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Hi all,


This is a coaster I started a while ago, but never really felt like I "finished". It was one of my first legitimate coaster projects and was still primarily just something I was screwing around with/trying out different things with, and while I would love to go back through and put the finishing touches on everything, I feel that my time would be better spent on other things (like my more recent projects), as the little time that I have left over from schoolwork has become quite valuable to me .


Anyway, I figured I might as well post it since this is pretty much as 'done' as it's going to get (and because I stumbled across it the other day lol). Without further adieu, I present: Voodoo.




Voodoo is a sprawling, Jungle-themed Intamin LSM terrain-coaster that was designed to emphasize the feeling of being out-of-control by utilizing high speeds across drawn-out, low-to-the-ground, high-force turns; extreme and abrupt g-force variations; and relatively low ejector-airtime hills. The coaster's highest drop is 95 feet, while the initial launch is 68 mph and its top speed is 74 mph.











Here's a rough video I threw together for those non-NL types. Ignore the giant watermark -__- And sorry about the shaky beginning, I only have a trackpad at the moment.



Game Exchange Link

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This is a very good coaster, the layout is so smooth and well put together. I usually don't like coasters smoothed out from Newton 2 because they are more boring, but this is amazing. I really like the launch as it's like a faster version of Maverick's "lift launch" and it is low to the ground throughout the whole launch. The only complaint is while riding the coaster, I was murdered by palm trees right before the tunnel. Honestly, if this coaster was announced for SFMM rather than Full Throttle, I would be more excited.

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Thank's guys! I really appreciate the feedback, I'm glad you liked it.


^My friend literally just told me that too and can kinda see it, haha. That's kinda what I had in mind when rumors of Full Throttle surfaced :S But oh well, it looks fun regardless.


Anyway, yeah sorry about the trees/bushes. I put all those there because I hate how making tunnels in the editor leaves the track traveling through the ground. I preferred the alternative of traveling through deep brush than through a wall of green

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