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IAAPA 2012 Trade Show - TPR's Official Report!

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The show looked like a lot of fun this year. It seems like more and more the show is becoming a way to create interest among amusement fans as well as being about business. Seeing Sea World show off their ride vehicle and others announcing rides is a cool thing to see.

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I watched these through drunk Piers eyes and they were freaking great!! great ob o n the interviews!!! Losts of good stuff on here, I cnat wait to see what the future holes for us!!



OMG I don't even remember posting this. I was extremely intoxicated. In anycase....great job y'all!!!

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So while I didn't do Dark Escape 4D, what I did gather was that the 3-D shooter 2 person cabin had seats that could "shock" you, with vibration effects. Additionally, the video promoted that there were wind effects, that would blow towards you from the screen, or even behind you, right on your neck.

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This was my favorite of all the IAAPA videos. I always look forward to seeing what Sally Corp has been up to, and the Vekoma segment was particularly interesting (I agree that it's been a great year for them).

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A little upset about you guys not interviewing Gerstlauer or Premier but I guess it's ok.

This just really frustrates me. You're "upset" that we didn't interview a couple of people? REALLY?!?!?


Seriously we shot TWO AND A HALF HOURS OF INTERVIEWS for you, and you're "upset?"


If you have any idea how difficult it is to actually get these interviews, the fact that these companies are NOT there to do interviews, and the amount of time it takes to put all these together, maybe you'd actually "appreciate" what we did instead of being "upset."


I was up until 3am one night, 1:30am the next night, turned down going to a dinner and a park to work on these videos, edited one of the videos on a cramped plane ride across the USA, and sat in a hotel room instead of going out with friends to bring all this coverage to you. If you includ the whole Q&A thing we did with our readers, which we didn't even have to do, our IAAPA coverage took about 2 weeks of our time to put together.


And you're "upset." Wow.


Maybe next year I just won't bother at all if our effort is going to "upset" people.



Sorry if I sound like I'm being rude or mean, I just really can't stand reading these types of comments and I'm going to be very up front with how they make me feel.


--Robb "Sorry that our updates weren't good enough...next year we'll try harder." Alvey


EDIT - this really sums things up more than I can say....





In short - I just have to remember that the internet is full of morons and I need to learn to ignore them. It's just really hard, because, like, I don't think people realize sometimes how much their words hurt... "upset"

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^^ It's ok, in fact I thought the interviews you did were really great! (The best I've ever seen RMC, GCI, TGG, and Intamin interviews were awesome). Just thought I say I was a "little" upset that you didn't interview Gerstlauer and Premier, but what you were able to do phased that little upset out of me. To be honest I'd rather have the in depth interviews you did this year instead of more companies. I'm very sorry I sounded like a selfish little brat, I'm really not like that at all. It's amazing what you guys were able to do given the circumstances you were under. And besides, I can always find more interviews with them in it, I just have to accept that they won't be as good as yours.

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I'm very sorry I sounded like a selfish little brat, I'm really not like that at all. It's amazing what you guys were able to do given the circumstances you were under.

Thanks for that. It's just very frustrating for us reading a comment like yours when we've spent the majority of a week with very little sleep putting all those updates and videos together.

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Well I sound like a broken record but I loved the interviews. I have a feeling Vekoma has something big coming soon. I don't know, just the way he was talking about 2013 being full. I really liked how each company allowed you to ask our questions this year at IAAPA.


Anyways, thanks to everyone at TPR for the awesome coverage.

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^Vekoma has been coming on strong lately.


I look forward to the IAAPA coverage every year and appreciate that it's not all just fun and games. There's a hell of a lot of work that goes beyond just visiting the show floor, taking video and photos, and checking out new park-food offerings. It also gives us a good look of all the hard work that goes into making sure people have a good time.


Again, great job all around.

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Robb, these videos and picture updates have been amazing. Your IAAPA interviews have always been good, but this year's stuff was a step above. It's great to hear all the inside scoop from these guys. I think we may be on the cusp of another coaster renaissance, which is exciting.


I was really interested to hear about Mauer's Flying Launched Coaster. I watched the POV of that ride a couple of times and always wondered why it went through the station before rolling backward. Now I know!


It's good to hear Vekoma and others are pushing back against these knock-off rides. I used to do a lot in the IP field, and it's infuriating to see these companies rip off others and get away with it because their home country doesn't enforce copyright.

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Great coverage thanks Everyone.

Also I couldn't be more happy to hear my three questions getting a answer (well dependence on what you call a answer with Walter. ) although S&S answered it by them self. But is it just me or was Gerstlauer not at the Expo? I haven't seen or heard anything about them this IAAPA.

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