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[RCT-3] Tennessee Action Park (UPDATE 4)

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Tennessee Action Park


Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Tennessee Action Park. This is my first RCT3 park and I hope to see what you guys think. So here goes. Also I would like to note that this has had 3 updates on RCTLounge so I will be combining those 3 Updates in this one post. Pleasure to meet you all!


My name is Bo Larsen and I it is my job to show y'all around this here park! Yeehaw!

The year is 1977 and Tennessee Action Park has been open for a total of 4 years. The park was expanding quite rapidly until this year when we lost a lot of funding. The results are a couple of areas where expansion would be. Unfortunately instead there are just "No Entry" signs.



As you can see the ground has already been leveled. That however is the extent of the work.



The parks midway is a much happier sight though. Lined with shops and offices the "American Main Street" section of the park ends with the Ameri-Go-Round.



As we go to the left At this time the only way to go we can see Tennessee Venom. This ride is a Schwarzkopf shuttle looper that opened with the park in '73. Until Corkscrew opened last year that was the parks signature shot. The ride is still very popular.



Here is another view of Tennessee Venom with one of our flat rides in the foreground. That ride is called "Freedom To Swing" and is situated next to The Big Wheel.



The Big Wheel and Freedom To Swing together. What a nice sight.




Not as much of a sight as Corkscrew though! This Arrow Dynamics looper takes riders head over heels three times, with a unique corkscrew over the midway. It is a crowd favorite and is busy on even the most mild days. Also notice the shops that sit in front of the ride. Since Corkscrew opened we have cut a deal with Pepsi and now we have themed drink stands around the park. As well there are is the "Beer Garden" located in front of Corkscrew. It is the only place to get your fix at the park.



Corkscrew also sits right beside the parks lake. It is a very beautiful sight to see it travel through the loop with the lake and hills behind it. Since Corkscrew opened this and one other shot have become the main poster shot for the park. The shot also captures another thrill! The parks Intamin Launch Tower! Two fan favorites in one shot!



This is the other signature shot of Corkscrew. Unfortunately the end of the "Corkscrew Midway" is another one of those unfortunate delayed expansions. Thats all for now but stay tuned for more updates. Well Ill see you around!



Tennessee Action Park



Hello, I am George Bennit. I am a High School Junior and a rollercoaster buff. Best part of it all is that I live in the area of the Tennessee Actioni Park! I go there with my friends as much as possible and I have a trip report from my visit last Friday. So enough of my introduction. Lets get down to the rides!



After passing through Freedom Street and somehow managing to not by anything we made our way towards Tennessee Venom. It looks really tantalizing the way it projects over the midway.



After riding Tennessee Venom we headed toward the Corkscrew Midway. Outside of some of the repetition in buildings the scenery is very nice. It gives off a very quaint Victorian feel.



After initially skipping over Corkscrew due to its ridiculous line we went towards Freedom Fall.Unfortunately it also had an awful line but ti did provide a great view of the park and of Corkscrew. I was starting to get jealous.



We passed by Corkscrew's line again and it was still very full. So instead we went to the Pepsi shop. This shop is new this season and outside of Corkscrew it might be the parks best feature. I was getting sick of drinking all the RC Cola!



My friends though have an affinity for RC Cola and they visited this quaint shop that sits in front of Corkscrew. It looks really nice there.



We stayed in the park through into the night. When it first got dark we circled back to the midway to buy some dinner. That is when I snapped this pic. The Ameri-Go-Round is a great scenery piece but not much more than that. Very few little kids even ride it.



On our way to check out Corkscrew we passed this shop again. I took a photo because it looked really cool at night and was very busy. I don't know what they sell but people sure love it!



Corkscrews line was finally down and we hopped on. Notice the Beer shops. Oh well, next year for those.



Our night ride on Corkscrew was so awesome. We were on the second to last train to dispatch for the night. After our ride we headed out of the park. Corkscrew was so fun though that I just had to buy this postcard. Its really beautiful.


Well, that's all for now stay tuned!



Tennessee Action Park

August 30th 1977


Well howdy y'all its me Bo again and with the season drawing to an unfortunate close. The season is always so much fun and this is our second to last weekend of normal operation. That being said though, since we are in a warm climate we will be open every third weekend during the off season. We are looking at some new expansions for '78. Since I am only a representative I have not yet been informed as to the nature of said expansions but I am sure of the location. They will take place across from Tennessee Venom.



It looks really open as of now. Hopefully next year that will be fixed.



Maybe we will see a change in the parks skyline but with our limited funds I doubt that.



This is good for me. At least for now.



This too.




While I was in the area I snapped these two other photos of Corksrew. With the trees all around it, it really looks pretty. If we were in the North those trees would be different colors soon.



If we can generate enough profit next year we may even see a new side of the park to the left in '79. That would be exciting.



The park looks really nice at night. I think that next years attraction might include a fireworks display. Of course this is all from overhearing and making inferences. I could be totally wrong.



Due to limited space and funding I highly doubt that a rollercoaster is the perspective new attraction. I am hoping for a new thrilling flat to join the ranks of Freedom To Swing, Big Wheel and Freedom Fall.


Well I have to sign off for now. I will see you all in '78. Tennessee Action Park, congratulations on another great season!


That was Tennessee Action Park 1978.

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This is very good, man! And it looks like my Elmwood Lake Park, in Lynchburg TN has some competition! Your coasters are great, But when you're taking pictures of the Schwarzkopf don't face the loop's profile because the loop frame dosen't match up to the track itself, I don't know why that wasn't fixed.



Very good park and I can't wait to see more!

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What is a Schwarzkopf shuttle loop doing from 1973? First modern vertical loop wasn't until 1976.


If you are attempting a timeline park, make sure you use the appropriate technology for the time period. As Voxel mentioned, the S&S is a few decades off.


Aside from that, the scenery is quite nice, and the rides do look good...just remember the time period you're attempting to recreate.

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^Thanks you all for your great feedback. I have taken these problems into consideration and I will follow the time line more strictly. As for the Schwarzkopf it was a prototype . The launch tower is because I don't have a CTR for an older style tower, sorry. This wont happen again.


Tennessee Action Park

May 15th 1978


Hello. Its Bo again and I have some exciting news. As our park now reaches its 5th season and second with me talking to y'all I am proud to present our latest attraction. I will keep you in suspense until just a little longer into the update but I will start my pictures now.



I was working some late hours last night at the office so I ended up sleeping on the couch of my office. It is nice to wake up in the morning to the smell of Funnel Cake and the sound of people having fun. Anyway I went out on the balcony and snapped this photo.



After I fixed myself up and began to look somewhat presentable I headed down and out on to Main Street. I noticed that Ameri-Go-Round is really unpopular. I remember when the park first opened that ride was packed. I guess in 5 years the guests got worn out.



The fountains were doing their usual thing.



The people at the park seem to enjoy the scenery.



Freedom To Swing is still quite popular.



So is Freedom Fall



Time to unveil the new attraction. This is Dexter's Diner. As of now it is the only full service sit-down restaurant in the park. Dexter's is also one of two locations that serve alcoholic beverages and as an added bonus it has air conditioning. This is one of the two new additions to the park for the '78 season.



Around lunch time Dexter's really got crowded so I took a spin on Corkscrew. This picture was taken by a land surve...umm I probably should not have said that



As night time rolled around everyone was getting excited. This year is also the inaugural year for our Summer Nights Events!



The event flyer.



The parks skyline lit up as the fireworks took to the sky.



The fireworks lit up all of the midway and unfortunately caused some disturbance for those eating at Dexter's. All in all the event turned out great and all of our season pass holders were very thankful for the ERT. Thanks for checking in and I hope to provide another update soon.

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Drop towers technically didn't exist until the 80s. If you want to keep the time period, you could transform the space shot into a parachute tower instead as those existed in the 70s. As for the odd dates on the looping coasters, you could push the time period forward a bit and say the coasters were built at a different year.


As for everything else, I don't see that big of an issue with the park overall. Just keep up with updates and you've got a good park. A lot of these timeline parks start off with a bang but kinda fizzle out in the end (for various reasons).

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