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What was your favorite year for amusement parks?

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I know the title sounds kind of confusing, but what I mean is what was your favorite season/ year with amusement parks?


Mine are:


2001- My first amusement park visit that i remember.

2006- first roller coaster ( that wasn't a kiddie model.)

2009- became an enthusiast, and went to SFA & KD (home-parks) a lot

2012- So many new exciting coasters came this past season, and I went to so many amusement parks, and went to my home parks a lot.

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Untill now it was 2011, well because of TPR! North East & Road to Cedar Point were amazing!


2009 was also a fun year, Orlando was really cool and all. But right after that i said i don't return to the US unless i can buy a alcoholic drink... That turned out to be 2011


As it seems maybe 2013 will be ever better then 2011 was, with ofcourse TPR Texas/Midwest. And if i can get funds together California during Christmas/NYE. Is that wise for a first timer going to Disneyland during NYE?

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1999- Riddler's Revenge and Viper turn me into a coaster enthusiast

2002- First visits to Islands of Adeventure, Busch Gardens Tampa, and Sea World Orlando. Kraken becomes my first ever "favorite coaster." Now it's barely hanging onto my top 20.

2009- WDW College Program where I worked at the Yacht & Beach Club. Numerous weekly visits to all the Disney parks, Busch, Sea World, and Universal

2012- I finally visit some of the East Coast parks I've always dreamt about. Trip includes SFNE, Lake Compounce, SFGAdv, Dorney, Knoebels, and Hershey. I have a new top four coasters in Skyrush, Boulder Dash, El Toro, and Phoenix.

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I'd have to throw my vote in for 2011. Not only was it my first year doing a TPR event (Bizarro Bash kicked @$$), but it was also the year I really decided for the first time to go out and explore the smaller parks in my general area; parks that are usually an inconvenient hour to three hours away. Not only did I ride a lot of new rides, but these places (like Rye Playland, Quassy, Canobie Lake Park, etc.) were a lot more fun than I had expected. It was also the year I got to visit the SoCal parks. And to cap off the year, I made a trip to Legoland Florida with my cousins on New Years Eve, and we had such a blast! I truly felt like a kid again that day.


2012 is a close second. I was just as proactive with exploring the parks in my area, but summer classes kept me from utilizing my entire spare time. Though Skyrush alone was practically enough to make 2012 my #1.

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I can't pick one, but my top years were...


2000: The year I began getting into roller coasters, although I still remained afraid of larger rides

2003: The year I started to get over my fear of certain coasters (particularly coasters with large or steep drops or complex inversions (anything other than a loop or corkscrew)).

2006: The year I got over all fears of new coasters and began to enjoy them

2008: The first year I visited an amusement park outside of California (in this case, Cedar Point).

2009: The first year I attended a TPR event (Termination Day).

2010: The first year I was on a TPR trip (IntimidaTour).

2011: My second TPR trip (North East USA), my first non-TPR theme park trip, and my first international park visit (La Ronde).

2012: My first visit to a European park (Disneyland Paris), and my third TPR trip (LeviaThon).


I guess I've had more good years than bad. If I absolutely had to pick a best, I'd probably say 2011, with 2012 being runner-up. 2013 is shaping up to be the least exciting in a while (most likely only California parks, and most likely my only TPR event will be WCB).

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2005, 2007, 2008! Any year with Japan in it! 2005 was my first international coaster trip which got me hooked traveling overseas. 2007-2008 were TPR trips to Japan and we pretty much covered the whole country! With a little luck I might get back to Japan next year for a short visit!

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2007 and 2009 were great years.


2007 started off with a low-crowd Superbowl Sunday trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain., where I got to ride to my heart's content. In May I had a 2-day visit to Cedar Point. Then, that July, I went to Japan where I got to visit LaQua, as well as Fuji-Q Highland, where the crowds were unusually low and everything was running. Then, to cap it off, I visited California's Great America for my first time in August, which was also a walk-on day.


2009 also started off with a low-crowd trip to the Mountain on Superbowl Sunday. Then, my cousin and I took a little coaster tour in early June, taking us to Six Flags Great Adventure (where I fell madly in love with El Toro), Hersheypark, and Cedar Point. In August, my wife and I went to visit family in Vermont. On the way from the airport to Vermont, we stopped at Six Flags New England, where I got to revel in the glory of Bizarro (formerly Ride of Steel, previously known as Superman: RIde of Steel).


Yep, those two years were flush times for the coaster lover in me!

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For me it would be 2001 when I did a two week trip to California and hit most of the parks in both SoCal and NorCal. Been wanting to do it again ever since. Also did SFGAm that year as well.


2005 was a big year as I hit the awesome Allentown, PA triangle (Hersheypark, Dorney, Knoebels, and SFGAdv.) Of course Kingda Ka was down after a major malfunction so I need to get back out there to get the credit.

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Of all the years I have gone to parks, three stand out:

1992- season passes to Geauga Lake and Cedar Point, Holiday World trip

1994- WDW trip, GL, CP, several PA parks

2005- one year after college graduation: GL, CP, SFGA, Kennywood

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Every year since 2010 when I signed up for my fist TPR trip and started traveling just for theme parks has been beyond great. However if it came down to just one year it to be a favorite it would be 2011. Between fun at local parks with many new found coaster friends, the TPR North East trip and Orlando it just stands out as a solid year of experiences and firsts. My second choice would be my year studying abroad in Tokyo. Being able to do Tokyo based parks multiple times, and make more then 8 visits to the Tokyo Disney in all seasons is something I'll never get to do again.

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