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ChrisHanKwansivus Gift Exchange 2012!

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My person finally received theirs just a bit ago. Glad it made it. Mine hasn't arrived yet, but that's our good old postal service. I cannot believe how absolutely terrible it is. I don't think I've ever seen such terrible delivery. Everyone I talk to has had a ton of their packages not arrive, even when they sent them over 2 weeks ago!


Don't blame the postal service. They have suffered extreme cutbacks. Many sorting facilities have been closed and the wait time is now longer.


We always blame the postal service.

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Ambe's gift just arrived, should I wake her?


P.s. Its Midday!


I did finish work at 2am... 3 by the time I got home... so I was right to be sleeping still...


Thank-you for my present JoJo I will put pictures up when I'm at home, the work computer won't let me transfer them from my phone.

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Well I do apologise that it took me so long to post the second half of my secret santa gift. Unfortunately I had a sudden and unexpected gallbladder removal surgery. I'm feeling much better now so here we go!


As I posted earlier I recieved this little gem in the mail earlier


Later though I receivced a lovely package from Canada! so thank you VERY MUCH!


See I'm already having a gay ole time with my lazer fingers! YAY

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Thank you TPR Secret Santa for all the awesome Aussie related gifts. Sorry it has taken me a bit to get pictures up.




I had to go to the Post Office to pick up the box. I guess Jeff has rules about picking up international boxes.


I had instructions to open presents first. I ALWAYS follow instructions.


The box was full of wrapped presents.


Beer game, Beer mug puzzle, TIM TAMS :-), Candy of every flavor, Candy that partied in my mouth, and a couple of mini trees!

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Still compulsively waiting to see if my Secret Santa gets their gift. I feel like it should be there by now, considering I've received things from the same country already that were mailed out a couple weeks after I mailed my thing out. (And I've sent other things to the same country, and they've been received.)

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I just got home today and my secret santa box was sitting there waiting for me!


Behold, a box.




If you say so Mr. Envelope...


First up, some crazy assortment of candy I have never seen before. I'm quite curious about the spicy dried mango, as I love mango. And spicy. And dried.


Then I got this thing to stab people with!


...ooorrrr open beer with! Which is actually better!


Then I found a box within a box. Boxception. Also we use uline boxes at work, so there is a fact for you.


It's...it's...it's perfect. This is probably my favorite beer glass now!!!


And lastly I opened the card last.


lastly last last.


Thank you so much narkitty!!! Sorry to keep you waiting, but you did well!! Now to wash the glass and have a beer!

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I finally arrived at my mother's house for the holidays today and wouldn't you know there was a ChisHanKwansivus gift waiting there for me. I opened it up and was delighted to see it just packed with a plethora of Theme Park things.


It seems the Secret Santa has set out some sort of puzzle for me to figure out who they are. One photo from each park they visited this year.


As it is late I will document everything I received and post photos after I've had a good rest.


I'd like to send out a big thank you to who ever you may be!

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Here are the pics as promised1271586666_Thebox2.JPG.1852ebcace8c5e648508e29e72947f37.JPG

The packages has made it in tact from America... good work USPS and Australia Post.


Whats in the box?


First we have a Mickey Journal


and the inside...


A really cute PJ set.. This will come in handy once winter rolls around.


and a Mickey Tote Bag!!!!


There was also a really cute card which for some reason I didn't take a picture of.


Thanks JoJo!!!!!

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Well I do apologise that it took me so long to post the second half of my secret santa gift. Unfortunately I had a sudden and unexpected gallbladder removal surgery. I'm feeling much better now so here we go!


Wow, that sucks. That happened to me a few years ago. Hope you're feeling better.


On another note, after seeing your original post, I ordered one of those Silver Dollar City books for my very own, used on Amazon. The description said both the book and cover were in excellent shape. And when I received them, sure enough they were. Had they been attached to each other, that would have been even better....

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Woohoo Thank you so much for my gifts. Now that is Xmas morning here in OZ I got to open my ChrisHanKwansivus gift

They are so coool. Love them.

Thank you Secret Santa.


P.s I hope mine gets his soon. So sorry you didnt get yours before Xmas


They've arrived!


They're open.


Brain freeze. Brain shaped ice cubes. Love it


Murder scene post it. They're killer!


A million uses for a million dollar bills.


Something to wash my buscuits down with.


My Xmas haul.


Brains! Brains! Brains! Brains!


The pen is mightier than the sword


I love toilet water!

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First of all Merry Christmas to you all!

Second, I haven't seen photos of the gift I sent so I'm starting to feel bad about my gift arriving late while I've already opened the one from my secret santa.


But here's what I found!



It's a box covered in coloured paper! I wanderwhat's inside! Don't mind the iPod Shuffle; that's the gift I gave to my mom!



Awesome! I've always wanted one of these! I can't wait to try it!!!


Many thanks to my secret santa for this gift and again I wish you all a very Hoppy Christmas!

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I am in 'love' with my Santa! Can I offer you my first born? Words don't and can't describe the care that went into picking out my gift. Something that I will treasure even after death. (I know the suspense was killing you but the pleasure was worth it!!!)



The most beautiful animal on the planet!






In it's place



The little boy likes it too!


Am wanting to meet you so I can give you a very big hug!

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