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ChrisHanKwansivus Gift Exchange 2012!

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Thanks very much, Secret Santa!



A parcel has arrived! From the land of Dragon Challenge and New Test Track!



A lovely card! Park maps! Epcot magnet! A chocolate treat! And not just LEGO, but BATMAN LEGO! Huzzah!

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I'm sorry it has taken me a couple of days to post this but my Secret Santa did an AWESOME job! I have no idea they wouldhave picked something so perfect considering I didn't even mention anything about these two loves!


Hello! My Secret Santa package has arrived!


It even came with a card! How sweet!


I'll let you read it and share the joy. ;)


The only problem is I don't have a bicycle pump.


My goodies came wrapped!


Exhibit #1 - A BAZINGA ID card holder.


I literally SQUEEED when I opened this. This is the first of my two favorite things! Big Bang Theory....


and the Barenaked Ladies! AWESOME!


My new friends nod in approval! Thank you SANTA!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

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I sent out four international packages about 10 days ago. I'll be happy if one of them find their destination. At least there is still 10 days to get there for Christmas, unless they are Jewish, then there's only a few days left.

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Santee has received and posted their gift!


I myself haven't gotten anything in the mail yet. Getting a little nervous, since it's already a week after the Mail By Date. I shipped mine last Friday as cheap as I could and it was only scheduled to take 5 days. Here's hoping it shows up tomorrow on the day Walt die- ...I mean my birthday!

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Although I check out of anticipation hoping to see more than the regular mail, I know I'll be happy to see it even after Christmas given that we can't unfortunately control the speed of customs. I always hope that someone like Ka-Son is working logistics. Bonus points to anyone who gets that reference


Really happy that my giftee got package 1 and loved it! Package two is still en route.

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Hey All,


Sorry work has been killing me with this whole upgrading 400 pc's to Windows 7. I meant to post this sooner but I just got home from TN last Saturday and have been playing catchup all week. My special delivery was waiting on me when I got home, Thank you Santa Clause, I love it all!




A new head piece over the headboard if the boss says its ok, I'm thinking!



who knew Luke Skywalker liked to party with the Indianapolis Colts rookies, I want an invitation to this party!

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