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What is the best concert you have ever been to?


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The freaking Aquabats put on such an awesome show. It was definitely what I compare every single show to now and they all just fall short.


If I were just going by the band whose music I like the most that I've seen live, however, Rancid. <3


But no show I've been to has ever matched that of The Aquabats in pure showmanship and energy and fun.

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The time I saw the Misfits at Fitzgerald's in Houston. We showed up about 5 hours early and were able to just walk right in and watch them rehearsing, we got a couple of photos. Then we just hung out with some guys from another band called Flatus, they played a bad ass cover of Toto's Africa. During the actual Misfits performance, people were stage diving off the balconies, and they played an amazing cover of Led Zepplin's Immigrant song.


Other notable concerts have been Radiohead on their OK Computer tour, Tool on their Ænima tour, and Iron Maiden.


Then again, the smaller club type shows are always a rockin' time.

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My most recent concert was also my favorite of all. Weird Al Yankovic! As the whole concert experience goes he was just a blast to see live.


He is tremendously talented. I knew he could write great, funny lyrics, but he can actually sing much better than I ever thought, and leads his band very well. They are also very talented men, as well.


The character changes...integrating of the video segments was done so well you barely knew he was off stage changing. He really connects with his audience very well.


I laughed until I had tears running down my face! We'll be seeing him again next month at King's Island because we enjoyed the concert so much.

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Daft Punk last night at the L.A. Sports arena.


One of the most amazing experiances I've ever had. They tore that place down, crowd was insane, people crowd surfing. It was a great amazing experiance.


Daft Punk Owned that arena, a night I will remember forever

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Weird Al Yankovic last Friday... 2.5 hours of greatness. No breaks, but even at 2.5 hours long it was incredibly entertaining and hilarious the whole way through -- I wouldn't have minded a 3 or 4 hour show at that rate!

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My favorite concert was probably The Format in St. Louis at some tiny venue in May. They put on a solid performance, they are my favorite band, and I happen to be front/row center.


The best show I've ever seen was probably Robert Randolph & The Family Band and O.A.R. at IU Auditorium in February 2004. RR&TFB is to this day the single greatest live performance I've ever seen. Those guys are incredible musicians that really know how to rock out and jam. O.A.R. put on a great performance as well. They are always a solid show.


Honorable mention goes to Nickel Creek and Howie Day. Again, Nickel Creek jams and rocks out so hard. They are just incredible. And Howie did a solo show in which he created his 'band' through a technique called looping. It was amazing.

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My favorite concert that I've gone to was in December 13, 2003 it just happened to be a friday. So my cousins band was playing at the HP(The Donnas) that night and a whole bunch of other bands that night to such as Moby Sum 41 Good Charlotte etc.. So I got to go backstage with my cousin and we went to look at Good Charlotte play. We headed back to the dressing room and the Whole band Of Sum 41 was there and I got to meet themand moby and Good Charlotte

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Tiesto's current show is pretty good and recommended but still not a patch on Jarre's concerts in terms of spectacle. His Docklands concert is still my all time favourite with Guns n Roses at Wembley a close second.

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Prince! Seen several shows of his but the best are at Paisley Park. I remember the first I attended back in 96. Doors opened at midnite, $10 to get in, music started about 1, played till 5:30 in the morning.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers with Biffy Clyro & Reverend and the makers @ Hampden Stadium.

Most awesome day ever! Doors didn't open till 4pm but my friends and I were there for 12! When the doors did open it was like the "Run of the Bulls" to get into the Golden Circle. Nearly got crushed running but we made it.


Reverend and the Makers were rubbish. The singer pretty much thinks he is God but just looked like a prat.


Biffy Clyro were great! Was a little disappointed with the set-list but they did not fail to put on a good show. Really warmed up the crowd.


RHCP's....OMFG!!! I was so close to Flea! They were fantastic live! Wildest crowd i've been in. Waited 7 years to see them them and my god was it worth it!

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Bruce Springsteen - Sydney Entertainment Centre, Born In The USA Tour; it was my first ever concert and it was amazing, the Boss was onstage for 4 1/2 hours, he clocked on 7.30pm had a half hour break at 9pm, and then didn't finish until 12.30am.

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to close ether Van Halen with Sammy Hagar or all of Ozzfest 2006


at Ozzfest I saw


Ozzy Osbourne

System of A Down



Lacuna Coil

Black Label Society



Bleeding Through

Norma Jean

A Life Once Lost

Strapping Young Lad

The Red Chord

Full Blown Chaos

Walls of Jericho

All That Remains

Between The Buried and Me

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Not even my favorite band, (though I like them) but I'd have to say AC/DC "The Razor's Edge" tour. Most energy I've EVER seen from a band at a concert and a great mix of hits and oldies. Plus King's X opened for them and are now one of my favorite and most underrated bands on the planet.





Kansas when the played the Holiday Star Theatre (now the Radisson Star) in Merrillville, IN. in 87. Again, great energy and a fairly intimate venue.


I saw Eric Clapton that same week at the Rosemont Horizon and that show kicked royal ass too.


As far as this year- I've seen three great concerts:

Lindsey Buckingham at the House Of Blues in Chicago

The Police- at Wrigley Field

Genesis- at The United Center--------it's been a good year for shows.

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I've been to quite a few concerts, but the best has to be George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic in September of 2000. It was at a small venue here in Omaha (Sokol Hall). I was front row/ center. The place was one giant party as the band jammed for 4 hours.


Prince May of 2003, he played all the old stuff and some stuff from the CD the Rainbow Children which was coming out the next month. Just awesome.


Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters April 2000, Foo Fighters came out first, but owned the show. Dave Grohl is the man.

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The Best Show I've been to has to be U2!! Dec. 09, 2006


This was not just any U2 Show! It was thier last performance of the Vertigo Tour 05-06!! Which ended in Hawaii!!

My brother and I flew to Hawaii just to see U2 play with Pearl Jam opening!

It was one of the best times of my life!


Aloha Stadium



U2-The Fly Live



View of Waikiki taken from the Top of Diamond Head Crater

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I saw Coldplay in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow with my nephew in 2005. They're not my favourite group but it was Live 8 day and during the afternoon Live 8 was being played on the huge screens around the park, Coldplay were choppered in and Supergrass were one of the support acts.


There was a really good atmosphere which I think was because of Live 8 (the first time I saw Coldplay was in Plymouth in 2002 and Idlewild, the support were heckled really badly despite being better than Coldplay) and the evening ended with my nephew and I getting lost finding our way out of that park and having to scale the railings!


I saw Take That at the Millenium Stadium in 2006 and that was pretty epic too!

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SLIPKNOT this past summer at Mayhem Fest 08(cant wait for 09) They were amazing live and had an awesome mosh pit and lineup. Also Disturbed was awesome also and they are amazing live. Suicide Silence, Machine Head, and the Black Tide were all so awesome(Best day ever as all the performances mentioned were in one day)


Hopefully in March I am going to Slipknot all hope is gone tour featuring Coheed and Cambria(awesome) and Trivium(who the hell are they)

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^Me too! But when I went Disturbed was better than Slipknot overall. And I loved underOATH but I was mad that they opened instead of headlining. Actully all of the bands were awesome, and Black Tide was better than expected to me. So the best Concert I have ever been to would be hands down Mayhem Fest.(I can't wait untill the '09 tour!)



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