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ChrisHanKwansivus Gift Exchange 2012!

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Finally getting these pics up from my secret santa! I absolutely loved getting my box covered in fish stickers yesterday! Fits me perfectly




I think its a submarine? lol


Yummy fish and octopi!!


I can't wait to play with these :D


SeaWorld is my favorite place ever :) Sorry this is sideways...

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Received my gifts! I would like to say a big thank you to my secret santa! I enjoyed every gift you sent me and opening them up was half the fun! I will be wearing this shirt to school on Monday .


Amazing shirt! Thank you!


The rest of the goodies! Hershey kisses from Hersheypark, a hidden Disney and more guide, and a Shaun White Snowboarding Videogame! Thank you very much! :)

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My elf dropped the ball yesterday, but I did manage to get it sent off. They locked the doors as soon as I walked in. But I did manage to send it off yesterday. So fear not my ChrisHanKwansivus Gift Receiver, your gift will get to you by the end of the week (unless the storm that just hit my area of the land slows everything down).

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I really like coming back here and seeing everyone's excitement for what they received. I love that everyone's shared love of amusement parks has carried over into other parts of our lives. This was really fun and I plan on taking part every year now.


I will post pics when I get mine!

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It was a blah Monday workday with a darkened, slightly rainy commute home but as soon as I walked in the door my day was brightened by the sight of a big box on the counter.


Yes! My Secret Santa gift has arrived.


Pretty! With a gingerbread man ornament gift tag to boot!


OMG. OMG. OMG. Disney popcorn bowls! HOW DID YOU KNOW?


But wait. It appears there's more!


Awesome popcorn buckets. Various flavors of yummy popcorn seasoning. And a scattering of Christmas candy canes!


What's this? Tucked snuggly at the bottom of the box? The perfect popcorn lover's necessity! DENTAL FLOSS. I seriously laughed out loud when I opened this. My partner thought I went crazy. And I did. Thank you Secret Santa for the perfect present. I promise I will use the buckets every time I visit my local Redbox.


Mr. Gingerbread is now a happy resident of our tree as an ever-present reminder of how cool my Secret Santa is. Thanks you again. I love my popcorn bowls and I will ensure they are treated with never-ending refills.

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If my secret Santa is wondering if I got my gift I'd like to say that the address I gave is my Mom's house because if the package were delayed in the postal service it wouldn't reach me at where I live after the 20th. So this is to my Secret Santa, I'll probably be one of the few who waits to open their gift until Christmas Day.


And I can't wait.

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I'm assuming this cute Donald Duck ornament I just added to my Charlie Brown Xmas tree is from my Secret Santa. It looks like they ordered this and had it shipped directly to me so I can't tell who it is from the name. I hope my SS steps forward so I can thank them or if this isn't from them, I hope they let me know!


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To my dear Santa victim, I ordered your gift on December the 5th and it should be arriving shortly. Please post detailed pics when you get it, because EVEN I DON'T KNOW WHAT I GOT YOU! It's like a crazy grab bag mystery box and I too am very curious as to what's inside.

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I'm in the process of moving and I had giving Brandy my old address. I was scared that I would miss my present, but by some miracle it showed up yesterday while I was packing up some stuff. I was so excited! I love everything. The candy jewelry has already been devoured and I broke in my awesome PJs (and shot glass lol) last night! Thank you sooooo much!


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