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IAAPA 2012 - Ask Ride Companies a Question!

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B&M: On most of your coasters, I noticed that the connection between the track and the supports is not a straight weld to the flange piece, but the track/support flange piece is a completely separate component, and is connected by gusset plates and bolts; that appears to me to unnecessarily increase the component count of the ride and unnecessarily direct shear force to the bolts when they otherwise needn't have that force directed towards them. What advantage does this build style have over most other companies' designs where the track/support flange is directly welded to the track?


Yeah, I know what you're thinking, Robb. Nerdy even for us enthusiasts. But it's been bugging me for years.

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B&M: One final question. The splashdown elements on your coasters (on the dive coasters and on diamonback) what led to that element being incorporated into your coasters? Did this idea come out of a park's request for such an element or out of your designers at some point?

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