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Hurricane Sandy vs. Roller Coasters

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Oh wow. After seeing the pictures of the arcade games having been floated around and looted I wondered what the park looked like. I actually really liked that place for some reason, strange I know, but it had character, or just characters working there and roaming around. Nevertheless it's yet another business that's got a ton of work ahead of it. I hope they recover well.

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If there's one thing America loves, it's a good underdog/comeback story. These piers are getting more attention then they ever have before, because the media, the gp, they all see "roller coaster in the water" and start begging for it to be rebuilt, discussing memories that they had in the same state that roller coaster happened to be in. It could have been El Toro that slipped into the ocean (albeit, physics make it more difficult) or it could have been a dragon wagon, the GP will react the same.


The park will be back, and when it is, people will throw money at it to come experience the amusement pier that rose from the waves.

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The priorities of some people...


"Oh, let's just forget all the lives lost and worry about a couple of crappy roller coasters more"


We're on a theme park forum in a topic called "Hurricane Sandy vs. Roller Coasters." What do you expect?


I just moved to Long Branch two weeks ago, and this storm's effects are still keeping this area paralyzed. I grew up going to places like Seaside, so seeing all this destruction to those awesome boardwalks/piers is really sad. Hopefully they get the funding necessary to rebuild.

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I was referring to the ACErs who thought the coasters were more important than people's lives and property.


I think that no one like that actually exists.


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Keansburg sets date to re-open, this is a good thing.




KEANSBURG — Just days after getting battered by Hurricane Sandy, the co-owner of the Keansburg Amusement Park and Runaway Rapids Waterpark has already set a reopening date: April 8, 2013.


That gives the Gehlhaus Family and its crew five months five months to clear out several feet of sand caked inside the roller coasters and other rides damaged by the estimated 6-foot wall of water that pummeled the 108-year-old amusement park.


About 300,000 people visit the water park, amusement park and concession stands every year. "The clock is ticking and we'll be ready for them," Gehlhaus said with enthusiasm.


Gehlhaus said he and his brother have invested $4 million into the family business over the last 17 years, adding the water park and 30 rides, so they could one day turn it over to the next generation to run.


Rebuilding "will be a challenge," but one he would "attack with a lot of energy," and help from a crew of about 25 so far.


They've already gotten off to a good start. In the past two days, he and his crew have found portions of fence, machinery and pieces of disassembled rides that were stored away for the season.


"We've retrieved almost everything," some of it a half-mile inland on people's yards or alleyways, he said. "Most everything will be cleaned and rehabilitated."


Albert Marine Construction in Waretown also wasted no time in beginning work on restoring Keansburg shoreline.


Just last week, the company had trucked in dredged sand to make 20-25-foot dunes. Sandy washed away all of their work. Two foremen on bulldozers returned Thursday to start over.


"There was three feet of sand inside the rides," said Nick Hauser, one of the foremen. "They got banged up here really bad."

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^Yup, and I'm sure we'll see the other parks follow suit soon. And like I posted earlier, this will create more jobs and more work for people!


I wish I still worked at Zamperla so I could sell replacement Volares to all the damaged parks in New Jersey. That in and of itself would sell out 18 TPR coaches for a trip- right, Elissa?

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Here's my take on this-- 20 percent of the town where my business is located was flooded.. Many of my friends still lack power and heat. I have friends whose cars and possessions were destroyed. People are waiting 3 hours to get gas. My wife's job is still closed a week after the storm. The supermarkets are running bare and tensions are high. All that and , we live on Long Island which was not as affected as coastal New Jersey and Staten Island...


These are just shitty roller coasters. These piers were located inside FEMA flood zones which mean's their business insurance is backed by the federal government. It happened at the best time possible for these piers as they were closed for the year and still have a significant amount of time to rebuild (at least) something before the tourist season starts up again. They will rebuild with newer but, in all likely hood still, mediocre rides.

.For anyone that is truly sad these roller coasters were destroyed has their priorities completely messed up....


-chris "they will rebuild and you will still probably skip over these places" con



Edited to say- Absolutely amazing photos on this thread- I hope people reading this and see destroyed roller coasters can convert those images to how the average person was affected..... Hope everyone reached out to check on people like the moderator "larrygator" who lives in an affected area before they started bitching about the loss of rides.

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^ Agreed. I think, for the most part, everyone here feels exactly the same way. The only people we've heard differently from are those "other organizations" people, and they've only posted here to tell us how horrible it is that we've not concerned about the roller coasters.


And yes, you're right... people have their priorities screwed up...or in short, people are screwed up!


--Robb "And this is why I love our TPR members!" Alvey

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And all of these ACEers that claim to have loved these rides forever are just NOW 'friending' them and 'liking' them on Facebook. If they were all such awesome places and rides why weren't you all already fans!?!?!


I maintain most of these people never went to these parks, and are now upset because they never "got the credit". Because a credit count is an all-important thing.


Like you (and other smart people), these places have insurance, will rebuild, and have the chance to upgrade their business, and hopefully have an awesome year next season. Yes, it sucks that these places got thrashed by the storm, but I find myself feeling worse for people I know that lost their houses and everything in them. Sorry if that makes me a terrible enthusiast or whatever...



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Guys, you won't believe this, but people from the Brazilian Coaster Club (from which I'm not a member, please) posted a thread on their facebook page about what you, americans, were saying about the hurricane and the coasters that have been destroyed!


Here's the highlights:




> They are being very obnoxious on this topic about Sandy's devastation



> They are ridiculous. They just simply don't value what they have, I'll give everything to have one of those coasters. Those coasters are fantastic and way better than the ones we have here. I think americans are very snobbish, I find it extremely ridiculous of them to say such things. I wonder if Kingda Ka was destroyed if they would say the same thing.



> I think they would say the same, they used to like Chiller more than Kingda Ka, since kingda ka seems so boring. They live in an Amusement Park paradise in USA, they don't suffer everything other countries suffer just to keep one single park open.



> They should value what they have, they are ridiculous, When they begin to loose their best coasters, they will see! They've already lost Chiller, and now they miss it! I wonder what they are gonna do when they loose Kingda Ka to another park. I don't think Kingda Ka is boring, it just has a simples layout, but there's nothing like it in the world. Their attitude is ridiculous.




Please, Sandy, come to Brazil and make those people ride Star Jet underwater!

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