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ChrisHanKwansivus Gift Exchange 2012!

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Merry Christmas TPR, I have a HUGE smile on my face. Thank you so much Secret Santa.



This package arrived at my house not long after the final shipment date.


Wow, I haven't even opened the presents yet and already I'm pumped full of glee. That is a very well-written poem as well as comments and instructions for the presents.


Awesome! Just awesome!


I got a Mark Tremonti album as well as a Kieth Urban album. I'm not sure if my SS knows, but I actually had quite a funny encounter with Kieth Urban before. So that just made this all the more awesome.


A bunch of pens shaped like guitars and basses :D I'm still debating whether or not I should use them. I think I'd be more focused on these amazing pens than what I'm writing.


I LOVE Dr. Pepper, and now I can show it off to the world!


And the stitch holding all the presents together: the poem. This was so well-written and well-presented. It may just be one of the nicest things anyone has ever made for me :)


To my Secret Santa: Thank you thank you so much! I could have stopped at the poem and still been satisfied, this was just an overwhelmingly nice experience. I hope you had a Merry Christmas.


And a thank you to Brandy and everyone else who made this exchange possible. I cannot wait to do this again next year!

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Well it is Christmas Day and I finally opened my Secret Santa gift. I sure hope my SS did not mind too much I waited and honestly I am glad I did because the anticipation that built was awesome. Plus I have been sick and it made me feel better.


On to the pics!



I love the personal note - adds a nice touch. Wait a min you are sending more? YAY!!!


A squishy Stitch. I love it a lot. I look terrible I know! I feel crappy!! Yes, they are roller coaster pics in the back ground - took a old calendar apart and hung up the pics. I know how dorky, right?


I LOVE this Disney Imagineering hoodie. Anyone that knows me well knows that I one day hope to move to Orlando and work for the Disney company.


Can not wait to wear it at work tomorrow :)

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After waiting until Christmas morning to open my gifts, here they are. Thanks so much Secret Santa!


Here's all my great gifts. Socks, a movie and a stuffed animal.


I love owls!


Cute stuffed animal.


A great one to watch before we see the new movie in theaters.

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So I got touched by the magic of ChrisHanKwansivus and it was extra-magical. To my Secret Santa, YOU (SB) ROCK! Thanks so much!


And thanks so much to Brandy for being the tremendous ChrisHanKwansivus coordinator and Happy Holidays everyone!


He/She knew that "Little Shop of Horrors" is one of my favorite movies, and I've NEVER seen the 20 minute alternate ending, which had been restored in full color and is just one of the bonus features on this fantastic Blu-Ray! SUPER-FREAKING MEGA-AWESOME. And speaking of bonus, a USB Pet Rock, too!


My santa tells me he/she has one of these, and that they named it "Steve." I am calling mine "Knute Rockne." Here he is, a little listless after the trip through the mail...


But after I plugged him in, he perked right up! See?!


Here he is telling me a joke: "How many rocks does it take to turn on a light bulb? ... None. Rocks don't have hands or anything. How the hell could a rock turn on a light bulb?"


Then I sparked one up. As you can see, he got pretty stoned. (Knute is kind of a lightweight.)


Then he did his impression of the asteroid from "Armegeddon." Not bad, right? (Turns out he LOVES that movie; go figure.)


Again, thanks a ton, Secret Santa! You really did make this holiday season special for me! And now, I'm off to have some quality time with Ellen Greene...

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Just got caught up on all the secret santa goodness from the past few days! So sorry to those of you who haven't yet received your gifts. Unfortunately that's the post office for you.


Thank you to everyone who participated and made this even bigger and better than last year! And especially thanks to Robb and Elissa for this little community that we have and for allowing us to have the gift exchange!


And for those of you still waiting be sure to let us know when your gift arrives!

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Brandy, thank you for your organisation of Secret Santa.


To Robb & Elissa thank you for allowing this to happen.


I have found it fasicinating to see how quick/slow deliveries of presents accross the globe.


It is amazing the items that everyone has found for their Giftee.


I now know of a few items that I did not know existed, that I might have to investigate and get shipped to Oz.


This is the first time I have ever participated in a Secret Santa & I Loved it.


I wonder who will be the last to receive their Secret Santa present?????? Will it be me?

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One of my neighbors in my apartment complex alerted me to having a package waiting for me. So I headed over to my apartment today, to pick it up. And lo and behold it was my secret santa gift.


I think I know who you are. And thank you. The gifts are awesome.



What is this? A box with my name on it? Can it be? Why, yes it is.



Loved the wrapping paper.



More paper to unwrap? Sure why not?



Funny & adorable card, and my gifts all wrapped up.



My gifts! The super awesome melting clock, the robot coin purse which is super fun and I love how it feels too, and some peppermint chapstick from the animated Rudolph special.


So thank you secret Santa


And hopefully my santa receives theirs soon. I reached out to him, and explained when I shipped it, so they know who I am, and I blame customs at this point.

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One of my neighbors in my apartment complex alerted me to having a package waiting for me. So I headed over to my apartment today, to pick it up. And lo and behold it was my secret santa gift.


I think I know who you are. And thank you. The gifts are awesome.












So thank you secret Santa


And hopefully my santa receives theirs soon. I reached out to him, and explained when I shipped it, so they know who I am, and I blame customs at this point.


Yay! I'm glad you like all your gifts! wanted to make sure and get something strange and something you didn't already have

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I wonder who will be the last to receive their Secret Santa present?????? Will it be me?



What if your gift was something that allowed you to be the first person to receive their secret santa gift? hmm......


Hmmmmmmmmmm my secret santa present is Magical, so maybe I was the first to receive!!!!!


I'm sure Santa knew that I could be patient and wait a few extra days. After all Santa should come to the little children first, then the BIG Children...



Well packed


HP Mirror & Time Turner


I love it


This is amazing as I would never buy myself something like this! So SANTA you have done well!

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It arrived! It arrived!


And I opened it!!!


THANKYOU Secret Santa, you know who you are, lol!


And one of the more interesting things about what you got me,

a few of them were bi-lingual in their packaging AND distributed

in Canada through a local suburb near me - Burnaby! Very cool.


We didn't get our mail service back until today (two days off for up

here, including yesterday) so this was a real treat to find on our porch.


Thankyou - Merci - Thanks!

Bearhugs. Bill


This is where the package was left for me. Nice and neat up against the house.


And here it is, about to be opened and ransacked, LOL!


But first - that all-important Secret Santa Card.


I love it! Especially since I don't do Facebook myself, lol.


True. So true.


Opened! I see a set of Disney stickers there. And......


Cool! Season 1 Musical Glee-A-Thon and a Cushion To Make Whoopee, lol!


Don't know why. Can't think of a reason.....


If you look real close there, this little towel has "Burnaby" as it's Canada connection. Right near me!


Woo hoo! A new cap! With A Bell! Classy!


And Best of all (or is that Worst of all?) - Real "Been Naughty" COAL! (o: ***Bearhugs Secret Santa***

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After being VERY concerned that something had happened to my postal worker, I quite happily came home to discover what I can only assume was my ChrisHanKwansivus gift!



What's This? (Feel free to continue singing the song!)


At this point, I was jumping for joy!


I love the "rustic" wrapping!


Gift # 1 - Also squeal # 1


Gifty # 2 - Even Louder Squeal!


This was hiding in the corner and has covered my house in awesome red glitter!


I stopped jumping up and down long enough to take this!


Now the gorgeous ornaments are chilling with my Club TPR ornament on my tree!


Thank you ever so very much Robb and Elissa! I will treasure everything for years to come!

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My camera is off at the shop, so no pictures. But I just had the opportunity to finally open my gifts! I had been out of town for a week but it was waiting for me at the post office when I got back.


To my Secret ChrisHanKwansivus Cringle! Thank you! I love the keyboard USB vacuum and the scarf! Also, the batman glasses will be worn to various raves and the next event I DJ! The nose hair trimmer I will try out, but right now there isn't much "in the cave" so to speak.


Haven't tried out the ear buds yet, but they look awesome! And I will solve the "iCube" when I get a chance!


Thanks again!

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Yay! My gift arrived! Thank you secret santa for a ton of perfect gifts!


Thanks a ton to Brandy and TPR for putting on this incredible gift exchange! Thanks for all of your work!


My package finally arrived!


Inside where a lot of wrapped gifts!


First up were some chattering teeth to add to my collection of toys!


Toblerone! I will eat this entire thing for a reward after my 1/2 marathon in two weeks!


And this will be my reward after my full marathon.


This is perfect for my upcoming trip! I will also use this after all three races! Everyone around me will be so thankful for this gift! ;)


This is a memo mouse pad, and there was also a pack of pens. This is actually perfect for me!


This is a erasable board 4 port USB hub. Another perfect gift that I will absolutely use a lot!


There was another box attached but I had to scare my Secret Santa and make him think there was only one. ;)


More candy! I can use these during the race!

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Sorry about dragging my feet on this, but I finally got my new camera to take these photos.


Now to display the treasure trove that arrived in the mail from my Secret Santa.


A puzzle and a platter


A bunch of park maps.


Some nice post cards


A whole bunch of cool stuff. A Knobels Bag, King's Island Coasters (really needed some new coasters thanks!), a pin, a token, a coin, Busch Gardens playing cards, and a Mr. Six plushie keychain.


A close up on the pin, coin and token


And then finally a whole bucnh a photos. My Santa said they were the best they took from all the parks they visited this year. A bit of a puzzel and clue perhaps? I can tell some were probably from the east coast bash and maybe last years east coast trip. and then also some DLR pictures.


And finally all the swag together for one nice group shot. Thank you to whoever you are you magnificent So-and-so!

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