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ChrisHanKwansivus Gift Exchange 2012!

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If it's nerdy, I pretty much like it, but especially Doctor Who, Torchwood or Firefly.

Anything shark related.

I really love reading. Mostly Sci-Fi and horror, classics, and graphic novels.

I'm into science as well. Astronomy and Marine Biology in particular.

Anything Pixar, Nightmare Before Christmas, or Grinch related.

Absolutely anything on thinkgeek.com.

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I am so totally down to participate!


Things I like:


-theme park souveniers (t-shirts, keychains, maps, etc.)

-tacky shotglasses

-board or card games


-cool socks

-Dr Pepper memorabilia


In general, I like really kitschy/tacky things. If it's something that makes you groan when you see it, I'll probably dig it. I wear an adult small or medium as far as shirts are concerned.

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I'm in.


Anything Theme Park, Disney, or Haunt related, I wear an XL.


Favorite Rides: The Voyage, Maverick, Forbidden Journey, and The Haunted Mansion


Favorite Movies: The Dark Knight, Aladdin, Back to the Future Part 2, Beauty and the Beast, Ratatouille, Nightmare Before Christmas, anything by Kevin Smith, and I love the visual style of TRON Legacy. I haven't yet jumped on the Dr. Who bandwagon, but I do love Harry Potter. Anything How I Met Your Mother related is awesome.


I collect keychains, I love theme park posters, and Walt is my hero.


EDITED to add: Park Maps are always a cheap way to fill up the empty space in a shipping box.

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Don't think I posted my interests:


I don't really collect "theme park" stuff other than magnets or shirts (XL), and typically don't like to have magnets or shirts from a park I haven't been to. But obviously if you'd like to go that route, I'm ok with it.


Anything running related is good. I love to read, so B&N/Kindle/Google Play store is probably something I would use.


I'm honestly fine with anything, the more creative the better.

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I'll post my interests too because I forgot to do it before.



I like a lot of the classic movies as well as horror and dark comedy. I do already own all the staples like Halloween, Beetlejuice, Nightmare on Elm Street, Tremors, but I like obscure genre movies as well.


I also play plenty of video games (PC, PS3, Xbox)


I collect theme park memorabilia like t-shirts and landyards.


But more importantly, this is too whoever my gifter may be. If your really in to something right now and just have to share, send it I am open to anything and the best presents are the ones that can tell me a story about who you are. It makes things so much more unexpected and surprising when I receive something I would have never discovered if it hadn't been for this gift exchange.

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I just got two last minute entries in which upped it to 71. Sorry, Guy!


And since so many of us are in so many different time zones there's really no exact way to close the sign-ups. With that being so, I am collecting the addresses in the Central time zone, and it is now 10:35 p.m. and it's my bedtime because I have to get up at 6:00 a.m. to get my child off to school, so I'm calling it closed. You've had plenty of time to not be a slacker and get your addresses in before now. Thank you and goodnight.

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Okay, for whoever gets me: I'm a gigantic movie buff who owns a blu-ray player and exactly three blu-ray movies, which are the late-90s Gamera trilogy (it kicks ass, BTW). So I would welcome any additions to that library. And I watch almost everything, but I have a soft spot for anything with a car chase, explosions, senseless, bloody violence, and/or gratuitous nudity. Or monsters.


I love to laugh, so anything funny is also welcome. And as someone else mentioned, thinkgeek.com would also be a fine place to shop for me.


But I'm really cool with whatever, so if you dig it, I will, too!

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