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TPR Challenge V: The Party's Over

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Introducing- Showdown: Sheriff Vs. Outlaw


While the last five years have brought many new additions to the park, none have been as highly anticipated as Showdown, the very first "high five" woodie in the US. Showdown is full of fun elements including a high five hill, face to face duel track, and a helix finale with both trains dipping over and under each other. Showdown is found in the Boomtown section of the park next to the Tumbleweed corkscrew coaster. Other Boomtown attractions include TNT & Dynamite shot towers, Oil Rig drop tower, Trailblazer wooden coaster and the Steel Lasso enterprise.


On the other side of Main Street, guests will find County Fair, a colorful land evoking memories of brightly lit rides at carnival midways. Here guests will find the Soaring Eagle inverted coaster, Warrior stand up coaster, Super Happy Fun Power Loop shuttle coaster, a top spin named Chaos, and a kiddyland area just for the little ones where they can swirl down a slide or drive their very own monster truck.


Last, but certainly not least, Medieval Faire will take guests back to the days of the renaissance with attractions such as the Bullseye scrambler, All The Kings Horses carousel, Viking ship, Joust-a-Bout kiddie coaster, and our Castle Falls log flume.




High five.BMP

Showdowns High five element.

high five 2.BMP

Face to face dueling.

high five 4.BMP

Helix finale.


County Fair




Medieval Faire

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Here's my entry to the contest! Let me say, this was actually a big challenge for me. Seeing the other entries, I don't understand how any of them had enough time to build anything, really. Seeing as there were no rules against not building any new rides, I didn't... Seeing as it was mainly focused on retheming the existing rides, that is what I tried to accomplish! It took nearly all the 5 years to do it, and I tried my best, so please go check it out!


Click the Download Image to lead you to the Game Exchange download!








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Wonderful entries everyone!


It may be a delayed response, but rest assured, CrazyParkManager and the team will get to all the entries to try and find that perfect park.

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Hey you know CPM still has to take a look at the parks, and even if you don't win overall ( you still have a chance at that ) there still are 3 more categories and you might just win one of those.


Still the most important thing is just having fun doing these kind of contests. I know I sure had a lot of fun!

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Greetings again everyone!


I have started to review the entries, and I must say there are quite a few good parks submitted! I will be posting up the winners of this challenge on Friday, and to ONE of those lucky winners will get the first crack at the SECOND part of the challenge. I do hope your up for it- as it will be a LOT of fun to see what you do next!



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Whew! What an exhausting project! After some serious review, a ton of deliberation, and inspecting each park in submitted, I have come up with three winners (Sadly, nobody made the 'Best Value Park' aspect in this challenge... perhaps next time!)


The Best Photography Award goes to Chrisxz's submission during construction. It not only shows the park being cleaned up, but a great balance of colour & different painting techniques. Very nice job!


The Best Scenery Award goes to JerryKoala2112 for his park. You did an excellent job with the park's overall transformation, and did creative things to enhance the beauty of the park itself, as well as showcasing skills on the rides themselves. Give yourself a round of applause!


Now, that leaves the Best Park of the challenge. This was, to me, the most difficult one to find a winner for- as almost everybody did some tremendous work with their parks. I was really impressed with how each park came together, how each park was renovated/restored, and how Park Managers thought they would run the park after the awful people who ran it before.


The winning park contained creative use of land, good scenery balance, showcased the rides effectively, added attractions that fit the mood, theme & design of the park, as well as did so in a way that was not overly showy. This park had several new attractions added, plus used existing rides to their advantage, going so far to theme several of the rides to fit the desired outcome.


Congratulations CCRON! Your park was the BEST OVERALL PARK in the first part of this challenge!


Please PM QueerRudie with your names & addresses ASAP, and a TPR Bag of Crap will be sent to our three lucky winners. In addition, CCRON can expect a present in his PM file today, containing your special prize- one custom built for you!


Tune in tomorrow everybody... The snow is falling like mad here, and I think I hear Sleigh Bells ringing...



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Congratz CCRON and JerryKoala2112 you both had a very awesome parks indeed, and I won the best photography award nice. Also I am exicited for the next part of this challenge let's see what it's going to be.

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