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[RCT3] Tennessee's Great America

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October, 2011

Kelly’s Coasters: Post 28



Hello readers! This is Kelly’s boyfriend, Kevin! Kelly unfortunately is sick with the flu, so she was unable to attend Halloween Haunt 2011 at Tennessee’s Great America with me. I originally wasn’t going to go without her but she said to go and have fun by myself, so that’s what I did! This blog post will explain my day from beginning to end!




I arrived at the park at noon, just an hour after it opened. The crowds weren’t as bad as when I was here last in 2007, the year that Hercules: The Revenge opened, but it wasn’t empty in the slightest, unfortunately.



First coaster of the day was Screamin’ Eagle, a good, classic out and back woodie!




Both inverted coasters; Steel Savage, the B&M invert and Venom, the Intamin Inverted Impulse coaster were closed today. From what I’ve been told from the ride-ops telling everybody that the ride was broken, Steel Savage is having issues with its station brakes and Venom is having problems with the computer that controls the LIMs. Those two coasters were a no-go today



After I rode a few flats, it was time to go on a coaster! I decided to go on Fireball. Long story short, it sucked. Compared to how it was in 07’ (bumpy but tolerable) it’s now extremely rough and the headbanging is VERY bad on the helix and the corkscrews. The drop after the brake run into the turn over the pond is the worst part because your head just SLAMS into the restraint. Kelly really likes this one though.... (I wonder what kind of painkillers SHE’S taking.)



Next up was Rush Zone, the new coaster! The line was huge because A. It’s a new ride, and B. STUPIDLY, they were only operating one train. But the 1hr 30min wait was SO worth it!




Holy JESUS this was cool ride! The first turns after the first drop might be even MORE X-Treme than Intimidator 305’s! And the hills are just packed with air-time! For the first time, I actually felt scared on this ride because I thought I was going to be ripped out of my seat! Bottom line, Rush Zone ROCKS!



Next up, I went against Kelly’s advice and went on what she describes as the most overrated and disappointing roller coaster in the world, Roar. Surprisingly, it’s not a horrible ride! Yes, it is very rough but aren’t all wooden roller coasters supposed to have that rough “out of control” feeling? The hill after the brake run has a nice pop of airtime and the smaller hills in that oval part have some air too! It’s a shame that it was badly trimmed and that the first drop was shortened, but overall, it’s not a bad ride.



Hercules: The Revenge had NO LINE! SCORE!!!!



Despite me loving Rush Zone, I really gotta say, Hercules is still my favorite roller coaster. Intamin really outdid themselves with this one. The airtime on the top hat, the forceful turns, the speed, the launches, the Greco-Roman theme, everything is perfect!


Nice abs, Poseidon! Seriously, you’ve been working out?




Then came the neighboring B&M, Rage! Now I was surprised that Rage actually had a line, because I remember the times I’ve been here, Rage was always a walk-on. It’s a pretty cool ride! An interesting fact about Rage is that it’s the first B&M Floorless coaster to be built, but the second to open!




So that basically sums up my trip to Tennessee’s Great America! I had a pretty good time and I would love to go again!

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January, 2012

Kelly's Coasters: Post 29


Hey readers. I know it's been a very long time since I've updated my blog or even logged on, a few months to be exact....but I'm back and I can't wait to show you what my home park has in store for 2012! It's NOT a roller coaster (they just built one last year ), but it's a really cool new thrill ride! Here are some pictures!


The ride's logo....


And here it is! Stonehenge, a WELL overdue HUSS Top Spin. What's pretty cool about this one is that it's a "Suspended Top Spin" so your feet are dangling with no floor beneath you, similar to a floorless roller coaster. The theming of the ride looks pretty cool with the giant Stonehenge monument behind the ride...


Not only that, Stonehenge also has pyrotechnics! Floating on top of the top spin's reservoir are six chemically-based flamethrowers that explode when the ride's gondola is suspended upside-down over the front of the ride, instilling fear in riders that they are going to go headfirst into a sacrificial pit!



And if you think that wasn't enough, starting in the 2012 season, every day at 9:30, the massive Stonehenge monument will put on a massive laser light show, called Light Up The Sky (nice name, isn't it )


I don't have any pictures of this, but Camp Snoopy was re-themed to Planet Snoopy and the EF Miler kiddie coaster known as Woodstock's Express (formerly known as Mini Mine Train) is now Snoopy's Spaceship.




I will end this update with a rumor! According to this picture, there have been some sightings of men around Roar wearing shirts that say RMC on them........could it be?

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Roar? Updated? YES! I've been waiting since the accident update. Anyways, you've come a very long way since the beginning, and you're great at all of it! I especially like the whole lazer show of Stonehenge! Admittedly, I can barely do the shows anyways, I just always choose pre-made ones.

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May, 2012

Kelly's Coasters: Post 30


Hey guys, Kelly here. Just an hour ago, I found this news bulletin posted on Coasters4U concerning Tennessee's Great America. And I really don't know if I should be saddened, relieved, or disappointing in what was just confirmed. Let's check it out.



After eleven years of operation, Cedar Fair L.P and CEO of Tennessee's Great America, Jason Walker have confirmed that Roar, currently the tallest wooden roller coaster in existence is to be closed and demolished by the end of 2012 to make way for "P-13" or "Project 13". When Roar opened in 2001, it was heralded as the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in the world with a height of 225ft and a top speed of 86mph. However, following an accident in 2007 in which a person died, Roar was retracked with a shorter first drop (much akin to that of Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas) after being SBNO for most of 2007. Despite the fact that Roar was critically acclaimed by some coaster critics, calling it "The best wooden roller coaster in the world.", many people bemoaned the roller coaster, claiming it to be unbearably rough and badly trimmed, even after the 2008 renovation. Roar will continue to operate as usual until Halloween Haunt 2012. There, the dismantling process will begin.


Roar: 2001-2012



So...it's really happening. Roar is gonna be removed.....Ever since the accident that happened on the day me and my family went in 2007, I knew deep down in my heart that despite the confirmation that it was going to be renovated, Roar was operating on borrowed time...

But here is the thing I don't get...why the hell did I see guys walking around the perimeter of the coaster with Rocky Mountain Construction t-shirts on? Ever since I posted that here on my blog, we all went ape and thought that RMC was going to make Roar a steel coaster or give it some much-needed Topper Track...I really wonder what happened?

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Darn....I wanted to see RMC come in. (I was never too big on Roar)


Oh well.


This is my first post on this thread.....I like the park, but I do have some suggestions:

1. This has bothered me the whole time I've been reading: put fences around your paths!!!!!!!! It just looks unrealistic and kinda lazy without them.


2. I think you could do more with the ride logos and signs. You could put them on the porch pillars in the western set so they arent placed in the middle of a garden. Or maybe attach them to a station...just my opinion.


I know, I'm very critical. This is a good park, I just noticed those things while I read.


I look forward to hearing more about this park!

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May, 2012

Kelly's Coasters: Post 31


Hey guys, I know that I updated my blog just a few days ago but you guys just HAVE to hear this!!

Apparently, lots information about the "secret" concerning Rocky Mountain Construction's cancelled project with Tennessee's Great America, which is of course, renovating Roar. An entire press kit, which includes a short description and CGI generated photographs of their project! And let me tell you something, having viewing these pictures, I really freakin' wish that the project was never cancelled. Also, a letter that was sent to Jason Walker was attached, explaining why RMC is pulling out of the Roar Restoration project.


When a ROAR becomes.........a PRIMAL SCREAM









COMING 2013 only at Tennessee's Great America in Lynchburg, Tennessee.



So basically, RMC was fixing to give Roar the Texas Giant/Iron Rattler treatment, which would have been AWE-FREAKIN-SOME had it become a reality. I love the fact that they were going to get rid of the awful-paced oval section after the MCBR and replace it with two air-time hills and an over-bank turn. That second airtime hill would have had some killer floater air and the first one would have had some awesome ejector air! And that Zero-G-Roll? Holy crap that would have been amazing...


Sadly, according to the letter attached to the leak, it was just not meant to be.


Dear Jason Walker, General Manager of Tennessee's Great America


We regret to inform you that we at Rocky Mountain Construction are pulling out of the project to renovate the Roar wooden roller coaster. After multiple inspections of the track, trains, and supports, we have come to the conclusion that Roar's structural integrity is very poor and that if we were to go through with the plans to add Iron Horse track or Topper Track to the ride, it could suffer a potentially catastrophic structural failure. Due to the fact that Vekoma Rides Manufacturing of Holland did not construct this ride to the best quality of structural integrity, Roar is simply not safe enough to renovate. We duly apologize for any inconvenience.


Sincerely, Rocky Mountain Construction.


So basically, what I'm gathering from this letter is that RMC believes that Roar is a poorly-built piece of crap and that if they were to make it into Primal Scream like they wanted to, it could have collapsed.


I'm not really surprised at this, it really seems now that Jason Walker and Cedar Fair as a whole wanted to build the worlds tallest and fastest wood coaster to out-do Paramount King's Island because they had built Son Of Beast a year earlier, the tallest and fastest woodie and the only woodie with a loop. Instead of blatantly ripping off Son of Beast and making Roar a looping woodie, they just made it 230 ft tall and 86mph to take away Son of Beast's accolade as the tallest and fastest woodie. Also, it also seems that Vekoma was the only coaster manufacturer that was willing to embark on TGA's grandiose project in 2001, despite the fact that they only made a handful of woodies in Europe.


But whatever....I'm a little sad to see Roar go, I really think it had the potential to be one of the greatest woodies in the world.... but what happens, happens....

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August, 2012

Kelly's Coasters: Post 32


Hey guys, It's Kelly. I just got home from my recent trip to TGA. I know, I know, I've been to Tennessee's Great America once every summer for almost 12 years straight, but you know what? It's my home park, it's easy to get to from where I live, and it's freaking awesome to boot! One of the upsides of going to that park every year was that I got to see it evolve before my very eyes!


This is how the park looked 12 years ago when I first started this blog...


And this is what it looks like now! However, If you've paid any attention to my most recent posts, You'd realize that the TGA skyline will be forever changed at the end of this year....


Even though I thoroughly enjoyed every other coaster in this park, especially the three amazing Intamins, I felt it very appropriate that I ride Roar for one last time before it closes forever.


Lines were VERY long today for Roar, as expected. I waited 45 minutes and the line's wait time just kept getting longer and longer. When I got off Roar, I noticed that the sign said "Approximate wait time for Roar: 2 Hours"


Lets just say that as of 2012, Roar is operating at its absolute worst. Thanks to GCI's Millennium Flyer trains, at the end of the first drop, instead of your head slamming against a headrest, you get such HORRIFIC whiplash. The first drop has also been trimmed so badly that it's top speed has actually been reduced from 64mph to a mere 58mph on the stats. Not only that, but thanks to the trims, the train almost valleys on the ascending turn to the MCBR, in fact there is a pneumatic system that was installed on the brake run to keep the train from rolling back. Once again, that one hill after the MCBR is the only pop of airtime because for the rest of the ride, they turned the trim brakes back on and the train slows to an absolute CRAWL during the oval section. The sad part is, I can't really say that it's a "shell of its former self" because its "former self" wasn't that great either.

A lot of people on a lot of the coaster enthusiast sites blame the general public for the "dumbing down" of Roar over the years, even after the 2008 re-profiling of the drop. To be frank, the original version of Raor wasn't all that was cracked up to be. If you didn't ride Roar from 2001-2007, you didn't miss much. I even wrote early on in my blog how it slams your head against the headrest, jackhammers you in the mountain tunnel and that the oval section was trimmed.


So anyways....Goodbye, Roar...You had the potential to be the greatest wooden roller coaster of all time, I only wish you would have lived up to that.....

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November, 2012

Kelly's Coasters: Post 33




So...this is it. Roar has been completely removed from Tennessee's Great America. For some, it's Rest In Peace, for others it's Rot In Hell, but for me...It's neither. Roar was NOT a great roller coaster and for the past few trips to TGA, it was on the absolute bottom of my list of coasters to ride. But in another respect, I'm really sad to see it go. Coasters4U posted a timeline of pictures documenting the removal of the coaster, let's take a look!


As you can see here, by the time Halloween Haunt began, they already began to take apart some sections of the coaster, like the re-profiled straight part after the first drop.


By around mid-October, the entire oval section of the ride was completely gone.


Soon enough, they began to dismantle a large portion of the lift hill, but then stopped. Leaving only part of the lift hill, the drop, and the turnaround area behind it leading to the block brakes.


The reason why they did that was because on Halloween night, Tennessee's Great America organized a Las Vegas-style implosion of the ride with a fireworks display and a countdown! This obviously, is a pic of the fireworks display....


And we all know what happened next.....



So anyway, Roar is no more (lol that rhymed XD) and I've been hearing rumors that the project they have in store for 2013 will be announced on December 25th, Christmas day. Let's hope the world dosen't end before then! (I'm kidding, I don't believe in that "doomsday 2012" shiz.)

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