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Where Are You Planning To Go in 2013?

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It's not concrete now, but I may head back to Knoebels, like I did this summer. I took my Mom with me, and she absolutely loved the place, so she'd be coming back with me as well. I'd also try to get my sister to come with me this time.


However, the company she works for is moving to Connecticut, and she's going with them (she's already found a place to move into next month)...visiting her there in the Summer may be a good chance to check out either Quassy or Lake Compounce as well...

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2 major trips this year for me and my friends.



Niagra Falls

Canada's Wonderland



Darien Lake

Martin's Fantasy Island



The Arch and City Museum

SF St. Louis

Silver Dollar City

Worlds of Fun



Definitely SFOG since it is my home park.

Probably: Carowinds, Dollywood and possibly Wild Adventures/Busch Gardens

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All the places on the Japan trip.

Revisit Hong Kong Disneyland a bunch of times.


Making plans:

Chimelong Paradise.

Happy Valley Shenzhen.


Hopefully (if I fly back home in summer at all):

Thorpe Park.

Alton Towers.

Drayton Manor.



If I don't go to Cedar Point and Kings Island (and other parks in those areas) next year I will be going in 2014.

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As I am limited by finances and not owning a car, I really only dream of visiting new parks, unless the family pulls together the cash on vacation. Our trips to SFOG and Dollywood this year mark the first time I've been to an amusement park since 2004!


That said, a return trip to SFOG (pretty much our home park at this point haha) is almost guaranteed - I will hitchhike if necessary - and Dollywood is already planned for the fall. I also hope to visit Lake Winnie for the first time in aeons, and if we are very very lucky indeed, Carowinds is a possibility. Should the vacation - if we get one in 2013 - take us to the Gulf Coast, I'll be heading for Waterville USA (I might even walk there, short little jog from the condo) to re-ride Alabama's only operating wooden coaster... actually, the state's ONLY operating full-sized coaster. It really is a boring state for coaster fanatics, but good thing I also like hiking.


If things work out properly, I'll be going with my grandparents to West Virginia for the third year straight (then to Washington D.C., and back to Tennessee for a couple days) so it's not totally out of the question to hit a couple of parks along the long route from 'Bama to WV... though such a deviation from plans would be difficult to persuade. We'll see; the future is open wide.


Silver Dollar City is kind of a distant dream in '13, as is BGW, but as they're both within a day's drive, I'm not gonna totally discount miracles here.

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2013 will not be a big amusement park year for me. The only vacation I'm going is to Hawaii which has no amusement parks. So, I'll probably stick with my local parks: Legoland & Knott's. I might go to my old buddy, CGA to check out Gold Striker. I might go to Disneyland after the Big Thunder re-hab to check out Cars Land.


That was Nov. 21.


This is my updated Dec. 26 list:



Legoland California

Knott's Berry Farm

Six Flags Magic Mountain


Most Likely:

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

SeaWorld San Diego



Castle Park


Parks in italics are parks I have never been to.

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My plans keep changing. Now the most likely schedule is this:


-Six Flags St. Louis (season pass)

-Nickelodeon Universe

-Holiday World


-Magic Kingdom


-Disney's Hollywood Studios

-Disney's Animal Kingdom

-Universal Studios Florida

-Universal's Islands Of Adventure

-SeaWorld Orlando


-Cedar Point

-Kings Island

-Silver Dollar City

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Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Studios, Animal Kingdom

Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Islands of Adventure

Sea World Orlando

Busch Gardens Tampa

Skyline Park

Bayern Park

Hansa Park

Heide Park


Planned but not fixed:

Legoland Florida

Legoland Billund (Denmark)

Tivoli Friheden

Färup Sommerland

Djurs Sommerland


Serengeti Park

Freizeitpark Geiselwind



Hamburger DOM - spring, summer and winter

Bremen Freimarkt

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Def gonna go to Hershey at least once next year, might get a season pass to go a few times with my friends, with the fam and such...Might convince them to go to either Six Flags America or Great Adventure as well as ive never been. Would go to Dorney but i was never thrilled by there selection.

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Planning on getting season passes for Busch Gardens Williamsburg, so I will definitely be going there multiple times. Six Flags Great Adventure is a likely possibility as well, since my family goes annually during the summer. I have a slight chance of going to Cedar Point in the summer as well. Maybe Kings Dominion..but I'm not sure.

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Blackpool Pleasure Beach (season pass holder for the 8th year running)

Thorpe Park

Alton Towers


I'll maybe go back to Flamingo Land for the first time in four years, and possibly Great Yarmouth PB for the first time in around 11 years.




Port Aventura

Parque Warner Madrid

Parque de Attraciones

Barcelona Tibidabo Amusement Park


Hopeful of visiting:


Europa Park (Germany)

Efteling (Holland)


Roll on the 2013 theme park season.

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Beside my usual parks (WDW, UO, Busch and Sea World), I will definitely visit Cedar Point (since I already renewed my pass for 2013) and hopefully hit some other Cedar Fair parks as well.


REALLY hoping to do a Missouri trip to include my first ever visits to Worlds of Fun, Silver Dollar City, and Six Flags St. Louis. Doing a gig on the west coast (Portland, Oregon) so hoping for a few day trip to hit Disneyland, California Adventure (my 1st time there!), Knott's, and possible SFMM.

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I can definitely say I'm going to Carowinds and Six Flags Over Georgia, but I would like to get out to Great Adveture or Dorney or Hershey Park at some point during the summer. Lastly, I would like to add that I really want to go to Magic Mountain, but I don't think the opertunity will arise at any point in this year.

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My 3rd edit:



Six Flags St. Louis (season pass)

Holiday World

Magic Kingdom


Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Universal Studios Florida

Universal's Islands Of Adventure

SeaWorld Orlando


Most Likely

Six Flags Great America

Silver Dollar City

Nickelodeon Universe




Cedar Point

King's Island

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