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[RCT3] Tennessee's Great America

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December, 2012

Kelly's Coasters: Post 34




Hello! Today is December 1st, and I know that TGA is going to unveil "Project 13" on Christmas day. However, a HUGE discovery has been made at the park around Thanksgiving where Roar once stood and let me tell you, you are going to love it!



What is THAT trying to hide behind Hang-Time?



Looks to me like a lone piece of B&M-style track!

So from the looks of things, Tennessee's Great America is going to even out the score by adding a third B&M coaster. One of the reasons why I love Tennessee's Great America so much is because it appeals to fans of both B&M and Intamin (I love both) and it looks like it'll be the case even more next year when "Project 13" opens!



They cleared a huge amount of land around the area where Roar was, spanning all the way back across the rear of Fireball and to Planet Snoopy. It appears to me that they're keeping the giant fake mountain so it could be part of the ride, like a tunnel or something. Now I know what you might be asking, "What kind of B&M is it going to be?" They already have an lnvert and a floorless, so lets cross that off the list. It wouldn't really make sense to have a B&M hyper and an Intamin hyper in the same park, so there goes that. B&M hasn't made a standing coaster in ages, so that seems out of the question. A B&M sitdown like Kumba....seems unlikely. Seeing as how they already have Fireball, a traditional sit-down looper.

It seems to me that the only B&M models that make sense in this park is either a vertical-drop coaster, or one of the new "wing coasters"....Dollywood opened one this year called the Wild Eagle. I rode it and it was pretty cool, so if TGA gets one, no complaints from me. I've never been on a diving coaster before, so if TGA opens one, it'll be an all-new experience for me!


What do you guys think?

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Christmas Day, 2012

Kelly's Coasters: Post 35




As I expected, one of my Christmas presents came from my home park!



NEW FOR 2013, an experience unlike any other....beyond a simple thrill...... EXCITER




Tennessee's Great America, currently ranking No.6 on the Coasters4U Top 20 U.S Theme Parks chart has announced today on Christmas yet another brand new scream machine! Named Exciter, this winged roller coaster designed by renowned Swiss coaster manufacturers Bolliger and Mabillard will take riders on a thrilling and unforgettable experience unlike any other in the park! Not only that, but when Exciter opens on May 17th, 2013, it will hold the record of the most inversions of ANY roller coaster in the United States with a grand total of nine inverting elements! In addition to the record of most inversions in the U.S, Exciter will also be the fastest winged roller coaster reaching speeds of 70mph!


Once the brave ride warriors reach the top of the 165ft tall first hill, they will go right into the very first inversion right off the bat. A 165 ft tall inclined dive drop! Following that, the train will go into a 146ft tall vertical loop and a 132ft tall double-inverting cobra roll! After that, the train will go into a low-rise airtime hill and into a one-of-a-kind element not found on any other coaster, A twin Zero-G-Roll with a large keyhole element built into it! The train then hits the brake run and twists right into a 110ft tall dive drop followed by a second airtime hill and the other side of the twin Zero-G-roll. The ride ain't over yet! The train goes into a THIRD airtime hill and a fan turn before busting into a 70ft tall giant corkscrew! After that, there is an over banked turn perilously close to a body of water and a helix before the brake run....however. The Exciter has one last card to play....after the final curve into the loading dock...the train will flip over one last time...











Wow...so...It's a wing coaster! Sounds cool to me!


Anyway, I've been meaning to post this since my other December update, but even thought it wasn't formally announced by TGA...Fireball is getting a MUCH needed makeover which includes new trains built by Mauer-Sohne, a re-tracking in certain places by Vekoma, a new logo, and a new paint job!





This all looks so cool! Anyway, Merry Christmas to all my viewers!


Kelly out!

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February, 2013

Kelly's Coasters: Post 36


Hi guys, I think I should keep you updated on what's going on seeing as how I haven't posted since Exciter was announced. Get ready for a little bit of bad news....I'm not going to post on this blog anymore. Or at least not as often. You see, I had recently been promoted in my current job. Sadly, my new job is in the company headquarters all the way in Wyoming. This means that I'm going to have to move away from my current home in Knoxville, TN all the way to Cheyenne, WY. I'm going to be paid much more than I am right now but the upshot of this whole thing is that Tennessee's Great America will no longer be my home park. As you can tell, I'm pretty upset This park has held so many memories for me throughout the 14 years I've been going there almost every year. It was the place where my sister, Sara lost her fear of roller coasters, it was there that I went on one a coaster so X-Treme that it would give the Crystal Beach Cyclone and Skyrush at Hershey a run for their money, it was there that I convinced one of my friends that were terrified of coasters to learn how to love them....It blew Disney World in the water for me, Just nothing but thrills and good times. I'm going to be moving to Wyoming at the end of 2013 going into 2014, hopefully between now and then, I will go one more time to Tennessee's Great America to ride Exciter and to post a final Photo TR as a way to say goodbye to Tennessee's Great America.....



I'll miss you so much, TGA....Thank you for the memories...

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No posts in a while, hopefully this isn't the end of updates for Tennessee's Great America......


I'm sorry, but It's true. I really haven't found the time with school and everything to make an official final update....So I'm afraid to announce this, but TGA is done. I want to thank ALL of you for the support that you've given me in making this park. I am really, really satisfied with the park and I believe it is my best work.

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Well...Surprise! I broke down and decided to give my park a proper final update that never got delivered...This post will basically showcase all that's happened to Tennessee's Great America after Kelly Ducharme announced in early 2013 that she would cease updating her "Kelly's Coasters" blog and would be moving away from her hometown in Knoxville, TN. She currently resides in Wyoming as of 2013...But enough of this senseless chatter. On to the good stuff!



As expected, Exciter, the B&M Wing Coaster was a rousing success and is currently the highest-rated out of all of the B&M wing coasters in the U.S. A coaster critic writes ,"Exciter blows Gatekeeper into the water. This coaster has it all, nine inversions which deliver a healthy dosage of hang time and a few pops of some killer floater airtime. The "Twin Zero G-Roll" keyhole element I found to be the most ingenious element of any coaster at Tennessee's Great America. The in-line twist finale after the brake run provided TONS of hang-time and was a neat way to wrap up a solid B&M coaster. TGA really has a winner on their hands."



Also, the refurbishment of Fireball, the park's Arrow Dynamics looping coaster was also highly rated. Another coaster critic wrote that the new Maurer-Sohne trains and the retracking by Vekoma really breathed new life into Fireball and made a rough coaster that was barely rideable in 2012 be restored back to it's former glory.



Around mid-season 2013, a plot of land was cleared in the space wedged between Hang-Time, Fireball, and Exciter. In September of that year, it was announced that Tennessee's Great America would get the tallest attraction ever built in the park. The plot of land was too small for a coaster, so that was ruled out immediately. Coaster enthusiasts on multiple forums began to speculate that TGA was getting a large Intamin A.G Gyro-Drop tower similar to Mach Tower at Busch Gardens Williamsburg....However, I knew right from the start that it wasn't going to be the case. Tennessee's Great America was a major park in the Cedar Fair chain to not have a certain attraction.....



So I knew right from the start that it wasn't going to be an Intamin Gyro-Drop...It was going to be a Mondial Windseeker....and my prediction came true. WindSeeker was announced in late 2013 and was scheduled to open in 2014.



WindSeeker all in all was a moderate success when it opened. Marketed as a family ride, this ride was obviously IMMENSELY popular amongst families with children.



Also in 2014, Hercules: The Revenge, the Intamin A.G LSM multi-launching coaster and currently the fastest roller coaster in the park was given a fresh coat of paint from white and black to all white. This obviously is a product of the recurring theme that Cedar Fair's coasters are brightly colored.



Suddenly, in August of 2014. It became known that a long strip of land was cleared in between the Elmwood Lake and Hercules the Revenge....At that time, rumors started flying that Tennessee's Great America was going to get it's thirteenth roller coaster which were later confirmed in a press conference, however the make and model of the coaster was left unknown....Immediatley, several coaster forums began to speculate anything that could fit into that small space. My prediction was that TGA was going to get an Intamin Half-Pipe, seeing as how it was the only coaster that came to mind that could fit...


However, I was wrong.







On September 1st, 2014...OVERDRIVE was announced. As you can plainly see from this picture, Overdrive will be a clone of Superman: Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. It appears that Premeir Rides is really mass producing this model. I mean, it's all but confirmed that Busch Gardens Williamsburg is getting one and now, basically a state away, Tennessee's Great America just confirmed that their getting one too. But hey, SUF at SFDK is a great ride...I wouldn't mind more of them popping up. With the addition of Overdrive, this means that Tennessee Great America will have the most multi-launching coasters of any park. With Venom, the Intamin Inverted Impulse coaster, Hercules: The Revenge- The Intamin Blitz, and now Overdrive, the Premeir launching coaster..... The ride experience is as follows for these types of Premeir Launched coasters. First, it launches halfway up the first hill, and then backwards to the top of the non-inverting loop. Finally, it launches out of the station accelerating riders to a top speed of 62 miles per hour (100 km/h). It then travels up to a height of 150 feet (46 m) where it completes a non-inverting half-loop and a barrel roll before exiting in a second non-inverting half-loop. It then enters a full non-inverting loop before returning to the station. Overdrive is slated to open in 2015.




The Stats of Overdrive...




I really hope you like this final update for TGA!

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