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[RCT3] Tennessee's Great America

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Hello TPR! I'ts time that I post the first update of my brand new park! Unfortunatly, I regret to inform you that I am no longer going to update Kings Paradise. I'm stopping it at 2010. I know some of you liked it, but I wasn't having any fun updating it anymore. So now, I'm starting with a clean slate and building another RCT3 park! I hope you like it!




August, 1970


Date: April 7th, 1970


To: Tennessee Amusment Corps.

From: Lynchburg City Hall


To whom it may concern.

We are delighted to inform the Tennessee Amusment Corps. that your request for a brand new fun park in the state of Tennessee has been accepted and we were sucsessfully able to procure 182 acres of land here in Lynchburg. We had attached a mercator projection of the area. We hope that you will be able to make Lynchburg,Tennessee more than just Jack Daniels whisky. We hope that you will make this place into a paradise for families and adrenaline junkies!


That letter was sent to me months ago.


And now...the first phase of Elmwood Lake Park is slated to be completed next year!


Oh God, where are my manners? I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Bill Walsh and I work in the amusement park business. It may not seem like much in terms of civic development, but many young people intrested in roller coasters and thrill rides would kill for a job like mine. I'm most likely going to be elected as general manager for this place when it opens. I really hope so!


I have some pictures of what the place looks like!


It's so serene and peaceful...it's almost a shame that it will soon be replaced with roller coasters and screaming people...


The Arrow Development company of Clearfield, Utah has been hard at work building a Mine-Train themed roller coaster.


The ride has earned the rather cliche' moniker of "Mine Train Coaster" but I have no doubt in my mind that Mine Train Coaster will be very popular with families and fun seekers!

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Thanks so much for all the comments! I too believe that this will not only be better but more fun to make than Kings Paradise. Kings Paradise was the product of a long trip to Kings Dominion and my creative juices were flowing like crazy, I wanted to make sort of a Kings Dominion/Dorney Park/Cedar Point/Blackpool Pleasure Beach hybrid but I felt like I didn't contribute enough of my own ideas. Elmwood Lake Park gives me a chance to start fresh!




Well, It's been four months, The park is really coming along great! Hopefully by next May, Elmwood Lake Park will be slated to open to the public, and I'm sure the public will LOVE it!


We're giving Mine Train Coaster a test run to check for saftey, so far the ride runs fine! I have a gut feeling this will be a very popular ride for years to come! It's both thrilling and family friendly!


Some non-coaster rides were built at the park, such as Parachutes which is the tallest ride in the park and an Eyerly Roll-O-Plane named "Twist And Shout!"


And what is a proper theme park without a Ferris Wheel?


Here is the entire park perimiter, I know it looks small and dinky, but more rides will be put into place before the grand opening!

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Just my opinion, but the park's whole color and feel just isn't right. The color of the ground would look look if you made it darker. Also, the lack of terraforming disappoints me, there doesn't need to be a huge amount, but just enough that the ground is not completely flat. Finally, I highly suggest you use some path covers on your queues... the wood one you have now for the mine train looks just looks bad... no other way to say it.

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Just my opinion, but the park's whole color and feel just isn't right. The color of the ground would look look if you made it darker. Also, the lack of terraforming disappoints me, there doesn't need to be a huge amount, but just enough that the ground is not completely flat. Finally, I highly suggest you use some path covers on your queues... the wood one you have now for the mine train looks just looks bad... no other way to say it.


Thanks for your advice. I plan to have at least two major roller coasters in the park that I will incorperate terrain with. And I also colored the grass darker and it does give it a more woodsy feel to it


March, 1972


Hello again! We are excited because Elmwood Lake Park is to open to the public for the very first time in just two months! We have added some more attractions to the park as well. Come take a look!


This Merry-Go-Round was built and designed by the Intamin AG company based in Switzerland. They did one helluva job building it and painting it! We hope this ride is a big hit with the families.


This ride is called the Whirler it was designed by a Mr. Anton Schwarzkopf and the ride itself looks like it's going to be a lot of fun to ride! We'll definetly try to contact Anton's company again in the not-so distant future!


I will DEFINETLY take a ton of pictures opening day!


(Creator Comments: My original plans were to have the Carrousel covered up with Custom Scenery but when I did it, it looked like a monstrosity, it looked SO bad its not funny. So I decided to uncover it. Thats why this will be a Semi-NCS project like Kings Paradise. I will definetly use CFR and CTR and some SteelWorx, but I feel like can't build buildings )

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Hey guys. Just want to tell you what's going on. As you guys may already know. L.I took a big hit from Hurricane Sandy. Me and my family are ok, but are currently without our electricity. We're borrowing some power from our neighbor, but it's not enough to power an entire PC system like mine and I'm currently writing this on my laptop. LIPA has not done anything yet in our town and we have no idea when power will come back. Some people are saying that certain parts of the island won't get power back until Thanksgiving I don't know if that applies to our family or not, but only time will tell.

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April, 1972





This is the moment that me, TAC (Tennessee Amusment Corps) and the people of Lynchburg have been waiting for, a brand new amusement park to open! We hope that Elmwood Lake Park will bring in tons of revenue and one day this tiny park will become one of the biggest and best fun parks in the entire U.S OF A!!!! And as I promised, I took several pictures of the park!


Not many people showed up around 9:30 when the park opened, but by 11 the flood gates opened and everyone wanted to spend the day there!


A few guests were brave enough to get over their fear of heights and to ride the Parachute Drop!


And a few also had strong stomachs and rode Twist and Shout!


But however, the most popular ride of the day was our only roller coaster (DEFINETLY subject to change) the Mine Train Coaster!


Every single train was a full house, not one empty seat! Mine Train Coaster was popular for several reasons, children that are too small for rides like Parachute Drop or Twist and Shout can ride this, Mine Train Coaster also has several shallow drops and turns, which is nothing too extreme. But thrill seekers are a big fan of the surprise drop into the underground, the hill itself is taller than the first hill, which is why it was retrofitted with a pneumatic system. The drop brings the train to it's top speed of 42mph.



So far, it seems like the people of Lynchburg love Elmwood Lake Park despite its small size. That will change in the future, I'll promise you that!

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Opening day! YAY!


Really liking your work on this park, cant wait to see more!




MUCH better than how Kings Paradise started. Nice start, can't wait for more. Park looks way better too with the little terraforming you did.


Thanks a lot!


June, 1973


Hello again! Welcome to Elmwood Lake Park's second season! We predict that this will be another succsessful season of fun and excitement!


Park attendance is very good so far! The people of Lynchburg and the rest of Tennessee seem to like this place a lot!


This ride is new for '73, The Wave Swinger will give this park another thrill!


And also new for 1973, the Cafe Americana! Here you can get a bite to eat easily! Menu choices consist of Cheesburgers, Hot Dogs, Pizza, and French Fries! Bathrooms are also located here too.


I've caught wind that something big is going to come to the park in this location for 1974! I don't know much of the details but....


Mine Train Coaster may have some competition next year!



Creator Comments: I hope that you guys like what I did with the cafe, I'm total crap at custom buildings so it was really hard for me to make it look right.

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The cafe looks great! Nice job. What CS did you use for it?


I used Xtics custom scenery. Thanks!


February, 1974


Hey! This is Bill Walsh again! I hope you are all having a pleasant and safe winter! While I can't get into much details about the picture below right now, I will assure you, it will be one hell of a ride and possibly one of the best roller coasters in the entire state of Tennessee! There is no name for it right now. All I know is that it was built by the famous William Cobb who built the Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags last year.




Creator Comments:

I am right now holding a NAME THAT COASTER contest! What do you think would be a good name for the woodie?


A. All-American Coaster

B. Screamin' Eagle

C. Windstorm

D. Python

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Roller coaster looks nice, also Windstorm gets my vote for the name.



Nice job so far. I really like the park and I hope to see a large thrill ride in the near future That being said that Mine-Train looks pretty darn good. Good work and by the way I vote Screamin' Eagle for the woodie. Good job and I hope to see more really soon.



Screamin' Eagle sounds the best and seems to fit the ride best.



Screamin' Eagle sounds good to me, good job with the park!



Screamin' Eagle sounds nice and traditional, fitting for a woodie.






It is finally here!


The SCREAMIN' EAGLE is here!


The wooden-out and back roller coaster is built by the famous William Cobb who has designed the famous Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags. Originally, the ride was supposed to be named "All-American Coaster" but in the end, we decided to put it to a vote with the general public and Screamin' Eagle won!


The largest hill is 97ft tall and it's top speed is approximatly 51mph.



I have no doubt in my mind this is going to be a MONSTER sucsess!

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