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NEWS: Knott's Soak City to become Aquatica San Diego

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Lol. Maybe it will boost tourism for New Zealand?



Perhaps they can name the slide after the full name of the hill: Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu Mat Racer.

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Awesome news!


Looks like a clone of the one at Splashtown.

I much prefer the 360 degree helixes on Octopus racers, but still awesome!

I reckon this one looks more interesting because you need more skill to follow through the S-Bend, rather than just leaning the same way through a 360.

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Here's a nice, weird, photo from the side. Proslide always does a great work with the supports of their mat racers, and this one is no exception!



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It is interesting to see the launch and turnaround for this mat racer face the opposite direction of the downhill portion of the ride, since it seemed like this was going to be a clone of the model installed at Orlando's Aquatica. Either way, it will definitely be a solid addition to what appears to be a fantastic park!

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I'm really excited to come back this summer and see what year 2 has in store. Aside from the new slide, will be interesting to see how operations are and how the plants have grown in to really sell that tropical feel.

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