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What was your favorite year for amusement parks?

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2007. Previously, My mentality was "Oh, Major Parks, lets drive 15+ hours to this park and then 2 hours to this park" into "How about we fly to a location and go to 5+ parks in the region." In essense, I turned from Idea guy to Producer.


As a result since 07, My coaster count has increased from 120 in 2006 to 338 in 2012. A 281% Increase.

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This was a really good year for me; I got in my usual trips to Lake Compounce, Knoebels, and Kennywood, all of which were great; Boulder Dash at LC was running amazing all year. We got rained on all day at Knoebels, which admittedly made the rest of my group a bit miserable, but I loved; I love how parks look in the rain, everything still ran all day, and there were no lines at all. Kenny had Black Widow running just before I got there, which may be my favorite flat ride now. I got back to Dorney Park for the first time in a decade to find it -far- better than I remembered, and had an awesome day there. Also made it back to Canobie Lake for the first time in a few years, and I finally managed to get to Canada's Wonderland. Leviathan, Behemoth, and Vortex <3


Or, I could go all the way back to 1990, the year started me on my amusement park obsession (yep...I feel old now.) Eight years old...every year until then we'd gone to our local park, Rocky Point Park in Warwick, RI, for an employee day with the company my father worked at. That year we almost ended up not going, thanks to horrible weather, but at the last minute we gave it a try anyway. What we got was...much like Knoebels this year...no crowds, a park almost to ourselves, with everything running anyway, everything beautiful, all the ride lights shimming in the rain...spent all day there despite the weather and had one of the best days of my childhood. And then they gave us tickets to come back next week anyway thanks to the weather for a nice bonus. That day was sort of the point of no return for my amusement park obsession, and I've loved rainy days ever since too.


I'm hoping in the next couple years I can beat out both of them easily by going along on a TPR trip, though...

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