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Photo TR: Bruce Lee Paradise (October 21, 2012)

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This past Sunday, I went to the former Shunde Ecology Park, which was built near the ancestral home of Bruce Lee. Although Bruce Lee probably never visited the city of Shunde (he was born in San Francisco to parents from Hong Kong), the park has been converted into the Bruce Lee Paradise. The entrance to the park is all new and there is a huge statue of Bruce Lee near the front of the park. There are also some buildings that house displays of things like Bruce Lee's poetry and a smaller statue of Bruce Lee. The entrance plaza is nice. There is a hillside that has been made over with some Chinese writing. I didn't know what the words said, but it was nice to look at. After the entrance, the newness of the park is over once you walk passed the statue. The rest of the park is the remains of the former Shunde Ecology Park. As the Shunde Ecology Park had been around several years, the rest of the park is faded a bit from the entrance. There is a big lake here with boats. There is an area with eight amusement rides. The rides are left over from the ecology park. They are old and rusted. There is a mouse coaster and a powered coaster as well as a pirate ship, bumper cars, go karts, train ride (with cars that look kiddie coaster cars), haunted house and rocket ships. The rides are very basic and the rides area clashes with the front of the park. The rides area is the back of the park in a corner. More rides, including a log flume and a bigger coaster were to be added, but this park simply doesn't do enough business to build more or bigger rides. The current ride lineup will do. The cost of admission is 30 RMB($4.50 USD) without rides and 40 RMB ($6.00 USD with a ticket that includes one ride on each of the eight rides). It is a nice place to visit, but do not expect any spectacular rides. I rode some of the rides, took some photos and left. Honestly, this is a very big park, but there really isn't much here. I have now discovered 136 coasters before RCDB or ACE could find them. Ignore the date on the photos. My camera is new and despite me resetting the date, it still doesn't work right, so I do not fool with it anymore.


I have arrived at the Bruce Lee Paradise.


The park has this big statue of Bruce Lee inside the entrance.


This was taken inside the gates.


This hill was inside the gates. I didn't go to the top, but if I had more time, I would have.


This building houses some small displays, including some of Bruce Lee's poetry.


Here is a small display in one of the buildings.


Boats on the lake are common in all Chinese parks.


Bridges like this are also common.


Here is a sign directed guests to the rides.


Here is the rides section of the park.


The rocket ships was fun, but old.


This was not a coaster. It is a train ride, but the this type of train can be found on kiddie coasters in China.


The bumper cars were very slow. They are among the slowest bumper cars I have ever ridden.


These powered coasters are common in China.


It is a twin helix ride.


A mouse coaster is here.


This mouse is like others I have ridden, but it is a bit shorter.


The mouse is very basic.


I like these, but I have been on so many of them.


They are fun little coasters.


This shot features both the mouse and the powered coaster to finish off the TR.

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