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Coaster Expedition or RAW? What should we make next?

What DVD series should we focus on next?  

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  1. 1. What DVD series should we focus on next?

    • Roller Coasters in the RAW
    • Coaster Expedition

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I definitely loved the Coaster Expedition idea more, right now. It seems that a big part of what TPR is about when traveling the world is not exclusively focusing on coasters, but rather, on the entirety of the experience. I know you've said that a big part of visiting parks is seeing how the unique aspects of different countries ends up reflected in their theme parks. The more comprehensive view of these parks is just so unique and fun to compare. Not everyone will get to have that in depth experience, there are just so many places TPR can show off.

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I think I'm going to go with a new Coaster Expedition for the next production. I am a total fan of the RAW material but I was watching some of the old Coaster Expedition videos the other night and I had forgotten what they were like. I think the new Texas/Midwest is going to give y'all tons of new material especially since some of these parks (SFFT) have changed a bit since the last time you filmed there.


In anycase....looking forward to anything y'all put out, but Expedition is what I'd like to see because it gives you an idea of what those parks being featured are like as well as shows how fun TPR trips are.

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Coaster Expedition get's my vote, because you get the atmosphere of the whole park, and get to see some of the awesomely themed flats that some parks has. Coasters in the RAW is a good series, just doesn't show off some of the massive effort that goes into the rest of the park.

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I voted for A CE vid as there hasn't been one in quite a while. And they are very entertaining and fun to watch. I love the RCitR series, but the CE are near and dear to my heart as I enjoy seeing the people as much as the rides. Please tell me you will release on Blu Ray. CE in HD would be H, A, W, T! Where can I pre order?

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I voted for the Coaster Expedition for a odd reason. I know I have mentioned this before, but when trying to get my non-coaster friends excited and wanting to go to a park with me they respond so much better to the videos with a sound track. If I play a "raw" video they are done with it within the first 30 seconds and my attempt to get them to go is totally lost.

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I would love to see more Coaster Expedition.



1. Coaster Expedition is fun to watch... and then watched again.

2. Leaves more mystery to the coasters.

3. Get to see more assortment of different types of rides.

4. Some times girls in bikinis.

5. Its real! All the fun in the video as almost like the real thing.


That is all I can think of now but im sure ill come up with more.

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I like both series, and own every RAW DVD and every Coaster Expedition DVD. For the most part, I've found that I watch the RAW DVDs once, then only go back to them if I get the urge to view a POV of a particular coaster (usually before I'm going on a trip that might involve said coaster or if a discussion comes up about that ride), while I rewatch most of the Coaster Expeditions about once a year (not every segment, but I probably watch 2/3 to 3/4 of the series over time throughout the year). The Coaster Expedition series is a lot more entertaining and really seems to show more of what TPR is about, as the RAW series is just coaster POVs and off-ride shots, which can get boring after a while. So I voted Coaster Expedition.


As for the age of footage, I wouldn't care if it was ten years old especially if the parks haven't been featured yet. Footage from the 2009 Scandi trip would probably be most interesting to me, as a number of those parks have not been featured yet or were only one one previous DVD and they are parks I'd like to visit at some point. Most of the US parks have been featured on multiple volumes, so a US Coaster Expedition wouldn't be as appealing. That being said, I'd rather have a new Coaster Expedition featuring all the parks in California that I visit regularly than a RAW 8 that only has a handful of major coasters.


What I would probably enjoy most would be to have one DVD set each year, containing a Coaster Expedition disk featuring all the new parks, top tier parks, and parks that haven't been featured for a while, and a RAW disk that features the new major coasters, both wood and steel (and possibly other attractions like dark rides, etc.). I don't know how well that would sell, but it would probably be a good medium versus focusing on one series over the other.

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For me, Coaster Expedition videos are the epitome of what TPR is all about. While the coaster purists may make up a larger demographic than our group, these videos were the tipping point that convinced our family to join our first TPR trip and we haven't looked back since.



When I go to a theme park, I'm looking forward to having fun, having a great time with friends, enjoying the camaraderie of friends, telling jokes and stories, and getting.... well.. a bit crazy... To me, Coaster Expedition is this mentality set to some awesome music.



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Although I must say that I love the RAW series very much, I voted for hoping you make a Coaster Expedition DVD next. I'm sure it is a nightmare editing for the Coaster Expedition series, but they are so terrific! One of the things I love is how you always put such great music with the footage. The music along with the great footage of coasters and parks is even more amazing if your gym has cardio machines with video screens that allow you to connect your ipod or phone. I have never had a more motivating reason to work out.


Maybe there could even be a Coaster Expedition HD in the works? Just a thought!

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I love the RAW series but the CE dvds actually give you a sense of the atmosphere, park, people, and the fun that is had on a TPR Trip. Makes you feel like you are right there with you guys. I have family members who always ask to see the UK dvd over and over when they come visit.



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