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ChrisHanKwansivus Gift Exchange 2012!

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Hey guys I could use your opinion on something. I bought the first half of my gift from Cedar Point's Online Marketplace on Black Friday with an expected arrival date at my house today. On Wednesday I received a call saying my order was rung up wrong at that I was given $7.00 too much of a discount. They want me to pay this balance before they will ship my items to me.


Now where I come from, if a company screws up an order they don't make the customer pay the difference, they say "sorry for the inconvenience, thanks for doing business with us." I spoke with an employee today, who although very personable, told me the exact opposite. What do you guys think? Should I try and get in touch with some higher up? I personally feel that I they should drop the remaining balance and upgrade me to priority shipping to rectify the situation, otherwise I won't be getting my package until the 7th at the earliest, the date it is supposed to be on its way to my chosen person.


Any opinions welcome!

The best thing I can say is contact someone who is in charge of the park's online store or someone in marketing. They should be able to catch someone that will or can help you. That's what I recommend.


As for my end... I think I have a good idea of what to get. Just need to commit to getting it out on the 3rd!

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I'm having a similar problem that might stall my gift's departure on the 7th.


The local delivery company Amazon uses in my area (OnTrac) has recently been delivering everything a week late. I do subscribe to the Amazon prime service, but this delay in delivery isn't Amazon's fault. The tracking is giving me this status: "Possible delay in delivery due to extra carrier processing," which after some googling seems to boil down to the delivery company being short on drivers to handle the extra holiday season load.


I do have the other parts of the gift at my place waiting to go out, but my recipient might get his stuff in two shipments if the pièce de résistance doesn't get to my address on time.

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I haven't opened my gifts yet (will open on Xmas morning; I don't want to incur the wrath of the Were-Elves), but I did want to share that I received my ChrisHanKwansivus gifts from my Secret Santa! Thanks, Santa! Can't wait to see what's in them purty packages! The full-reveal photos will come after the 25th.


I'll be dropping off a package tomorrow.


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Received one of my secret santa gifts that I'm getting for someone today and it's WAY bigger than I thought!! LOL! Now I'll have to figure out shipping!


I know what you mean, I will now need a bigger shipping box! I showed the guys at work and they thought the gift was great and they would be happy to have on their bar, for all to play with!

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To the person waiting,


As I have half the gift the other half I was in the middle of creating when my logic board went "poof" on my macbook. soooooo I will send the half first and then when I have a solution for the other item it will follow. sorry





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Thank You


So look what came in the mail today!. Perfect timing as the entire Connolly family was home to recieve this.


After taking a second to be overwhelmed by the sheer awesomeness of this, Kristin decided she would open her gift first, while saying "This is going to be way better than the Raptor shaped wedding ring you bought me"


Pick the caption - "Years later this journal will be used as evidence" or "Since I'm stuck at home with a broken foot, I'm going to use this journal to document my deep hatred of paleontology"


Me - "Kristin why are you doing that?" Kristin- "I'm WATCHING.. Get it?" Me- "weirdo"....... Later that night we spent 11 hours watching the virtual fireplace. It was a pretty hot evening.


Moving on from the bad jokes. Here is a picture of Bean eating baby crack (puffs).


Bean's all like " What's this? A gift for me? Great Success!"


.001 seconds later


.002 seconds later


"A monster hat and a dinosaur??? Christmas miracles up in this bitch!"- Bean .... But wait! There's more!


It's tough to see in this photo, but our secret santa customized a Marineland pin to celebrate Bean's first coaster on a TPR trip this summer.. Really awesome gift and thanks for taking the time out to do something that cool! :) CJ loved all of his gifts.


My turn!


A raptor? a terrible movie? a plant for me to grow? an obscure reference to Tokyo Disneyland? I think you might be my soulmate. Hat Tip!


too easy :)


You sir. are awesome. Thanks very much. Our family really enjoyed all of your gifts.

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I am so glad to be taking part this year! Just a few more things I want to buy and my items will be off to my recipient.


Oh who ever sends me mine..... I will probably wait till Xmas to open my gift. I have been like that all my life. I always wait till Xmas day to open any presents I get before.

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^ You're not alone, I do that too


So I have almost everything for my new friend. I was planning to mail it out today, but the "hand-made bonus gift" I wanted to include is not quite ready yet. With luck (and some Christmas spirit), it should be done tonight. I have a final tomorrow, so I won't be able to mail it out then, but I'm now aiming for Wednesday. If it's not out Wednesday, Thursday it is. If it's not out Thursday, then I am a terrible person who should be ashamed of himself, and will have it mailed out by Friday even if it kills me.

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Kristen received her awesome Secret Santa Gifts today!!!


Thanks to Cammy!!!! (One of Brandy's super awesome little girls!)


Shrinky Dinks!!! These are awesome fun!


Kristen is obsessed right now with Beanie Baby Birds, and this is one she doesn't have!!! It's already part of the 'Gobbles' Family.

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Dear Connelly family,


You are very much welcomed! I love the photos and I am so glad you all enjoyed your gifts and got my strange sense of humor.


I think one of my post-its shifted during shipping because I really wanted Kristin to tell us how bad "Santa Clause Conquers the Martians" is but I must say, 11 hours of watching the virtual fireplace trumps that.


Happy Holidays. I had a blast being your Secret Santa.


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