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What is the best concert you have ever been to?


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What is the best concert you have ever been to? When was it, why was it so great, any special memmores, that sort of thing. I think overall the best concert I have been to was just recently. It was September 12, 2005. The Green Day concert! I had an absolutley amazing time and all the people and the effects were just awesome. I have been to lots of other concerts, but I think this was my favorite. What was yours?

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I have a few.


LCD Soundsystem @ The El Rey - May 2005. In terms of pure energy and crowd excitement, this show takes the cake. The entire crowd was into it, everyone was dancing (not moshing, DANCING), the setlist kicked butt. One of the rare concerts where you leave completely satisfied but wanting more. And my ears were ringing three days later.


Goat Punishment @ The Knitting Factory - December 2000. Goat Punishment is the name Weezer goes under when they want to play and not have everyone know about it. The Knitting Factory is really tiny, maybe 400 people max. Nothing better than being five feet away from your favorite band (well, at the time) and the entire crowd is singing along to every word. Bonus points for having two awesome opening bands (Ozma and Rilo Kiley) and being able to meet and talk with Rivers afterwards.


Radiohead @ The Greek - October(?) 2000. Radiohead probably puts on the most solid live show out of any band. They are incredible musicians and so even though the venues I've seen them at have been gigantic in comparison to the venues I see most bands, they are still able to completely captivate the entire crowd. The Greek show always stuck out in my mind as being a little bit better than the times I saw them at the Hollywood Bowl.


Coachella 2004. You just had to be there.

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Finally going to see Rush last year in Tampa was very cool. Since they are practically my favorite band it was a real treat to finally see them in concert during thier 30 anniversary tour. The 2112 performance was really great. Tool as well as Metallica always puts on a great show as well.

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I have been to a lot of concerts but the only one I have really been to is 3 doors down/seether!


In the last two months I have been to:

System of a Down/Bad acid trip/the Mars Volta

Foo Fighters/Weezer

Megadeth/Dream Theater/Fear Factory/Never More

Back Street Boys

American Idols

Marc Anthony


And in the next 8 weeks I will be going to the following concerts but I wont be attending them!

Audioslave/Seether/30 seconds to Mars

Styx/REO Speedwagon

My Chemical Romance

Gwen Stefani/the Black Eyed Peas


Every concert I have been to was free!!!!!


I don't have any favorite concerts!

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I would kill to see My Chemical Romance right now...


Hmm... id say that the best would have to be Avril Lavigne in 2003.. and Kissmas Bash in 2004... because they had great people performing..


Ive also been to..


Britney Spears..(twice, and dont ask ... )

Christina Aguilera

Justin Timberlake

Black Eyed Peas....

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I also have a few:


Rush - 30th anniversary tour.

This was the 4th time I have seen Rush. The first being in 1991. And like a fine wine, they just keep getting better with age.


Elton John - 1991

Put on an awesome show, everyone should see Elton John live at least once IMO.


Presidents of the United States of America - 1997

They played at the El Rey theatre and put on a awesome show. They played for close to 3 hours and kept their energy level up the entire time.


Lollapallooza - 1995

Rage against the Machine, Tool, Alice in Chains, Fishbone, Primus ... Need I say more?

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What a coinkidink, the best one I've been to was last night.


2005 Kihncert.


Opening band: The Greg Kihn Band. Played for about 30 - 40 mins. Songs I remember, Another Girl Another Planet, Remember, Jeopardy, The Breakup Song, Bulevard of Broken Dreams. Most memorable moment: "We're going to now play a medly of our hit" (Their only hit was Jeopardy).


2nd band: George Thorogood and the Destroyers. Played for about 60 - 75 minutes. Songs I remember (or basically knew, I don't know many of his), I Drink Alone, One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer, Move it On Over, Bad to the Bone, Who do you Love. Most memorable moment: "You Mother Humpers are a F__king great crowd!" (This is advertised as a family event as well, mind you, we walked by an air pad jumper thingy on our way to the seats.)


Headliner: Steve Miller Band. Played for about 100 - 120 minutes. Songs I remember (and again, knew), Jet Airliner, Fly Like An Eagle, Wild Mountain Honey, Jungle Love, Swingtown, the Joker, Crossroads (by clapton), basically all the hits and a lot more. Most memorable moment: many. When George Thorogood came on to duo with him and said, "This is my big f__king chance mother humpers." When Joe Satriani came out and duoed with him. They played just a blues riff and it somehow turned into Crossroads. Just jamming and it came out. Some amazing guitar work by Satriani too. And, the 15 minute long version of Fly Like An Eagle, at least 15 minutes. It just went on and on and on, great song.


Yup, was a great concert, to say the least. Definetly going to Kihncert 2006.

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I've been to quite a few concerts...my all-time favorite was Korn and Disturbed at the George Mason Patriot Center a few years back. Trust Company was supposed to open for them, but instead, a local band Sev came and performed. Aside from Sev's mediocre performance, this concert was amazing. Stupid me took the SAT the next day. It was pretty challenging to keep my neck tilted enough to read the test that day.

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Lollapalooza '97


Korn, Tool Snoop Dog and Devo.


Honorable mentions are ozzfest 2003 and 2005. Also family values '98 with a ton of bands there, including Korn. See a pattern here? Yeah I like music. Also Planet of the Drums tour with Dieselboy, Dara and AK1200.

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I have two.

First was Counting Crows on February 11th, 1994. Barely anyone had heard of them at the time, yet I'd become a big fan after seeing them on SNL one night. They were opening for Cracker and everyone was there for the Cracker show. Adam Duritz was just walking around outside, so I asked for an autograph, and got one. Then later I saw him again, asked to touch his hair and he said yes! Imagine being 14 and getting to touch the dreadlocks of your favorite singer! I could have died happy that night!


The other was June of 2004 when I saw Simon and Garfunkel in concert. I'd spent way too much money on a close seat, and it was worth every penny. The performance was amazing, moving and beautiful. I decided to go ahead and splurge on the close seat because who knows if they will ever tour again, much less be anywhere near Nashville again. Being that close I could see their expressions as they sang, and really feel the emotion in their songs. Sad thing was that I only saw 2 people younger than me there! Everyone was my parents age! I thought my generation appreciated good music of any kind!



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Kiss Asylum tour!


On the date Kiss was supposed to play, (18 years ago, mind you...) there was a power outage in Pittsburgh that postponed the concert. My brother-in-law and 2 of his friends had 3rd row seats. One of the original 3 people couldn't make the new date, so I was in! I didn't even pay for it. It was the best concert of my life! Because of the postponed show, Kiss played an extraordinarily long set, with 3 onchors! Gene Simmons spit blood on me, we got towels and guitar pics and a piece of guitar from the band, as they constantly threw stuff into the audience. It was an AMAZING and LOUD show!

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Another vote for Rush! Hold Your Fire tour, December, 1987, Worcester Centrum.


I've been to a lot of amazing smaller concerts - Richard Thompson, Joe Jackson, Squeeze and Crowded House are among my favorites, as well as lots of local bands in Minneapolis.


Nothing can compare to a Rush concert, though.


Maureen "haven't been to a concert in years" O'Donnell

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I haven't been to many concerts until now but my favorites would be:

MCR last month (I posted a CR^^)

Blink 182 with Suagrcult & The Kinisons last December.

Both were awesome and I really have good memories to them.


There was another concert that really liked but that was more a local event. It was called SAJ Open Air and my favorite local band played an amazing accoustic set there. This band is called "Unblest" and if you like Nu Rock you definetely have to check out there site http://www.unblest.net and download the two songs "Dead Summer" and "All My Hope". Especially "All My Hope" is amazing. My favorite song right now. By far!


Sebastian"Very Good Band, even if it's not a famous one"Rötten

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Okay - maybe not the "best" but certainly the most memorable.


The date, August 1981 if memory serves. The place, J.W. Little Memorial Stadium, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario. The line-up (in order), local London band that I can't remember, Red Rider (before it was Tom Cochrane and Red Rider), Del Shannon, John "Cougar" Mellencamp and The Beach Boys.


John Cougar was a last minute addition to the bill. He had just had a hit with "Jack and Diane" and he was available to sell some tickets to this annual concert that in previous years included Boston, Supertramp and The Doobie Brothers. John Cougar gets on stage after Del Shannon's set and it was clear that he was either drunk or high or both. He was cussing and swearing about how he was second billed to the Beach Boys and was after Del Shannon. He accused the promoter of trying to cash in on his recent fame (not entirely wrong) and felt he was being used. His speech got louder and more obnoxious and soon he grabbed the drum kit and starting throwing various pieces into the audience. He injured a couple of people. He was finally coaxed off-stage and after some time, the Beach Boys came out to finish the show.


The next day, John Cougar vowed to the people of London that he would return and do a concert for the people that came to see him. True to his word, he did. They gave away tickets on a radio station. A week or so later, I remember reading an article about the whole thing in Rolling Stone magazine. It was quite the experience.


Other concerts that stand out for me would be Queen at Maple Leaf Gardens in 1982 (Billy Squier as opening act); The Who at Maple Leaf Gardens (the first final show that was shown on TV around the world) and The Doobie Brothers at the same venue in London in 1980.

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Wow, the best concert I've ever been to is Ozomatli at the House of Blues in Anaheim (sometime in 2004). In case no one has heard of them, they are a culturally-eclectic band with a culturally-eclectic sound based in LA. They mix a number of styles in their music, ranging from Tribal African, Arabic, to Mariachi, Salsa, & Hip Hop. Anyway, they stayed pumped throughout their show and kept the crowd on their feet. The best part was right before they closed their show. They came down into the audience with their instruments and make a conga line. I've been to five of their concerts, and they've done this everytime. At the end of the show they always mingle with the fans.

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Too many great ones to remember, but here are a few standouts:


Lollapalooza 1992 - Star Lake Amphitheater

Soundgarden, PJ, Ministry, RHCP, Jesus and Mary Chain, Lush, Ice Cube


They Might Be Giants 1994 - Bethany College

I have seen these guys many times, but this one stands out


Bad Religion 1996 - Agora Theater

Openers were Unwritten Law and Dance Hall Crashers


Mighty Mighty Bosstones 1996 - Metropol

Openers were H20 and Dance Hall Crashers


Soulfly 1999 - Metropol

Openers were Neurosis and Hatebreed


Mr Bungle 2000 - Graffiti

Opener was Dillinger Escape Plan


Tony Bennett 1999 - Heinz Hall

Tony needs no opener!


Elvis Costello and the Imposters 2001 - Hard Rock Live Orlando

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My fav concerts would be:


Chris Isaak-Forever Blue Tour 1995, in St. Petersburg.

Janet Jackson-The Velvet Rope Tour 1998, in Tampa

Madonna-Drowned World Tour 2001, in Boston, Atlanta, Ft.Lauderdale & Chicago.

Madonna-Re-Invention Tour 2004, in Miami & Ft. Lauderdale. (All-time fav!)

Ringside at the Viper Room in Hollywood, this past spring.

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O.A.R. and Robert Randolph & The Family Band, February 2nd, 2004, IU Auditorium.


It was a co-headline tour by the two bands and they made a stop in my hometown. The auditorium is an awesome concert venue that has played host to many huge acts. One of the nice things about it is they don't allow smoking or alcohol so it was a clean, fun environment. Anyway...


Robert Randolph & The Family Band came out and put on the most amazing live act I've ever seen. They had so much energy and their music was incredible. They play a bit of an eclectic jam sort of music. They are pretty much in their own category. They were just incredible. Such good music with so much energy. There's a reason why Robert Randolph is listed as one of Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Guitarists Ever and I found out why in person.


Next was O.A.R. , my personal favorite band. They came out and played an awesome set and sounded excellent. They got up on stage and just jammed. They just sounded really good and were full of energy.


What it boils down to, is it was two incredibly talented groups playing amazing music. I've seen a lot of shows and it's going to take a lot to top this one. O.A.R. was awesome, but what really set this show apart was Robert Randolp & The Family Band. If they ever come to a town near you and the price is reasonable (usually is if he isn't opening up for a huge act, i.e. Eric Clapton), I encourage you to go see them. I honestly think it'd be hard to be disappointed.

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