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ChrisHanKwansivus Gift Exchange 2012!

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To whom it may concern,


I finally managed to gain control of the "employees" here at Picknyourseat Gift Headquarters and had them put the finishing touches on your ChrisHanKwansivus gifts and get them shipped out to you.


Thank you for being patient and just remember, sometimes awesomeness takes time...well at least that's what the "employees" told me!


Merry Christmas!



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Gift has been sent, the part of the gift that went poof with my logic board, well I'm reworking it now should be sent out in due time none the less the main gift is on your way lucky recipient.



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Gifts wrapped, packed, and heading to the post office soon! Everything arrived just BARELY in time to be shipped out despite ordering it immediately when I got my name. Glad I didn't have to make a last minute desperation shopping rush to get things shipped out in time! Hope you like it! ...whoever you might be.

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My gift arrived today. A huge thank you to VinTheAttendant!! Your wrapping was fine and the DVD was wonderful!


And just like that, my day has been made . I'm really glad you liked it. And though I'm not self-conscious about a lot of things, my present wrapping skills is one of them lol.


Have a Merry Christmas!!

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Like I posted earlier, Cedar Point has screwed me over and my order for my giftee still hasn't been finalized three weeks after it was placed. I'm done being nice on the phone now, when I call back on Monday I'm not hanging up until they agree to ship my order out overnight, and provide compensation for the phone call I was supposed to receive two days ago.


But fear not dear friend, a few extra surprises have been sent your way to tide you over. I pray they are to your liking.

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