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Hockeyman55 - Theme Park Pics Thru My Eyes

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^Those long exposure pictures are absolutely amazing. I love how vibrant that first one is.

How heavily do you edit them after taking?



Thank you


My workflow


Import photo into Lightroom, crop if needed and if real noisy ill add some noise reduction

Edit in Nik Color Efex using pro contrast and sometime detail extractor to help with shadows

Send back to LR and adjust some basic things like highlights, clarity, vibrance, things of that nature

When thats done I send to Photoshop to run the high pass filter to get the picture as sharp as I need it.Then back to LR to export in the folder with the rest of the pictures.


That might be heavy editing to some but to me that isn't really too bad and really all minor adjustments. Heavy to me would be like taking multiple shots of the same thing and layer masking a picture together with all the best parts of the different photos to make one super picture lol. Really only takes me only a few min to edit a picture, only thing that takes me longer is if I have to clone something out or if I go back and forth on what it should look like. No I have posted some HDR pictures that look almost fake also and those are pretty heavily processed.


I know the first shot I raised the vibrance a tad since it was a very colorful picture and wanted to bring that out a little more without over doing it.


The second shot to be honest with you, im not too fond of lol. The original came out with a lot of noise and a little out of focus. I worked on it for a little while and this is what I came out with and just moved on. Still a little grainy for my liking and little heavy on contrast.

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Its been a while since my last post but never fear, im still here


A cool shot of Illuminations that I took back in Feb. Had a great spot to watch and photograph


Gaston's during AP previews in November. Was fortunate to be there with only a handful of other people in the new section


These are always fun. A lond exposed shot of the merry go round at Downtown Disney taken back in March

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Didn't realize it has been so long since my last photo update. Ill make up with some pretty cool shots I go on my recent trip from opening weekend of Halloween Horror Nights. Will be back this weekend as well and hope to get some more good ones.


Rip Ride Light trail. Not often I get the chance to snap a shot from this angle so after existing Cabin in the Woods I took full advantage of it


Jurassic Splash


HHN Entrance


I will eat your heart. Walker in the streets of Atlanta


Probably one of the first long exposure shots out there of the new Twirl and Hurl. I knew earlier in the night I wanted to get this shot and made it a point to head back there before the night was over to grab.

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Great pictures as always Mike! I've seen some a lot really great pictures of HHN thus far this season from a lot of different people and websites (no offense, yours are easily some of the best) which just makes me think that event looks really really good this year. I'm excited about my visit at the end of the month.

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Great pictures as always Mike! I've seen some a lot really great pictures of HHN thus far this season from a lot of different people and websites (no offense, yours are easily some of the best) which just makes me think that event looks really really good this year. I'm excited about my visit at the end of the month.


Thanks Hilltopper


This year is great and the houses are some of the best they have had in years IMO. Im glad they brought back the scarezones this year even though the Walking Dead zombies get a little redundant, still a blast regardless.

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Just some random photos taken in Orlando over the past few months, mostly during my trips to Universal for HHN. Thank you all that have complimented my photos and hope everyone has a great holiday and a fantastic New Year


Avengers unite. Taken in Marvel Superhero Island in IOA


Dueling Dragons


Believe this needs no introduction


Inside one of the shops in Hogsmeade


Statue on top of the fountain in Germany at Epcot


Outside the Universal main gate after a night at HHN


Dirty Cat


Fountain outside the Hard Rock hotel


Hog's Head


The All Spark

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Ah shucks guys, thank you


I do notice the photos lose a little sharpness when loaded on here versus my Flickr page, they still look great however.


Old Town Sling shot and Vominator in action.


Trex restaurant. The Paleozoic chicken sandwich is the bomb


Lego South Beach

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Guess who's back. Me Here is a new batch of some photos taken over the past few months.


We took our first trip up to Gatorland a few months back and had fun. Sure its not one of your higher caliber parks like Disney and Universal but it really isnt trying to be either. Def worth a visit if your looking for something to do while in the area without all the crazy crowds.


I night time view down Tommorland at the Magic Kingdom


A touching moment at Islands of Adventure where one of our daughters met Spiderman for the very first time.


After visiting NYC and Nj for years we finally made it over to Coney Island for the very first time. I loved everything about it, form the atmosphere to the rides and not to mention the legendary Coney Island Cyclone.


Can't go wrong with Legos mixed with a dark shooter ride. Legoland, FL


Took this at a little carnival held at a Catholic School in Paramus, NJ during our visit up there in May.


There are moments in time that present to you the perfect photography situation and this was one of them. This poor unsuspecting lady right before her demise at the hands of a hungry T-Rex. Taken at the Bronx zoo Dino tour


No trip to NYC is complete until you make a visit out to the statue of liberty

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