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NEWS: Proslide gets closer to building Alottawata Water Park

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Bolstered by a 40-per-cent increase in its head count, industry accolades and more products sold annually than ever before, the head of water slide company ProSlide Technology Inc. still has plans for a water park in Ottawa called Alottawata Water Park.


“It’s imminent,” said ProSlide president and CEO Rick Hunter. “We continue to make sure we’re advancing the planning of Alottawata, that is absolutely in the cards.”


The already-pushed back target opening date of 2014 might be postponed to 2015, he said, adding that it’s a matter of making sure the economy is ready for it.


The park will be constructed at a site off Highway 416 south of Barrhaven.


ProSlide now has 91 employees – a 40 per cent increase from 18 months ago – and was recently honoured with two awards from the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions. One was for best water park slide, and the other was the IAAPA Impact Award which recognizes the best new product or service out of the 17 total award recipients.


ProSlide is the only company to have won the Impact Award more than once, taking it home in 2003, 2004 and again in 2012.


“It’s like winning a world cup at any sporting event,” Mr. Hunter said. “We’re on the top of our game.”


The winning slide is its HydroMagnetic Mammoth, a “watercoaster” that emulates the high speeds and hill climbs of a roller coaster. It’s the longest watercoaster in the world at more than half a kilometre in length.


Despite a struggling economy, ProSlide sells about 70 products per year to areas including North America, China and the Middle East. Leisure markets are somewhat “recession proof,” Mr. Hunter said, with regional water parks doing well because of staycations.


“People need to have a good day,” he said. “They need to get away from the ‘woe is me,’ and get the family together.”


Ongoing high-profile projects include water slides for Six Flags and Great Wolf Resorts at locations across the U.S. as well as slides and "watercoasters" in Australia, Switzerland and Kuala Lumpur.


In 2010, ProSlide water rides were installed in the iconic Beijing Water Cube from the 2008 Olympics, in a deal worth almost $3 million.


Founded in 1986, ProSlide has won 27 industry awards in the last two decades.






The Best Rides.

The Biggest Thrills.

The Coolest Park.


We’re working on our plan with one goal in mind: Alottawata Waterpark will be Ottawa’s Superior Waterpark. With exclusive rights to the World’s Most Award-Winning ProSlide Water Rides and a park design that optimizes entertainment and relaxation, Alottawata will deliver a totally unique experience and major fun for the whole family! Check out http://www.proslide.com to see some of the Newest and Best Water Rides you’ll experience at Alottawata!


For our super fans and future guests, please note:


We’re moving forward. We’re detail oriented.

It won’t be 2012. We will knock your socks off!


Opening Date TBA.

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Highway 416 south of Barrhaven.



I live in barrhaven!! I can't believe it, I can bike there, i'll make sure to be the first to make a TR


Edit : This needs to have some pretty competitive prices and rides, Calypso water park has all the White Water new hotness and pretty expensive prices but it's always busy and is about a half-hour drive from this new water park.

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I know, right? This seems like it would be a great "testing ground" for all of ProSlide's wacky new stuff!


Proslide currently owns a park that they use for their testing grounds. This park received the prototype mat racer and had their mammoth dark slide modified into the first Tornado Alley:




This will actually be ProSlide's second park! Mont Cascades is a division of Proslide.


It's obvious they had success with their first park if they're moving forward with a second one! I look forward to the results!

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Someone asked Proslide on their Facebook about the opening, and they answered that they were aiming for 2015. The comment have now been deleted which makes me think that we are going to have to wait for 2016 at least for this park.


It would be so cool if some concept drawings or blueprints would leak, I really can't wait to see this place come together!

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