stand Ups (CGA & CW) on account of me being a fan of B&M Stand Ups (also being mindful of their age and what Cedar Fair did to another one of their Stand Ups recently), and Viper (SFMM)- I love Arrow MegaLoopers. I think Dragon (Ocean Park in Hong Kong) and Anaconda (KD) also qualify.

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For myself, at my age and health now, I don't have too many options to take a decade or two to accomplish.


But - Cedar Point - I have know about, for years, and years, and YEARS! I used to

send away for their massive coupon-filled magazine (do they still print those up?) which

also had the announcements of their newest coaster/ride/shows/eateries, etc.


I would like to get there in the next couple of years, not only to easily bring up my number

of coasters ridden, in one easy visit , but to ride the coasters I've known about over these

past decades. I even remember when Gemini was the Brand New Coaster opening there!


So, for now it's all of the coasters at Cedar Point I need to ride, before..... yeah well.

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Mr Nrthwnd, CP is a must do. Although I haven't lived in Ohio for many years, The Point has always been a magical place, I grew up there when the new coaster was the Blue Streak and the only other coaster was the Scamper. It is amazing how things have changed yet still remain the same. I could go on forever with stories. As a kid I remember waiting in long lines for the Cedar Creek Mine ride, the pine walls in the cue station ramp that are still there to this day from 40+ years ago. I was fascinated by the texture of the walls as a kid and ran my fingers over them again after so many years last summer. Much has changed,yet there are so many neat hidden gems from way back. The only true way to experience and soak up all that is the Point is to stay at the Breakers for an extended vacation. We did last year for 4 nites/5 days after a 10 year absence and loved every minute. So much history, so much fun.

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^ Great to know, thanks! My thoughts are on doing a five night stay, with three days park and water park tix. Then, I get hotel early entry, and my plans are to hopefully co-incide all of this with next year's CoasterMania! at CP. Which if I know my calendars, should be Friday, June 2, 2017.

I have also included a Hotel Day, which I always try to do with other park resort stays. No parks. Just enjoy everything else around me and my room.


It would be my main trip anywhere that year, but I'm pretty sure it'll be worth it.

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