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[Video] Parc Asterix (HD)

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In the beginning of September I visited Parc Asterix in France in case of a rollercoaster-trip from a German community.

Maybe you know this park, if not let me tell you one thing. You can visit the park in two different ways: Closed or full of people! On our visit-day the park was full, but not too full. The longest waiting time was at OzIris with 90 minutes.


Typically the day started with a ride on OzIris, the newest B&M Inverter in Europe which looks really great from outside. You can see the complete track while you´re waiting and it looks really funny. The layout is awesome, not the typical order of inversions B&M uses too often in my opinion. It´s an Egypt area with an huge temple (the station and Q-line) and....yes...this is it.

The Q-line ist perfectly designed, filled with a lot of little funny pictures and interesting statues. After 90minutes I took place in the 7th row and the ride started. Well, it´s a great coaster, no question, but I missed something. It has no power and is too slow in my opinion. Maybe it´s better in the evening, but I had only one ride on it this day.


Another outstanding attraction is the madhouse "Le Defi de Cesar", which means something like the task of cesar. From the outside it looks really great.

After just 10 minutes we walked in and found a room with 5 cameras on the left and right side. Cesar tooks photos of us for recruitment for his army, he will infiltrate (again) the village of Asterix & Obelix. The 2nd chamber is a huge hall with place for 70 persons. Everyone can be seen on 2 video-walls, thats why the pictures are taken. The ride has 3 pre-shows (one of them outstanding, an attraction for itself) and a nice ride-programme. To me it was more a simulator than a madhouse. Something different, I like it!


The park has only one darkride: Transdemonium.

It had a redesign years ago and I knew it from before. Well, the ride is now totally family-friendly and has no real shocking-effects. The track-system and the layout is really nice, but the theming isnt so good how it was years ago. If you dont know the ride from before, it´s really nice. ^^


Gouderix, the vekoma-multilooper, is still...ehm...ok. Its totally rough and after one round everyone had enough. Its a little too painful, while the layout isnt that bad. Some members of the group called it the roughest coaster on earth, but I can´t believe that.


Tonnere de Zeus is one of the best woodies in Europe! It has a long, hidden track and permanent high speed! A lot of airtime let this take place 2 on my wooden rollercoaster favorites! Just awesome!



Enough! Parc Asterix is a great themed park, but often too crowded! The coasters are great, the madhouse is outstanding, the Menhir Express is one of the best logflumes in Europe and the flatrides in between are nice. Sad that the park is at a very high price and often crowded.





Now it´s time for my video:


Shortly: Have fun!




I hope you like it!


PS: Sorry for my bad English!

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