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NEWS: Mumbai to gain country's largest coaster in new park

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I agree, I wouldn't doubt B&M's ability for a second. Don't doubt the engineers - believe me, I have - and what came afterward was not a pleasant experience...


Also, I had no idea that Insane Speed was a mirror image of Batman The Dark Knight until now. Thanks Jake!

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The drop looks...odd. I wonder if it adds anything to the ride.


Something we call "airtime". Not sure if it's important, though...


Of course it going to add something! Hey guys, try to think different, this drop is not misshapen, or a result from a poorly NL trackwork.. It's just something new you'll have to be accustomed visually.

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Here's a stupid question - considering that the only other B&M coasters installed in 2013 were Wing Coasters, could we possibly see a new-design floorless train on Nitro, like the inverted one debuting on Banshee?

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I was thinking about that earlier myself, I don't see why B&M wouldn't use that restrain on everything from now on, sit downs, floorless, flying, inverted, dive machines. I'm not sure about stand ups but I'm also not sure why anyone would build a stand up anymore either.

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Looks like Nitro has begin testing recently. To answer the poster who wondered about restraints, it uses the original style restraints. I guess the somewhat surprising find is that it's a 6 car train - only the 4th after Vortex (Carowinds), Daemonen (Tivoli), and the Batman clone in Kuwait. (Excluding the dive machines)







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