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TPR Cruises the Disney Fantasy!

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With 3 dinning rooms and 7 nights make for a 2,2,3 rotation, did some get to go to the the Animator's pallet for a 3rd night?

Yes, but the "third night" in your rotation is technically "pirate night", so everyone kind of gets the same menu and theme in all restaurants that evening.

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This ship looks stunning! i knew the theming would be nice but I love the technical elements they've used to create that magical feel (especially all the high def screens!).


It's a million miles away from my last cruise experience

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Ready for more?


Click here if you missed Part 1 of this report.

Click here if you missed Part 2 of this report.

Click here if you missed Part 3 of this report.

Click here if you missed Part 4 of this report.



OMG!!! What is that on our porthole??? Oh, it's just Mexico...


Our next port was Cozumel, Mexico! For some strange reason I'm getting Deja Vu here! I guess that's better than Montezooma's Revenge, right? (Actually it's not!)


Beautiful photo of our ship... This could be a postcard or wrapping paper or something.


"Hooray... We're in Cozumel... Again!"

(Note - I was trying to go for grabbing Elissa's boob in the shot, but my timing was awful!)


Welcome to Mexico! Lol.


Yeah, that pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter!


We spent most of our time in Cozumel here.


Mexico really does have some weird super hero fetish!


We thought it was interesting that a lot of the merchandise seemed to be different from our last visit and geared towards the ship in port.


This is the closest we will get to a donkey show.


All Mexicans look just like this guy.


Enough of Mexico...time to go back to the ship... Yup!


Thought this porthole animation was funny!


Since its Pirates Night tonight, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique has been transformed into...


The Pirates League!!!


Kristen's fairy godmother is a "fake pirate" today! She's giving Kristen her pirate name or something.


"ARRRRRR! Tonight I'm a pirate princess!"


The whole place was cleverly re-done.


KidTums gets to choose her hairstyle...


Once again, fairy godmothers... I mean fake pirates Sarah and Nicki tend to KidTums to make her into a pirate.


A little bit of pirate make-up...


KidTums must now take the pirate oath.


KidTums says "I have no clue what fake pirate godmother Nicki is talking about! She's just rambling on like a crazy person!"


ARRRRRR! Pirate princess KidTums has been transformed!


She's ready to set sail with Jack Sparrow!


Elissa gets into some pirate Chip N Dale action!


But KidTums steals them away!


Peter Pan and KidTums pirate!


Ahoy! Pirate Donald!


"To the plank with 'ya!"


It's Pirate night on the Disney Fantasy!


Tonight's dinner menu was also pirate themed.


Yummy stuff...


So much to choose from!


Love the pirate themed menu!


Remember, you can have as much of this as you want!


Pirate princess KidTums sticks with Mac n Cheese and French Fries. The official food of a pirate princess.


It looks like someone peed on my pineapple! lol


The chicken salad was simply, but VERY good...and spicy!


Haven't had even close to a bad meal yet!




Once again, meat that crumbles off the bone.


Let's see... What will I get from the dessert menu...


Screw the diabetics!!!


For me... Mickey bar!!!


Elissa's true feelings come out!


I get it... Pirates IN the Caribbean! Ahhhh....


The pre-show included lots of random games and stuff for kids.


And then the Mickey pirate show began!


Mickey and Friends teach us all how to be pirates!


Captain Hook tries to take over the ship...


And then after the show, Muppet Treasure Island showed on the Funnel Vision.


We had treasure in our stateroom!


Oh, yeah... Towel animals! lol It's funny, when you're on a ship like the Disney Fantasy, that is filling with all kinds of crazy, amazing touches, you get into your room and a "normal" cruise ship thing like a towel animal, while still cool, just seems really "old school" for this ship! lol


Almost the ENTIRE boat showed up for the Jack Sparrow show and the fireworks!


It was pretty bad ass to see fireworks being launched off the back of a cruise ship!


Watch this video....



Disney is the ONLY cruise line that does this regularly, and they have to get special permission from the coast guard to put on the show.


The fireworks were totally legit!


It was shorter than a "theme park show", but some of the fireworks were on par!


After the fireworks, the entire pool deck was transformed into a dance party!


They played Nicki Minaj, Pitbull, Lady Gaga, etc... It was pretty epic!




Then came the pirate late night buffet!


Cool pirate fruit carvings.


Lots of random fruits...


And turkey legs!!!


It was a "meat and potatoes" kind of pirate buffet!


Did I mention there were as many turkey legs as you wanted????


Click here for Part Six of this report!


Will post more soon... now....



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I think this picture sums up Robb and Elissa's feelings on the cruise perfectly:


Robb: "Ooh! Fireworks! Hidden Mickey!"

Elissa: "Hmm, there's got to be something in this Navigator for us to do other than stare at the magic porthole."

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Awww, the final installment of the cruise report....


Click here if you missed Part 1 of this report.

Click here if you missed Part 2 of this report.

Click here if you missed Part 3 of this report.

Click here if you missed Part 4 of this report.

Click here if you missed Part 5 of this report.


I think Elissa loves that they show Chip N Dale cartoons in the stateroom almost 24/7


We got loads of cool stuff from the people who participated in the fish extender gift exchange! Still really impressed how that whole thing turned out! (And yes, someone gave us a tree! lol)


More little details on the ship include this game wall by the photo place...


You can play a matching game with all your photos...


Or score points for the more photos of ours you touch. Seriously cool little things like this all over the ship!




For KidTums third visit to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, she had THREE fairy godmothers tending to her! She's one popular princess!


Today she was getting made into Ariel...


She's got her mermaid stripes and a fin!


Remy! Do not eat the little mermaid!!!


Elissa has a rodent fetish!


Two princesses in this picture!


Hey, mermaids can't climb stairs with their fin!


For a little bit of excitement today, our ship made a sudden stop when they found a raft (we think it was full of Cuban defectors, or a group of people who jumped from a Carnival ship out of boredom) and had to see if they needed help. It was interesting to watch this operation, and it's something that happens more often than you'd think!


See! We think the little boat was filled with Cubans trying to make it to the USA.


Tonight's dinner menu! Fancy!


More awesomeness!


Again, amazing meals.


The food on this ship far exceeds expectations.


Seriously, this movie was dead to me when the mom got turned into a bear. Dumb.


"Best threesome evar!"


KidTums making some fairies in kids club.


And when we got to our stateroom, she got a glass slipper from her fairly godmothers at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique!


Hooray! We are at Disney's private island in the Bahamas!


Here's the map of Castaway Cay!


And the moment you walk off the ship, you know you are someplace Disney!


Sharks, Sea Lice, and DANGER??? This is my kind of place!


The entire island has a very "Disney Water Park" feel to it.


Here's some of the stuff you can do.


Getting off the tram heading to the beaches...


Minnie Mouse is out greeting guests to her island.


Something for the adults while the kids play.


Unfortunately, I'm not a "beach person", so much of the attraction to this is lost of me, but it is VERY nice, and if you're into beach resorts, you'll love this.


Seriously nice beach... If you like this kind of thing. For me... Not so much!


At least KidTums is having fun!


Who is this child that loves the beach???


More stuff to do on the island.


One of the merchandise shops to load up on sun screen, beach toys, etc, again, reminds me a lot of a Disney water park.


Of you're gonna build a sand castle, you need a Mickey shovel!


And obviously, you'd want to buy the high-end Walt Disney World castle mold! They Disneyland one is sold at the dollar store!


Um, no?


No kids in timeout today?


They had a legit WhiteWater play structure in the water!


Tons of people doing snorkeling.


You can rent bikes, boats, etc, on the island.


Another water play area!


Needs more shade!!!


Again, gotta love that soda is included on the cruise, even on the island!


Time for lunch!


"Island food!" lol It was just "ok"... honestly, this was probably the worst meal we had on the entire cruise, and it was still LIGHT YEARS better than anything we had on Carnival!


Ok, now this I can get used to!


Cookies were yummy!


KidTums still LOVING the beach!


Mommy... Not so much!


These two family members... Officially disowned!


"I've either just finished making a Disneyland castle, or I'm about 1/100 of the way done with the Magic Kingdom one... You decide!"


It seemed like there was a 24/7 Mickey/Minnie dance party going on the whole time we were there!


Yo, dude... Wanna smoothie?


They seriously had every fruit known to man! (ok, maybe not really... But it was a butt load of fruit!)


Most normal people would think eating fruit on a beautiful beach is like paradise... But I'm not normal!




Castaway Cay had all these little Disney touches.


It says "whopper!" lol (I don't know why I found that funny...but I did!)


I think it's time for us to head back... We've had enough beach!


We decided to go back to the ship since everyone was on the island, we'd have the ship to ourselves! And we were right! This is middle of the afternoon!


"Screw the beach... This is more like it!"


Even Elissa hung out in the pool!


AquaDuck still going... Even on port days! And in case you missed them, here are our day & night AquaDuck POVs...



These awesome little machines were going most of the time, and kept the deck area dry! It was little things like this that set the Disney ship apart from all other cruise lines!


Yup... You can't escape Mickey... No matter where you go!


A view of Castaway Cay from the ship!


The lunch buffet is "Mine! Mine!"


I find it oddly amusing that there are birds above the buffet! lol


Yay! LIKE!!!! My favourite sand castle!


Our final meal on the ship would be in the Royal Court dining room.


The Snow White window table.


More artwork...


Very elegant.


Our window table!


And the final menu... Lets check it out...


More awesome stuff!


Page two...


KidTums' meal!


This was the potato and cheese Napoleon. WOW!


Salad had a kick to it!


Gordon Ramsey would be proud that the Wellington was perfect!


And finally...um... Chicken!


Final dessert menu...


Elissa got the "make your own cupcake" again!


I had to try these Chessecake, which was awesome, but...


The Mickey Bar was the real winner!


Please! No more crayon puzzles! Lol!


Scorpion or lobster? What do you think?


Yay for Toy Story movies on Funnel Vision!


Last night in our stateroom! We were VERY happy with our location on the ship. Short walk to the aft stairs and elevator. One deck up from kids club, and seemed very convenient for everything we liked to do.


Was a great first "Alvey Disney Cruise" (although I still think its silly they sell the inaugural stuff for a whole year.)


It was fitting we got our very last character photo with Mickey!


"Sea 'Ya Real Soon!" (And we will!)


Hope you guys liked reading through the Disney Fantasy Cruise Report! Now...



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so glad you posted these pics and captions. I've never been on a cruise before and unlike the Klassy Kruise this makes me want to take one!!!

I am more of a "regular food" kind of guy and some of those items on the menu make me dizzy. cool to see they always offer normal meat as well

great info and wonderful pics. so glad your family had a great time!

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