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Legendary coasters (respecting the elders)

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To be honest, the first coaster that came to mind when I thought of Legendary coasters, was...


The Willams Grove Cyclone!


Not sure why, and probably not what you were looking for as far as legendary, but it certainly has a legend behind it.


People talked, and still do about so many different things about it.


The 3 bench, 2 car, PTCs that the lap bars flew open on, the crocked lift hill, bouncing down the double down, the horrible noises it made on the turn around, the return leg being under the out leg, and the abrupt 45 degree track angel into the station, before it was modified, park construction truck almost knocking it over, I could go on and on.


And the most legendary part of it was, everyone couldn't believe they made it back alive.


Boy do I miss that coaster



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