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Planning a park in real life - Nordic Giga Park

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Hello! I am actually planning on starting an amusement park to the border of this city i live in. I've already thought about EVERYTHING.

-Office building




-Many rides



Now i would actually like to hear suggestions and opinions on this. I've thought of the location carefully, land is cheap in that area, there will be a mall built to the area right next to this area (Are you thinking of what im thinking? More customers) and also it's located close to where all the tourists come from. Most of all, i've thought of starting probably the craziest place in this country! The fun is a good factor in this! And location. Here would be a list of many rides i've thought of:


-Moser Maverick asymmetrical

-Moser Energy rush ( i would request a counterweight too)

-Vekoma SLC

-HUSS Topple tower

-Intamin Gyro Drop

-Intamin Mega Lite

-B&M Flying coaster (would be the first in the country!)

-KMG Fun factory/Speed Buzz

-Chance Unicoaster

-Either moser Hoppla or Zamperla Rotoshake



I also have thought of names, if you want to know them just ask.


i hope people will be doing this on on my megalite in a few years

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If you're really looking into adding some of those, you'd need a couple million dollars (US) at your disposal. B&M and Intamin coasters aren't very cheap. Flats are cheaper, but my guess is it depends on the manufacturer/model of the ride.


Building a park isn't very easy. You'll still have to deal with the city and its residents (in many cases, the locals don't want an amusement park in their area). A lot of proposed projects have pretty much fallen by the wayside in the past few years. Even newer parks that actually opened pretty much shut down due to mis-management (Wild West World, Freestyle Music Park).

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Hello thanks for replies. I know what I'm doing here, I've also thought that in thestart a cheap coaster and flats. B&ms intamins later on. This is my life long dream that has started to slowly come true. Sallary is close to the basic amoun in here. 2000 euros at first. This city wants an amusement park, they don't like going all the way to the capital fro a good park.

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Hi there,


I'd like to ask if this is a "Fantasia" project, a "Koulu" project, or actually a real idea? I'm guessing from your previous posts that you are from Finland, can I ask which area? As I understand it, parks in Finland struggle enough as it is, and they haven't seen a huge amount of growth due to a very limited number of international visitors, mainly from Sweden. If you're looking at Turku, this could be a good place to build a park, otherwise competition is quite fierce in Helsinki/Tampere. I can't think of many other cities that are big enough to support a new Theme Park.


Look forward to seeing more specific details about your plans, onnea projektin kanssa!

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Sorry, but this sounds like a "fantasy" idea to me. You basically listed off about 50 million USD worth of rides you want in your "park" - I don't think anyone here can take you seriously until you can show us that there is a real plan, you're a real company, and anything you've said actually matches something in reality.


Thanks for your understanding, but we all "dream" about owning a park, and unless you're a legit company, that's what Roller Coaster Tycoon is for...

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Hi so I live in finland, yes and the city is lahti. Lahti has a lot of asian tourism and other ciuntries. The area is next to a highway start. This is an actual project.. hi robb editing this.The fact that this is an actual project soes not mean I'm already at a high point in it. As the title says this is planning for the future

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^ Where are you getting your funding from? Have you bought the land? Do you have building permits? Have you spoken to any ride companies yet? I mean, Kat & Kiwi bought a wooden roller coaster, set up a website to get funding and have people help with their pick up trucks. That was an "actual project" too, and we all saw how that turned out.


Sorry if I'm sounding really skeptical here, but just coming on the forum and saying "I'm building a park, here's my wish list of rides" doesn't give us much to make anyone believe this is real.




EDIT: Here...I'll tell you why I don't believe this is real.... "HUSS TOPPLE TOWER."

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